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To Be With You 约定 Episode 12 Recap

Taking this opportunity, Chen Youwei revealed a secret to Xu Yihang, which is why he is obsessed with participating in the World Skills Competition. The real reason behind this is not only to win the all-around championship, but even to complete a promise. Chen Youwei’s family conditions were not good since he was a child. Later, the poverty alleviation fund helped him to enter a technical school. However, his academic performance was not good and he had no idea about the future until he met Xiao Nan and trained her to participate in a training competition, agreeing to win a champion to return to the country.

It is precisely because of this agreement that Chen Youwei’s life has value. It was just when he was feeling all kinds of things he had encountered, how unexpectedly Xu Yihang turned his wheelchair and came in from the door. Xu Meng couldn’t pretend, she just got up from the bed and quickly explained. Chen You was embarrassed and left immediately. Xu Meng looked at his back and was very pleased.

Xu Yihang wanted to invest in the construction of the airport, so he hoped that the doctor would allow him to be discharged from the hospital, but unfortunately the wound was severely infected and it would take four to five weeks to heal. Considering that the project only has seven weeks, Xu Yihang in the wheelchair asked Chen Youwei to complete the final sprint for him. If it is postponed, it will be counted on Chen Youwei.

Chen Youwei knows that such pressure is a relief for himself who blames himself. He became reticent, and his mind was always turning, even with Xu Yihang’s share. Everyone was talking about Chen Youwei’s changes, but Xiao Nan knew why he was doing this, so he went to him to have a good chat and untie the other side’s heart.

At the same time, Xu Yihang was able to speed up his recovery and even asked Xu Meng to bring eggs to the hospital to apply wounds. Knowing her brother’s intention, Xu Meng immediately snatched the egg away, especially when the nurse found that Xu Yihang had applied aspirin to the wound, so he severely told Xu Yihang to use medicine blindly.

Xu Meng persuaded Xu Yihang not to move, and simply approached Chen Youwei to find a way, but Chen Youwei unexpectedly brought in his comrades in the Young Technician Contest, and the medical professional Xiaomi took care of Xu Yihang. Xiaomi is empathetic and enlightened from Xu Yihang’s standpoint. As expected, Xu Yihang naturally accepted Xiaomi’s care.

With the passage of time, Xu Yihang gradually recovered under the care of Xiaomi, and the wound healed quickly. Skin graft surgery can be arranged immediately. Daxing Airport is about to usher in the day of completion. Chen Youwei and others practiced it for his colleagues. Everyone saw that Master Zhao was smiling. After inquiring, it was discovered that today is his daughter’s birthday. Because of this job, it is difficult to see his family members all year round.

While everyone was comforting Master Zhao, they did not expect their daughter to send a text message. It turned out that Master Zhao was also celebrating her birthday on this day. In addition to blessings, her daughter’s words were more about being proud of her father. Master Zhao couldn’t help crying with excitement. Chen Youwei said goodbye to Xiao Nan, and at the same time said goodbye to the whole project with Xu Yihang’s photo. Unexpectedly, Xiaomi pushed Xu Yihang in a wheelchair to appear, making him embarrassed on the spot.

Chen Youwei hung Xu Yihang’s work permit around his neck, and then took out a quality inspection report, detailing the work progress during this period. For Chen Youwei, everyone is responsible for the construction of the airport, but he has fulfilled his mission and fulfilled the task assigned by Xu Yihang. Xu Yihang has a smile on his face, but there is always a regret in his smile.

On September 25, 2019, with the joint efforts of more than 8,000 workers and designers, Beijing Daxing International Airport was officially opened to navigation. Chen Youwei and Xiaomi drove to pick up Xu Yihang. Also accompanied by Xu Yihang was the caregiver Xiaomi. Now they have become lovers. The four people stood together outside the satellite hall and watched the plane take off. Then there was the new terminal of Daxing International Airport. Their construction was much more than that. One day, the world will see the power of China.

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