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To Be With You 约定 Episode 11 Recap

Xu Meng found Chen Youwei a variety of materials for reference and practiced the operation with him. After many days of hard work, the effect was remarkable. Xu Yihang was extremely pleased to see this, but unexpectedly discovered that Chen Youwei had frequent contact with Xu Meng, which seemed to be beyond the scope of normal communication, and even talked about Xu Meng at any time.

Xu Yihang realized that something was wrong, so he paid close attention to Chen Youwei and determined that Chen Youwei had ideas for his sister. After confirming his inner judgment, Xu Yihang warned Chen Youwei to stay away from Xu Meng. Unexpectedly, Chen Youwei knew Xu Meng better than himself, and suddenly became so angry that he almost did it.

Fortunately, at a critical moment, Xu Meng came in from outside and taught Chen Youwei to consolidate English by the way. Chen Youwei was not used to seeing the two people getting along, and simply went to sit outside the dormitory. It was not until Xu Meng left the dormitory that he decided to have a good conversation with his sister. Knowing that Xu Meng also has a good impression of Chen Youwei, Xu Yihang no longer stops him, but instead encourages Chen Youwei to pursue his sister.

Chen Youwei successfully passed Xiao Nan’s exam and the test results were qualified. He and Xu Yihang led the team to operate the robot, which not only greatly improved efficiency, but also improved quality. Chen Youwei was worried that the robots were too advanced and would completely replace the welding workers. However, after thinking about it, there is no substitute for the unique endeavor of human beings.

Just when Chen Youwei was completely relieved and was about to confess to Xu Meng, there was a sudden fire in the workshop. Xu Yihang was trapped inside, and the firefighters could not find him. Chen Youwei knew where Xu Yihang often went, so he rushed into the fire regardless of the danger, and with the help of firefighters, he successfully rescued Xu Yihang and carried him out of the fire.

After the doctor’s request, Xu Yihang survived the crisis and finally passed the dangerous period. Due to Xu Yihang’s ligament strain and deep second-degree burns, he inhaled a lot of dust, so he is currently unable to work and needs a period of recuperation. Chen Youwei blamed himself, so he stopped the responsibility and took over Xu Yihang’s work, promising not to affect the work progress.

It is precisely because of Chen Youwei’s mistakes that everyone’s workload has increased. Fortunately, colleagues understand Chen Youwei and said that the base’s fire brigade has regulations. If there is an open flame operation like welding, if you encounter indoor involvement Some flammable building materials must have special personnel responsible for preventing potential hazards.

Since they were working outdoors before, they did not involve flammable materials when they moved indoors, so Chen Youwei wanted to know the relevant situation, and under the explanation of the person in charge, he learned that the various assignments of the firefighting team would be Play a silent protective role during the construction process.

According to the firefighting team, the police situation at the construction site is actually quite good compared to others. In at least nearly four years, the firefighting team has made a total of 69 police situations. Basically, more than half of them are grass-type police situations caused by autumn and winter. Yesterday’s smoking situation was also a major fire, and it was calculated that it happened twice.

After solving the basic problems, Chen Youwei personally took the fruit basket to the hospital to visit Xu Yihang, but he did not know that Xu Meng was the only one in the ward. Xu Meng began to think carefully when she heard the footsteps, so she lay on the hospital bed with her head covered, causing Chen Youwei to mistake her for Xu Yihang, and then express guilt from the bottom of his heart.

Xu Meng was still very moved when she heard Chen Youwei’s inner words, until Chen Youwei suddenly mentioned that she wanted to confess. After this accident, Chen Youwei realized his shortcomings, so he decided to suppress his feelings, let himself learn to be strong, and wait until the right opportunity to confess to Xu Meng.

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