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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 20 Recap

Zhaodu. The high priest was in a hurry to go back to the monarch. Instead, the rhinoceros studied the history books of the past as if nothing happened. In fact, the situation has long been ready to go. Xisu has his own strength, so he has the banner of the king. The opportunity to come to crusade against Zhu Xi, a crime of unfavorable protector, Zhu Xi did not have a king, how to resist the tiger and wolf division. As the two were talking, they heard someone report Yinxiao.

In the Pingjiang Hall, the eldest brother will involuntarily hand over the affairs of the third younger brother, Zhuqi, to the second younger brother. The people of Zhuqi speak lightly and dare not to be angry. When he comes out, he meets the Weisheng inkstone who came to Daoxi. The eldest brother and the second brother, he suggested that Zhu Ching kill his brother on the rescue road to Zhaodu shortly thereafter.

Who else can take the power at that time, at this moment he thought Yuanyi and the others would return to Zhaodu. After Weishengyan left, Wuyuan, who had been hiding in the dark, appeared. She had told Zhuque Weishengyan’s plan earlier, and took him to see the Lord.

Yin Xiao brought three verbal orders, one was that Zhu Xi quickly returned to Pingting to pick him up, the second was that the high priest should announce that the Lord was in Suchuan, and the third was that Shenli Yinxiao was ordered to thoroughly investigate the Zhaodu rebellion. With the mark of Mingzhu, no one dares to doubt whether Yin Xiao’s statement is false.

Pingting, Weishengyanjia, including Weishengyan, were hypnotized by Baili to fall asleep. They dreamed of things that they longed for all their lives, and they didn’t want to wake up. After that, Wu Yuan brought Huo Tu Xin to see Weisheng Yan, he was also asleep, Huo Tu Xin helped him up, and then woke him up with a punch, telling him the move.

The old reason is that Huo Tu Xin wants to ask Weisheng Yan to save Linglong. Linglong now only follows Yuan Yi for dementia, and he can’t watch his daughter follow the thrills of the sword again. There is something in Weisheng Yan’s words. He wants to know the purpose of Jun’s coming to Pingting. Huo Tuxin can tell him for his daughter, telling him that Zhuqi is the person of Jun. Yuan Yi used Linglong to win the trust of Zhuqi, and then used Zhuqi to provoke their brothers. Relationship, they are meeting at the teahouse right now.

The two princes sitting in the Hou Mansion were so anxious that their eyebrows were burning with anger, and now their father Zhuxi was not there, and if they put them together, it would be better to convict him of a fake monarch and kill him. As soon as he learned that San Gongzi was the one who was Yuan Yi, Wei Sheng Yan immediately wooed the Old Master and Second Young Master, falsely claiming that he could control the divine lord and help them eradicate the candle.

The so-called common interests are friends. The old man Zhugui was originally in Weishengyan’s plan, and now pushing them to die by themselves is an indirect sale of Yuan Yi’s favor. The strange thing is that Yinxiao is gone, Pingting has only the shadow of Yinzhuang, which makes Weishengyan suspicious.

Zhuxie and his second brother surrounded the teahouse with a group of soldiers and stepped through the door of Yuanyi’s private room. They were gambling that Zhuqi would not let Zhuqi explain the identity of the king, and killed this person as a fake, and immediately took him down. Seeing that the situation was not good, Yuan Yi immediately fled. Yinzhuang led the way to Weisheng Yanfu. Weishengyan is so smart. After thinking about it, Jun Shang just wanted him to report to Zhugui, and eventually led people to his site to kill, but when Ping Jianghou came back to ask, it was just what he said with a mouth. Things do not constitute too much threat.

Sure enough, the two of Zhugui chased all the way to Weisheng’s house. Linglong and Huotuxin were there. The two of them couldn’t turn their palms out of their hands to cure their crimes of murdering the emperor. They naturally took their orders, and they were wiped out instantly.

The necks of the two brothers. Weisheng Yan hurriedly shouted his escort when he saw this neutral position, Yuan Yi was very cooperative and praised his meritorious service, while the flying fish boat in the sky, Zhuxiong just saw this scene, it was the friendship between Weisheng Yan and Zhuxi who had been in business for several years. It was also difficult to reconcile the two sons’ deaths, and he lost this round.

Zhu Xi really suffered a dumb loss. His son was clearly dead, and he wanted him to ask for the crime of killing the king. Weisheng Yan is not much better, Yuanyi calculated his fate, and he had to arrange for a group of people to live there, but he couldn’t tolerate Huo Tu Xin. What qualifications does a small villager with no name and no surname have?

At Weisheng’s house. Huo Tu Xin was so angry that he had no spine anymore, he couldn’t help it, but his daughter was still here, and he couldn’t hear her father calling her to go with Yuan Yi, so Huo Tu Xin had to accept to leave alone.

This game played well, if Huo Tu Xin hadn’t fooled Wei Sheng Yan’s eyes, I’m afraid the next plan would not be carried out at all. He entrusted Linglong to Yuan Yi, and went to find Wuyuan on his own. Grandpa Wuyuan’s health couldn’t be better. He deliberately talked to his granddaughter about Huotuxin, but the granddaughter was thin-skinned, either he didn’t understand or he didn’t admit it.

At this moment Huo Tu Xin knocked on the door, and it turned out that no one was running here in the middle of the night to beg someone to take in. Grandpa heard that he was Huo Tu Xin, and he was in a good mood, and he pulled into the house to keep the people behind, regardless of the Wuyuan at the door.

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