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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 19 Recap

Linglong fainted in front of everyone. The most nervous was Huo Tu Xin and Yuan Yi. At this moment, Huo Tu Xin and Yuan Yi came, and when Huo Tu Xin saw her, she was holding the broken stone. It was Jin’er at that time. What was left to Linglong was actually Yijing, who kept Linglong’s memory to prevent her from being controlled by the gods and let her have her own consciousness.

Huo Tu Xin only thought that the person in front of her was Yin Jia, her Yi Jing was pierced but she could still stand here, asking her to repair the exquisite Yi Jing should be fine. However, Yin Xiao shouted that the woman in red in front of him was called Yinzhuang, and Yin Jia had disappeared, accompanied by Yijing.

At this time, a pair of brothers dressed in black rushed to the Flame Palace. They were also sent by Zhu Xi to kill Linglong. Among them, the younger brother was called Baili, who was kind and kind, not more than his brother, thinking about meritorious service. Huo Tu Xin carried Linglong back all the way back to the hut, Yuan Yi followed him all the way. At this moment, what did this person obstructively do? If Linglong wasn’t trying to save him, how could this be? What’s the use of the collar ripped? Can Linglong wake up?

Yinzhuang changed back to her moon-white clothes, and the red makeup was neatly stacked next to her. When she looked at the clothes, she had a splitting headache, and scattered memories of Yinjia appeared in her mind. It was so resentful, so unwilling, tortured by such fragments, Yinzhuang hugged his head trombone, and the surrounding air was purged, her silent Yinshi power awakened.

In the hut, Linglong would run to Yuan Yi when she fell asleep. Huo Tu Xin watched as he was about to get angry, but was swept by a sudden and intense sleepiness and collapsed on the spot. In the dream, Linglong woke up and was as lively as before. All disturbed outsiders were driven away. In the following days, there were only two of them, father and daughter.

Huo Tu Xin couldn’t help but indulge in this dream. When Huo Tu Xin fell asleep, his younger brother Baili and his elder brother began to move. When his elder brother sneaked into the room, and when his dagger was about to stab the sleeping three people, Linglong suddenly shot him out of the window. The golden light particles between his forehead floated, and the god master stepped forward. Walk towards this hostile person.

Wu Yuan couldn’t stop him, and immediately asked Baili to wake up Yuan Yi, only Yuan clan could communicate with the divine lord. The silver outfit was also passively attracted, and when she lifted her fingertips, Linglong seemed to be under control for an instant, but it was only for a moment. Just when Linglong was about to kill, Yuan Yi said, Linglong closed her hands obediently, dear Standing behind Yuan Yi, he pulled his clothes.

At this moment Linglong didn’t recognize anyone except Yuan Yi. Yuan Yi took him to the Yan Palace, thinking all the way about the words of Yin Jia before, will Linglong really disappear after the arrival of the god. The arrival of the God Lord was exactly what the Yuan clan had been looking forward to for many years, but because it was Linglong, it was the saddest thing for Yuan Yi.

Weisheng Yan also came to the Flame Palace. The originally peaceful Linglong was suddenly disturbed by something. She held her head and started to squirm. She sensed that it was not far from the tomb of the god master, and she avoided it. Yuan Yi came to this hot tomb by mistake when he was looking for Linglong, and the god Lord was like a joke here. Wei Sheng Yan appeared, and repeated everything to Yuan Yi.

It was almost the same as what Yin Jia said. Wei Sheng Yan pushed everyone behind him and walked to Flame Palace step by step, discovering these secrets. His purpose was not only It was to present the divine lord to Yuan Yi, but to use the divine lord as a bargaining chip to have the confidence to kill Ping Jianghou.

Weishengyan plans to go back to Pingting to kill Zhu Xi’s son. Yuanyi returns to Zhaodu and waits for him to come back. He is sure that Yuanyi has no other better choice, so he can only do it for Linglong and Zhaodu. Choose the arrangement of Weishengyan. Outside the hut, Wu Yuan shoveled dirt and shoveled the elder brother Baili, who was exquisitely knotted yesterday.

Yinzhuang saw that she was busy and worked hard. She lifted her finger and ended the matter in an instant. Although Wu Yuan pushed her into the fire before, Yinzhuang felt that he was not a bad person after all, after all, she had rescued Huo Tu Xin so many times.

Huo Tu Xin learned that his dream was made by Baili, and almost held a kitchen knife high. It turned out to be an empty dream, and a moment of joy, and everyone was angry. Yuan Yi was still wandering in the Yan Palace, and suddenly stepped into the air and fell into a cave. A monarch was supposed to rule the country and rejuvenate the people and strengthen his soldiers, but now he fell embarrassedly in the dust of the cave, right?

From the beginning, you shouldn’t be arrogant, give up what you think you think, and see yourself clearly. In fact, you are just an embarrassed king who escaped from Zhaodu. If you didn’t come to Linglong at first, would there be no such changes, no such difficult things to do. While he was denying himself, golden light was shed from the top of the cave, and light particles hovered around him to heal his wounds. Somewhere above was Linglong’s head, she was staring at him blankly.

After Yuan Yi returned, he reappointed Yin Xiao as the god of Suchuan, the pearl rubbings, and the imprint between Yin Xiao’s palm was a symbol of the emperor’s personal appointment. He needed Yin Xiao to go to Zhaodu to do things. After that, everyone discussed that instead of what Weishengyan said, Zhaodu only sent Yinxiao, and the others diverted to Pingting.

According to ancient records, there was an organization in Pingting called Nianguang Pavilion, during which people could repair it through Yijing Or tampering with people’s consciousness, not enough action to hide the Weishengyan. It happened that Baili was a ready-made tool, and he created a dream for Weisheng Yan that they would all return to Zhaodu.

Baili has a lively character and admires the deeds of Wuyuan, a senior. He heard that Wuyuan could sneak into the Shuohou Mansion to abduct his concubine and retreat, but that concubine seems to be a spy. These gossips were naturally despised by Wu Yuan. At this time, Yuan Yi found him and he talked to Wu Yuan about the four sons of Zhu Rhino. Among them, Zhu Qi was the third son who was not valued by his father. If such a good chess piece is put to good use, it can Stir the muddy water of the Peace Pavilion.

Yuanyi sent Wuyuan to contact Zhuqi. Now Zhaodu is compared with Pingting. The existing loopholes are here. Why is it not flexible to occupy Pingting. As long as the king is located, everywhere is Zhaodu. When the group arrived at Grandpa Pingting’s foundry shop, the old man saw the mighty small group with the Lord and the Lord in front of him, Linglong turned his palm to him, and the golden light surrounded him. Grandpa was being rescued by the Lord.

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