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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 31 Recap

Guan Shanshan looked at the photos in the house and felt sad the more he thought about it. Yu Bo heard Guan Shanshan’s cry and ran up worriedly. Guan Shanshan cried so hard that she leaned in his arms and cried into tears. people. Zhang Zhen took Gao Han away alone. In order to get Gao Han, she did not care about Guan Shanshan’s despair of losing her house. She specially brought Gao Han to this small park, just to remind him of the scene where he had saved herself because of Gao Han’s help. She fell in love with Gao Han after passing her twice.

Zhang Zhen wanted to give the house to Gao Han, but Gao Han’s self-esteem refused to accept it. Zhang Zhen asked him to break up with Guan Shanshan. She would give the house to Guan Shanshan as a gift for the breakup. Gao Han shook her head helplessly, but another moment. Speechless. Yu Bo helped Guan Shanshan in the villa to take all the photos on the window as a memorial. The two left the villa. Guan Shanshan did not collapse because of this. She chose to face it firmly until she could buy the house back one day.

Gao Han had been thinking about Zhang Zhen’s words on the way home, but when he got home, they saw Ma Xiaohong and Wang Dongyang running out holding Dudu. It turned out that Liu Min came to the house. Liu Min had a hard time, and now he plans to make them hard. Liu Min said that Gao Han and himself were calculating Yu Bo’s words, which happened to be heard by Yu Bo and Guan Shanshan who had returned home. Gao Han looked back and saw the disbelieving eyes of the two. Yu Bo immediately left and Gao Han chased him out. Liu Min didn’t see the smug look behind him. Gao Han disappointed Yu Bo, and Guan Shanshan also began to wonder if he was unclear. Gao Han was very injured. No matter what Gao Han said, Guan Shanshan could not forgive Gao Han for the time being.

Liu Min didn’t know that she was going to be Zhang Zhen’s chess piece. She insisted on moving back to Gao Han’s house and forced others away. She also used her illness to stay Gao Han, but Gao Han was no longer willing to trust Liu Min. Actually moved out too. Guan Shanshan came to live with her friend Xiaomo temporarily, and asked her to help herself go back to get clothes and other things. Hearing this, Hong Xiaomo accused Gao Han indiscriminately, and encouraged Guan Shanshan to call Yu Bo, but it was not too much. Bo’s phone has been turned off long ago.

Yu Bo felt that he was deceived. Sitting alone by the river drinking alcohol, he really couldn’t believe that Yu Bo would harm him, but thinking of the card he was replaced with and what Liu Min said, Yu Bo cried desperately. Gao Han had nowhere to go after leaving home, so he stayed in his friend Dafa’s shop temporarily. Gao Han returned the money he had borrowed to Dafa. Wang Dongyang walked home with Ma Xiaohong on his back, begging her to make her right. Become her boyfriend.

After drinking, Yu Bo came to Kang Qian’s motorcycle shop. He walked in and saw a motorcycle covered with red cloth. When he opened it, it turned out to be his motorcycle. Kang Qian saw that he had already I found out and told him the facts. In fact, she was selling her motorcycle. She said that she wanted to keep Yu Bo’s dream. She would never abandon Yu Bo. Yu Bo kissed Kang Qian directly, but soon he let her go. One person ran out. Guan Shanshan was thinking about Gao Han in the house, and Gao Han sent a text message hoping that she could believe in herself, but Guan Shanshan couldn’t accept it for a while.

Liu Min went to the hospital for a follow-up visit that day, confirmed that he had cervical cancer, and sat in despair in the corridor of the hospital. Zhang Zhen appeared beside her, pretending to help her contact the doctor. On the other side, Guan Shanshan’s father, Guan Shengzhe, hid a ledger, which was his brother’s criminal record. At this time, he was trying to find it, worried about exposing himself.

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