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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 25 Recap

Yu Tianheng brought Rand, Yu Xiaogang, Tang San and Dai Mubai to the Royal Academy’s Department of Education early in the morning, and the chief Mengshen Ji urged Tang San and Dai Mubai to go through the enrollment procedures as soon as possible. Dai Mubai wanted to keep the Schanke Academy Mengshenji disagreed with his student status, and Tang San didn’t want to give up his original teachers and classmates. Mengshenji cancelled their enrollment qualifications on the spot.

Xue Qinghe came afterwards and first talked with Dai Mubai about their brotherhood battle, and then Xue Qinghe pledged to rent students from the Schanke Academy to join the Royal Team, and when the game is over, let them continue to return to the Schanke Academy. He promised to go through the lease procedures for Tang San and Dai Mubai tomorrow, but he didn’t understand Xue Qinghe’s intentions.

Xue Qinghe admitted that he liked Dai Mubai’s identity and did not want Dai Weishi to be in charge of the Star Luo Kingdom. A big threat, if Dai Mubai is in charge of the royal family, he can sit back and relax, Dai Mubai gritted his teeth with anger.

Xue Qinghe invited Tang San and Dai Mubai to visit the sunset in Tiandou, and Hu Liena followed closely, and Land and Yu Xiaogang had to return to their residence first. Tang San told Xue Qinghe the news of Matthew Nuo’s death. He didn’t take it seriously. Tang San asked the person behind the scenes of Canghui Academy. Xue Qinghe heard that it was Haotian Douluo who had been missing for a long time, and the others had no idea.

Xue Qinghe asked Hu Liena about the purpose of the Soul Master Contest held by the Wuhun Temple. Hu Liena kept saying that in order to promote the spirit of Wuhun and strengthen the exchanges between the various universities, Xue Qinghe heard her high-sounding answer and stopped asking more. Xue Qinghe wanted to win, no matter which academy student could do, he just didn’t want to let the conspiracy of Wuhun Hall succeed.

Dai Mubai wanted to be promoted to the four spirit rings before the finals so that he could compete with Dai Weishi, and Tang San agreed to practice with him. Xue Beng came to the door to challenge Dai Mubai. When Dai Mubai was not there, Ma Hongjun, Xiao Wu and Osike were fighting against each other. Xue Beng was very impatient. He first made the move, and Xiao Wu beat Xue Beng with three blows and punches.

Xue Beng is the royal bloodline of Tiandou, and his father is Prince Xue Xing. Prince Xue Xing called Shang Yu Tianheng to come to Rand and Yu Xiaogang to question his guilt. He insisted on driving Xiao Wu down the mountain, otherwise Tang San and Dai Mubai would Tang San was not allowed to go to school, and Tang San resolutely quit, and wanted to be with Xiao Wu.

Hu Liena came to Xueqinghe, claiming to be a direct disciple of Bibi Dong, the first Sect of Wuhun Hall. The reason why Wuhundian held the Wuhun competition was to cooperate with Tiandou City. Xue Qinghe didn’t believe it at all. Hu Liena asked him to find a place to chat. Xue Qinghe wanted to help Xiao Wu and others first. Prince Xue refused to give up, Xue Qinghe rushed to relieve Xiao Wu in time, and urged Prince Xue Xing to consider the overall situation of Tiandou City.

When Dugu Bo heard the news, he took Osike away without saying anything. Rand hurriedly stepped up to intercede for Osike. He was tightly bound by Dugu Bo’s spirit ring, and Dugu Bo brought everyone else in the Slack Academy. Bind it, Tang San summoned Lan Yincao, and Dugubo made it clear that he was not here to help Prince Xue Xing but to find Tang San. Before he left, he gave a ruthless remark and told Tang San to wait and see, Tang San knew it was because He accidentally poisoned the Dugu Goose.

Xue Qinghe sent away the people from the Silanke Academy and asked them to compete in the name of other academies. Hu Liena came out to find Xue Qinghe to continue talking. Yu Tianheng told Lande, Yu Xiaogang and the others that Dugu Goose was Dugu Bo’s granddaughter, but he didn’t understand how Tang San provoke Dugu Bo, and then he brought Rand and others to Lan Ba ​​Academy.

Overgrown with weeds and dilapidated conditions, Yu Tianheng clearly stated that the long-term admission students only talk about talents and can enroll without money. Due to the brain drain and financial problems, Lanba Academy has no access to green and yellow, and currently only the head is left. A person.

Yu Tianheng explained his intentions outside the door. The head of the court was unmoved. Land reported his name. The head of the court opened the door immediately. Yu Xiaogang never expected that the head of the court was Liu Erlong. Liu Erlong asked directly. Whether Yu Xiaogang was married or not, Yu Xiaogang was so scared that Liushen Wuzhu, Rand hurriedly found an excuse to hide. Rand couldn’t stand the struggle of the students and told the story of the three of them in detail. Rand, Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong were once the golden iron triangle of the most powerful.

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