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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 24 Recap

Tang San and Xiao Wu cooperated perfectly, using the spirit abilities of Blue Soul Grass and Demon Spider Martial Spirit to tightly wrap the members of the Ferocious God Team in a net made of blue silver grass. Osike threw over an oil-filled horn prop, Ma Hongjun Taking the opportunity to use the Fiery Phoenix, the raging fire instantly surrounded Mengli and the team members. Seeing that they were about to be burned to death, Mengli suddenly broke free from the cobweb with a loud shout, and the others also broke free from the restraints.

It turned out that Meng Li deliberately gave Tang San and the others a little hope, and then began a mad dog attack. The Seven Strangers lined up, and each used their best efforts to launch their martial souls to fight. Even though everyone resisted desperately, both sides could do nothing. There is a huge difference in martial arts power, and the Mengli and Fierce team members are insidious and ruthless, and the Seven Slankers gradually loses.

Wang Sheng lifted Ning Rongrong high, Osike tried his best to jump up to protect her, and attacked Xiao Wu in a vicious manner. Tang San was desperate to fight against Meng Li. In order to save Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Mubai was seriously injured. Ma Hongjun fought alone and soon lost. After the battle, he gave an order to kill all the Seven Slack Monsters.

Tang San hinted that everyone was using the hidden weapon of the god crossbow, and seven people sent out the iron nails in the god crossbow at the same time. All the members of Meng Li and the evil spirit team were hit by surprise. Dai Mubai sent out a white tiger fierce light wave, and Tang San pushed forward the evil spirit team in one move Defeated. At the end of the battle, the Seven Slankers hadn’t awakened from the thrilling battle just now, and the seven were close together. Land, Hu Liena and Yu Xiaogang ran out to congratulate them first, and the people came to cheer for them.

The people in the city all came to the inn to give gifts to the Seven Monsters of Slanke. Osike was overwhelmed. Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing and others went to the celebration ball in the city. Tang San came to see Dai Mubai and saw Hu Liena guarding Dai Mubai. Tang San knew that she liked Dai Mubai, and Hu Liena had seen Tang San’s martial power, but hoped that they would not stand on the opposite side in the future. After Hu Liena left, Dai Mubai called Tang San in a low voice, and Tang San realized that he was pretending to sleep and didn’t want to pester Hu Liena.

Tang San went out to see Ye Zhiqiu, Ye Zhiqiu called him aside and congratulated him on completing the challenge. Tang San found out that Ye Zhiqiu didn’t care about the life and death of Squad Squad. Ye Zhiqiu repeatedly claimed that he had only used the strength of Squad Squad. Tang San gritted his teeth with anger and condemned Ye Zhiqiu too. Cruel, he even used the evil spirit team as puppets and allowed them to kill innocent people indiscriminately.

However, Ye Zhiqiu blatantly let Tang San join the Royal Team as an undercover agent. If he can successfully enter the finals, he will be able to see Haotian Douluo. If Tang San dared to betray, it would be the same as an unhappy end. Killed, Ye Zhiqiu repeatedly claimed that he had been ordered by the headquarters. Tang San secretly vowed in his heart that he would fight alone this time, not wanting to hurt his classmates.

Rand and Yu Xiaogang led the students to Tiandou City. Ning Rongrong wanted to buy Tang San’s skills to make god crossbows in the name of the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Clan. Yu Xiaogang explained that the god crossbow could only deal with the four spirit rings. Ning Rongrong didn’t care about the spirit master below, she thought of Heaven Dou City asking her father to talk to Tang San. Yu Xiaogang found that Tang San was always worried, guessing that Ye Zhiqiu had come to him. Tang San only wanted to enter the finals to see his father. Yu Xiaogang persuaded him to let go of his psychological burden.

The members of Meng Li and the evil spirit team lost their martial power. They were tied to a desert pillar and waited to die. Ye Zhiqiu suddenly rushed to him. He asked Wang Sheng about Tang San’s situation, but Wang Sheng did not give any valuable information. , Was killed by Ye Zhiqiu on the spot.

Rand and Yu Xiaogang led the students to Tiandou City, which was lively and prosperous, and the buildings on the street were of different shapes and magnificent. The students were dizzy. Rand and his team quickly found the Royal Academy. Ma Hongjun was excited with tears. He didn’t expect to be able to come to the dream Royal Academy in this life, but Ning Rongrong disapproved. She followed her father here when she was a child.

The guards of the Academy learned that Rand and others were introduced by Yu Tianheng, and asked Xue Beng to take them inside to report. When Osike and Xiao Wu and the others saw the dazzling fruit on the table, they couldn’t help feasting, and Xue Beng couldn’t bear it. Dai Mubai quarreled with him violently. When Yu Tianheng heard the news, Xue Beng couldn’t help complaining with him. Yu Tianheng kind words to appease Xue Beng, arranged for Land and his party to live there, and then took them to the Department of School Affairs for admission procedures.

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