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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 23 Recap

Tang San held the sandwalking animal cub and Xiaowu was beside him. They went to the place where the dust was most dense. Finally, they saw the female beast. The mother animal was emotional. Tang San put down the cubs, and it quickly ran to the mother. Tang San repeatedly said that it had not hurt the cubs. After the mother left with the cubs, the sandstorm disappeared instantly.

When Osike and Ma Hongjun heard the news, they rushed to meet Tang San and the two. The four people rushed back to the inn together. The captain praised Tang San for doing well and asked him to kill Matthew.

Even if Tang San passed the test, Tang San did not want to kill innocent people indiscriminately. The captain did not forgive him. Wang Sheng also advised Tang San. Tang San would rather give up the challenge. The captain put the horse on the spot. Xiunuo killed, and also sneered at Tang San, and said evil words to each other.

Tang San was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. He guessed that the sun-burned soul masters in the desert outside Xisi were also killed by the fierce god team. The captain confessed to this. Tang San swore to defeat the fierce god team to save the city. The captain asked him to meet in the soul field. Rand and Yu Xiaogang took the students to the inn and learned that the captain of the fierce team had killed Matthewno.

Tang San took Xiao Wu to the street for a walk. He was worried that the mastermind behind the fierce god team was his father. Xiaowu firmly believed that Tang Hao was not a bad person. Tang San felt that he did not know his father at all. He vowed to go to Tiandou City to find Canghui Academy and persuade his father not to kill innocent people indiscriminately. The people of Xisicheng came to cheer for Tang San one after another, firmly believing that he would win. Tang San was very moved.

Yu Xiaogang told Dai Mubai about Tang San’s rise to stage to challenge the fierce god team, and made it clear that Tang San was killed. Dai Mubai thought that this was Tang San’s own business and had nothing to do with them, and was laughed at by others. Dai Mubai quietly called Ma Hongjun aside and discussed with him to help Tang San. Zhu Zhuqing followed him and joined the war together.

Tang San brought Xiaowu to the blacksmith’s shop to make iron nails. The shopkeeper not only prepared enough fine iron for him, but also asked him to make iron nails for free, only asking him to defeat the fierce god team. Tang Sanyi made a total of six iron nails. Once he failed to challenge, please Xiaowu take these gods and nails to Tiandou City and give them to Dai Mubai.

That night, Dai Mubai and other team members came to Tang San. Tang San and Xiaowu were not allowed to act alone. He insisted that the Shi Lanke Seven Monsters challenge the fierce god team together.

Ning Rongrong also promised to help inquire about Ye Zhiqiu’s details. The seven people rubbed their fists and swore together. Tang San was deeply moved. Rand and Yu Xiaogang hid outside the door to hear these. They were deeply gratified that Yu Xiaogang took the opportunity to offer Rand’s treat. Tang San sent the succoon and nails to everyone, and Dai Mubai readily accepted it.

The next morning, Rand and Yu Xiaogang waited in the yard early to cheer for the students. Hu Lena called Tang San aside alone and advised him not to hit stones with pebbles, otherwise he would die. Tang San did not want the people in the city to be hurt by the fierce god team any more. He was ready.

Tang San and Dai Mubai and seven of them came to the soul fighting arena with great spirit. The captain threatened that the whole Xisicheng was theirs and advised Tang San to admit defeat as soon as possible, but Tang San ignored him. Ning Rongrong threw out a few iron beads. Ma Hongjun launched the Fengyu fire line and detonated the iron beads.

The members of the fierce god team were immediately submerged by thick smoke. Tang San took the opportunity to summon blue silver grass. Xiaowu cooperated with him. Zhu Zhuqing and Ou Sike attacked together. The fierce god team stood up to resist. Dai Mubai flew down to attack the captain, Zhu Zhu Qing came to reinforce.

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