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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 22 Recap

Tang San heard that the fierce god team killed many people on the field. Wang Sheng boasted that it was to let their team establish prestige in Xisicheng and become famous. He knew that Ye Zhiqiu sent Tang San to challenge and promised to open his net. Tang San shook his head and said nothing. When he learned that Wang Sheng was ordered by the captain to throw away the wife of the soul master.

Outside the city, he was even more angry and accused him of not transferring his hatred for Xiao Chenyu to others. The two quarreled when they disagreed.

Wang Sheng was worried that Tang San would give up the challenge. The captain would personally arrest him and attack his companions. Tang San would wait for this challenge for a long time, and he would not give up.

The next morning, Rand wanted to take the students to Tiandou City. Tang San asked for leave with Rand on the pretext that he had something to do in Xisi City. Xiaowu wanted to be with him. Yu Xiaogang didn’t want Tang San to take risks, so he decided to stay with him to challenge.

Yu Xiaogang, Tang San and Xiaowu sent everyone to the gate of the city. Xiaowu and his companions said goodbye in tears and vowed to challenge the fierce god team with Tang San and strive to let him see his father as soon as possible. As soon as Rand and his party left the gate, they encountered a sandstorm. The yellow sand instantly permeated the whole sky. People were blown around. Rand and others were quickly blown away by the sandstorm.

Dai Mubai looked for Zhu Zhuqing everywhere. On the way, he happened to meet Ning Rongrong, so he rescued her back to the inn. Dai Mubai returned to find Zhu Zhuqing. Osike was blown into an alley. Seeing Ma Hongjun curled up in the corner of the street, he hurried over and joined him. The two of them could not stand steadily, so they had to find something in the alley as a shelter.

A sand beast came to them. Ma Hongjun suddenly lost control and went straight to the sand beast with fire. Ou Sike summoned the martial soul and forcibly woke Ma Hongjun up. Only then did Ma Hongjun realize that he had lost control.

Dai Mubai looked for Zhu Zhu Qing everywhere. Zhu Zhu Qing had to come out of the hidden corner. A sandstorm came, and Zhu Zhu Qing was injured by a scraped object. Dai Mubai rescued her back to the inn and apologized to her repeatedly. Ning Rongrong was very surprised.

Unexpectedly, Dai Mubai, who had always been proud, would also take the initiative to apologize. Tang San and Xiao Wu helped each other to go back to the inn. Suddenly, they saw Hu Lena blown up by a whirlwind. Tang San summoned blue silver grass to rescue her, because the whirlwind was too big to approach.

Huleena was tossed by the whirlwind wind and could only hover in the air. Tang San was worried that she would hit the wall and hurt, so he tied the blue silver grass to Xiaowu’s wrist. He rushed into the whirlwind regardless of his body and hugged Hu Lena desperately. Xiaowu tried his best to hold them. Tang San tried his best to save Hu Lena from the whirlwind.

Three People helped each other back to the inn.
Tang San learned that the others had not come back and wanted to go out to save people. The man guarded the gate and advised him not to die, because the sand beast was still howling outside.

Matthewno heard the news and asked Tang San to take him out of the city. He had important things to do. Matthewno called Tang San to the room, and there was a sand beast cub, Tang San. It is concluded that the sand beast outside is looking for its own child and wants to send the cubs out.
Wang Sheng brought the captain and the members of the fierce god team to Tang San.

Matthew No begged the captain to take him out of the city. The captain learned that he was a deacon of the royal family of Tiandou City and wanted to kill him in anger. Matthew No was so scared and begged for mercy and promised to lift the sandstorm.

The captain learned that he had captured the cubs privately, which led to the mother to go crazy and caused a sandstorm. The captain let the horse Xiunuo sent the cubs back. He was afraid of angering the mother beast. Tang San offered to send the cubs back, and Xiaowu went with him.

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