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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 20 Recap

Tang San asked Du Guyan if he knew Ye Zhiqiu of Canghui Academy. Du Guyan did not know him, and he ignored such an unknown school as Canghui. Yu Tianheng suspected that Canghui Academy sent Ye Zhiqiu to attract talents. Du Guyan thought it was impossible.

The more Dai Mubai thought about it, the more wrong it was. Yu Tianheng promised to help him defeat Dai Weishi. It was the battle for the throne of the Xingluo Kingdom. A small school had no such ability at all. Dai Mubai took Tang San to find Yu Tianheng’s theory. Yu Tianheng had to admit that Xue Qinghe, the prince of Tiandou Kingdom, wanted to help Dai Mubai and let them meet and talk in detail.

Dugu goose suddenly fainted to the ground. Tang San found that Dugu goose was poisoned, so he remembered that Ye Zhiqiu had sent him a bottle of yellow-green medicine. He suspected that the drug had a seizure, but he did not explicitly say that Yu Tianheng did not dare to delay.

He wanted to take Dugu goose back to Tiandou City to dispel poison, so that Dai Mubai and Tang Mubai could go to Xisicheng to meet Xueqinghe within 30 days. Tang San remembered that Ye Zhiqiu once asked him to go to Sisi City to accept the challenge of the fierce team. Because Xisi City has no city owner, and it is the only way for Tiandou City, it is very hidden to meet there.

Rand and Yu Xiaogang called the students for a meeting and announced in public that they would agree to Dai Mubai and Tang San to join the Royal College Team in Tiandou City. He would also take other students to the grand event, so that everyone could prepare for each other and leave early tomorrow morning.

Dai Mubai and Tang San did not want to leave Shi Lanke. Rand made it clear that the purpose of Shi Lanke Academy was to cultivate a good soul master and advised them to open their eyes. Hulena wanted to go with Rand, but Rand didn’t refuse. Tang San wanted to challenge the fierce god team when he passed through Xisi City, but he didn’t want Xiaowu to worry. Qiu Yu Xiaogang did not hide Xiaowu.

Early in the morning, Rand and Yu Xiaogang took the students on the road. Hulena followed him far away. They waded in the mountains and rivers, slept in the wind and slept in the open. Oske beat with his feet. The others took out their belongings to meet. Everyone danced to the beat and relieved the fatigue of rushing. Along the way, everyone helped each other and helped each other, and soon came to see. In the endless desert, you can see several big pillars on the desert from afar, on which are tied to people who have been sunburned to death.

Tang San suggested burying the bodies of these people. A bronze soul fighting badge fell out of one of them’s clothes, indicating that the man was a senior soul master. Rand reminded everyone to be more careful. Osike wanted to untie the chain of another person, but he didn’t expect him to be alive. Tang San just wanted to feed him a big sausage. Unexpectedly, the man suddenly died, and the three soul rings suddenly appeared on his body.

Rand and Yu Xiaogang took the students to the lively Sisi City. People came and went in the street, and the merchants gathered so lively. The students were overwhelmed. Tang Sanyi wanted to go to the soul fighting arena here. He was not interested in the people and things beside him. Xiaowu suddenly saw someone selling cute sand beasts on the roadside. This is a very meek soul beast in the desert. Xiaowu, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong all like it very much.

Osike suggested buying a sand beast for each girl. Yu Xiaogang told them the story of sand beast. Sand beasts can control sand storms and have strong control in the desert. The merchant used this point to coexist peacefully with sand beasts. Xiaowu hoped that all soul beasts could survive with human beings, but sand beasts were just one In a special case, Xiaowu is very disappointed.

Rand informed the students to set out for Tiandou City early tomorrow morning. Due to the problem in Tiandou City, Xueqing River could not come to Xisi City, so he sent the deacon Matthew Nolai Xisi City to apologize to Dai Mubai and Tang San, and asked them to meet in Tiandou City. Dai Mubai flatly refused, and did not allow Xueqing River to interfere with the Xingluo Kingdom. Hu Lena eavesdropped outside the door and was found by Xiaowu on the spot. When Tang San heard the news, Xiaowu went to the night market with Tang San.

Xiaowu and Tang San heard a woman crying sadly on the street corner and hurried over to see what was going on. From the neighbors, they learned that her husband was killed in the soul fighting arena and the fierce team. The woman saw someone coming with a big knife and fled in fear. Tang San looked at the person who came carefully and recognized him as Wang Sheng.

Hulena broke into Matthew’s room and asked about the whereabouts of Xueqing River and the purpose of Xueqing River to find Dai Mubai. Matthew Novo did not know. Wang Sheng accompanied Tang San and Xiao Wu shopping, admitted that he had killed Xiao Chenyu, and then fled all the way to Xisi City. When Wang Sheng learned that Xiaowu liked to eat sugar, he caught a large number from the roadside vendor. The stall owner dared not speak out.

Xiaowu resolutely refused to eat the stolen sugar. Tang San found that the stall owner was very afraid of Wang Sheng. Wang Sheng claimed to be shopping here. Spending money and boasting that this is the power of the strong. Wang Sheng has long heard that Ye Zhiqiu asked Tang San to come to Xisi City. He is also a member of the fierce god team, and his martial soul has mutated into a snow tiger.

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