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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 19 Recap

Yu Xiaogang guided Ning Rongrong and Ou Sike auxiliary department soul skills. First of all, he turned out Ou Sike’s treasure chest, which contained various magic props. Yu Xiaogang wanted these props to play their role in the competition. Ou Sike was half-believe, and Yu Xiaogang wanted to test it himself.

Rand called Xiaowu and Zhu Zhuqing to train together. The characteristic of them is that they are fast. Xiaowu’s teleportation soul skill is not as good as Rand. She was not convinced and attacked Rand again with teleportation. Zhu Zhuqing quickly found the problem. From the beginning to the end, she drove the wind around her. Rand according to the prediction of the foothold. After successfully avoiding her attack, Xiaowu found the problem and began targeted training. Xiaowu safely avoided the wind chime, Zhu Zhuqing covered her. Xiaowu unconsciously circled behind Rand, and Rand praised her.

Yu Xiaogang arranged for Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Tang San to hit a big stone together. They practiced for a long time, and the big stone did not move. Dai Mubai wanted to give up. Tang San soon found out the problem. The martial souls of the three of them were very powerful when used alone, but when put together, they would weaken each other. Tang San found Ou Sike as a target. Finally, the best order of attack was found. After the unremitting efforts of Rand and Yu Xiaogang, the students’ martial soul power has been brought into full play. Rand and Yu Xiaogang discussed to further strengthen the exercise of each student’s advantages and strive to make great progress in a short period of time.

When Tang San saw the wind chimes hanging in the blacksmith shop, he couldn’t help but think of his father Tang Hao. Each blacksmith shop had a landmark wind chime. Tang Hao specially made a wind chime for Tang San, and also held him and rang the string of wind chimes. Tang San touched the scenery and felt mixed feelings.

The little dance was all in his eyes. Tang San began to train before dawn every day. Finally, he smashed the big stone with blue silver grass. Yu Xiaogang encouraged Tang San, and also talked about the mutation of his failure to train the martial soul Tang San cannon in those years.

Tang San just wanted to do his best and make his father proud of him. Yu Xiaogang encouraged him and cheered for him. Ou Sike collected opera materials everywhere. He Hidden behind the big stone, he eavesdropped on the conversation between Yu Xiaogang and Tang San and recorded them one by one. Finally, he accidentally made a move. He was embarrassed to come out from behind the stone. Yu Xiaogang forcibly pulled him to practice his soul skills.

Xiaowu and Ma Hongjun picked a lot of herbs to treat falling and burning, and came to the blacksmith’s shop to exchange the string of wind chimes. Xiaowu gave Tang San a gift, hoping that he would never miss home again. Two days before the game, Rand and Yu Xiaogang arranged a battle to verify the training results of the students, and let Ning Rongrong and Ou Sike fight against Ma Hongjun. The students all came to watch the battle.

Only Hu Lena was absent. Another deacon from the first sect of the martial soul hall replaced Su Yuntao to protect Hu Lena. Hu Lena asked him kill Dai Wei. The official then sent the deacon to see Davis.

Ning Rongrong and Ou Sike joined hands to defeat Ma Hongjun. Ma Hongjun lost convincingly. Rand also praised Yu Xiaogang’s training method. Yu Xiaogang made careful deployment, let Dai Mubai be the captain. Tang San was in charge of the field commander. Dai Mubai was not convinced and took the initiative to ask Yu Xiaogang to be the commander-in-chief. Yu Xiaogang agreed to his request in person and private. He urged Tang San to do a good job in command. Once Dai Mubai failed, he must stand up. Tang San felt that the pressure was great.

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