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To Be With You 约定 Episode 9 Recap

After several previous assessments, Chen Youwei and Xu Yihang had the best results. The two led their teams into the practice of airport construction, and through competition, not only had to complete the construction task of 10,000 foundation piles within 100 days, but also One hundred and fifty thousand square meters of concrete must be poured in ten months, the projected area will be completed in eighty days, the full free space of eighteen square meters, and the curved surface uncovered steel grid will be elevated and installed.

For this arduous and seemingly difficult project, everyone is still very motivated and believes that all difficulties can be overcome, all obstacles can be overcome, and all obstacles can be overcome, and we will work hard for the common dream.

As Chen Youwei’s Master Zhao used to be a plane welding, he suffered a lot from rotating circle welding, and only knew how to polish it with an angle grinder. Originally, Chen Youwei wanted to settle the salary of Master Zhao and let him withdraw from the project, but when he understood Master Zhao’s difficulties, especially since he was not afraid of hardship, he personally taught the experience and promised to give him another chance.

When Xu Yihang learned of this, he thought that the project should be considered, but Chen Youwei felt that Master Zhao was too old, and he must not be used to it at the beginning. Fortunately, he has 28 years of welding experience. Because of this, Xu Yihang noticed the flaws in the construction process. If zero error is not achieved, many problems will inevitably occur.

The two conducted research based on the knowledge in the book, and recorded the problems that may arise during the operation in the book, and then submitted it to Xiao Nan, asking her to approve the method of unified operation. Xiao Nan appreciates their serious attitude, and at the same time said that the company has set up a special team to produce a practical manual, and break down all the details into detailed actions.

Because the error range of the steel platform project must be controlled within 1 cm, Xu Yihang used the method of reducing the splicing of the steel plate width to overfulfill the task; Chen Youwei timely improved the situation of missing welding and excessive gaps, and smoothly solved the installation and placement area of ​​the steel platform Limited problem.

As the project was proceeding in an orderly manner, they did not expect everyone to encounter obstacles again. They found that the inclined pipe could not be completed unilaterally. The successful splicing required the cooperation of two people. In fact, it was a test of tacit understanding. Chen Youwei wanted to be eager to try, but no one partnered with him, so Xu Yihang personally came forward, and the two people worked hand in hand on the slopes that couldn’t stand, and smoothly solved the slope and the assault abnormal construction.

After busying for a long time, Xu Yihang was about to finish soon. Xu Yihang stepped on the air when he got off the ladder and almost fell off the high platform. Chen Youwei pushed him away but fell on his back. Thanks to Xu Yihang, he held him. Because Xu Yihang had an old injury on his right hand, Chen Youwei persuaded him to let go, but Xu Yihang gritted his teeth and grabbed his wrist until everyone came to help.

Although the process was relatively dangerous, fortunately, Xu Yihang and Chen Youwei were slightly injured, but they were not serious. Xiao Nan let go of her mind and breathed a sigh of relief, so she took the staff to find them. Unexpectedly, the two of them were not in the dormitory, but instead sat in the construction factory chatting.

Chen Youwei is curious as to why Xu Yihang, as a college student, has outstanding academic performance, why he came to be a welder. Xu Yihang said that his dream since childhood was to build tall buildings, but his parents did not support him. He had hoped to use the International Young Technician Competition to change his parents’ mindset, but he didn’t want to retire due to illness. Chen Youwei once misunderstood Xu Yihang and looked down on himself, but now he really recognizes this brother.

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