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To Be With You 约定 Episode 10 Recap

When Xu Meng learned that her brother was injured, she ran to the workshop to scold him. Everyone couldn’t help but talk about gossip, thinking it was an arrogant media reporter. Chen Youwei was even more worried that Xu Yihang would be bullied, and immediately rushed to defend it, but fell in love with her at first sight. Knowing the relationship between Xu Meng and Xu Yihang’s siblings, Chen Youwei immediately changed his attitude and cooked for Xu Meng personally, but she did not expect to be rejected by her.

As Xu Meng needs to follow up and report on the construction of Daxing Airport, she wants to experience first-hand the life of a welding worker, but she is used to the life of the eldest lady and will let everyone follow her no matter what she does. Apart from Chen Youwei, everyone else Have expressed dissatisfaction.

In the next few days, accompanied by Chen You, Xu Meng was truly aware of the difficulty of a welder, and at the same time did not understand why her brother would insist on staying, and would rather insist on this job against his parents’ ideas. Xu Yihang didn’t want to say more, but in Xu Meng’s eyes, his behavior was equal to escape, and he couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

Even if Xu Meng understands the meaning and responsibility of welding work, she has no interest in it, so she can’t understand Xu Yihang’s thoughts at all. Chen Youwei sensed the misunderstanding between the brothers and sisters, so he took the initiative to ask Xu Yihang to ask clearly and tell what he knew.

It turned out that Xu Yihang didn’t want Xu Meng to be the same as himself, getting further and further away from her dream, so she always silently supported her sister’s dream. My parents wanted my sister to study physics, but my brother helped my sister study journalism in private. When my sister achieved grades, the parents had nothing to say, but the tuition fees for the four years of university and graduate school were all earned by Xu Yihang’s part-time job. Moe was also kept in the dark.

After Chen Youwei knew the truth, he immediately informed Xu Meng of the matter and let her understand her brother’s concern. Xu Meng never knew that it was not his parents who supported him, but his brother. Because of Chen Youwei’s “talking a lot”, Xu Meng cried bitterly with Xu Yihang, no longer prejudiced against his brother, and the relationship between brother and sister became closer.

That night, three people gathered at the table to eat hot pot. Xu Meng accidentally said that he missed his mouth and mentioned the welding robot. Chen Youwei discovered that Xu Yihang already knew about this, and was annoyed that he was hiding himself from others, and believed that no matter how advanced the robot is, there is absolutely no better artificial technology, and there may even be many dangerous omissions.

Seeing Chen Youwei’s reluctance to persuade him, Xu Meng and Xu Yihang deliberately teased him, which aroused his desire to win and agreed to a match with the welding robot. Unexpectedly, during the competition, Chen Youwei discovered that the robot was much faster than he thought, and the welding technology was indeed mature. Although it was a tie in the end, Chen Youwei admitted that he had lost. Just now, he switched to a speculative method. If this method is set on the machine, the effect may be more significant.

Through this competition, Chen Youwei realized his shortcomings, so he was willing to learn how to use the machine and worked hard overnight. Xu Yihang led him to practice and understand the principles of robots. Unexpectedly, Chen Youwei was lazy and took a short run. Xu Meng stood by and took pictures.

Thanks to Xu Yihang’s help, Chen Youwei took everyone to train together, but he couldn’t keep up with the progress and couldn’t meet Xu Yihang’s requirements. Xu Yihang dragged Chen Youwei to explore again. It happened that Xu Yihang was called away, and Xu Meng helped Xu Yihang look at Chen Youwei.

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