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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 25 Recap

Chen Fusheng asked Mr. Lin how things were going. Mr. Lin said that both the Cultural Office and the Chamber of Commerce are doing their best to deal with the matter, and there should be results soon. He called the people in the Cultural Office before he came and listened. There should be no problems with the office. Chen Fusheng was still not satisfied, saying that he wanted to answer in the affirmative and he must return to Taiwan. Attorney Lin said he understood.

Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang went to Amor again. Amor talked about the suspects of Taiwan telecom fraud in other Southeast Asian countries. These Taiwanese were also handed over to the Taiwan authorities to deal with them before. Gao Xiaotian said that this happened before. The situation, which has existed before, does not mean that this is correct.

Facts have proved that this is extremely detrimental to the fight against telecommunications fraudsters. These suspects only accepted a few months in prison after returning to Taiwan. It can be said that even if they commit a crime, The reason why they want to bring them back to mainland China is to provide a correct guide for such cases. Their duty is to fight crimes and protect people’s lives and property.

These Taiwanese telecom fraud suspects, fraudulent money, and the amount It’s huge, and what’s more, it caused the victim’s suicide and caused great harm to the country and society. Therefore, they must bring these suspects back to the mainland and let them be tried by the law. This is why they came here. The original intention, even if there are many difficulties, at this point, they will not change their position.

Gao Xiaotian’s remarks made Amor shake. Amor rejected the banquet held by the Chamber of Commerce and the money donated by the Chamber of Commerce in any form. Director Sun told Li Chengjiu about this. Li Chengjiu was a little panicked and immediately thought Go to Amor and ask. After several days of discussion and discussion, this matter has been transferred from the Immigration Bureau to the Ministry of Justice, and now it’s up to the Ministry of Justice to let people go.

Attorney Lin told Chen Fusheng about the matter, and Chen Fusheng asked him to return to Taiwan. Attorney Lin went to report to the Taiwan authorities that he was responsible for the alleged paralysis of the Black Leopard at the Kaohsiung luxury casino ten years ago.

The next morning, Gao Xiaotian and others went to the Ministry of Justice. The Minister of Justice said that in order to give the Chinese victims an explanation, he said that Taiwanese except Chen Fusheng could be handed over to Gao Xiaotian and the others, but Gao Xiao They resolutely disagreed, and said that Chen Fusheng admitted to the earlier case at this time. They have reason to suspect that Chen Fusheng wanted to evade legal sanctions.

The minister said that he was very embarrassed and did not know how to handle this matter. Seeing that he could not return to Taiwan, Chen Fusheng could only take a step back and said that he would stay in Country F anyway, as long as he was not handed over to the mainland police. When Gao Xiaotian went to the Ministry of Justice to negotiate again, the minister stated that their judicial organs tried Chen Fusheng, so Chen Fusheng would neither return to Taiwan nor go to mainland China.

Gao Xiaotian fought hard and said that the victims were basically all victims. They are Chinese citizens, legally and morally, they should all take Chen Fusheng back, and said that Chen Fusheng was able to carry out fraudulent activities so smoothly because there is an umbrella here. The minister said that Gao Xiaotian and they would show evidence, Yin Zhihang It was said that they saw a whistle-blowing text message on Chen Fusheng’s cell phone.

This cell phone was evidence and was sealed in the local police. The minister said that if what they said was true, they would continue the investigation, but they would not hand the person to the mainland. The police, Yin Zhihang asked, if criminal suspects from country F are arrested in China, can they not be handed over to country F? The minister does not know how to answer.

The negotiation reached a deadlock. Gao Xiaotian went to talk to Mr. Guo again. Mr. Guo comforted Gao Xiaotian. He believed that in the end, the Immigration Bureau would hand over these Taiwanese to Gao Xiaotian. After all, this is an international political matter. The international situation and Gao Xiaotian must be determined. Gao Xiaotian could only go back and wait silently. The attitude of the Ministry of Justice was not clear. Both Taiwan and the mainland sent special planes to Country F to force the Ministry of Justice to make a decision.

As the Spring Festival approached, the Ministry of Justice had not yet made a decision. Everyone in the working group was ready to celebrate the New Year in Country F. They posted Spring Festival couplets and made dumplings at the station and were about to set off firecrackers. When Yin Zhihang received a call, the Ministry of Justice The decision was finally made and Chen Fusheng and others were handed over to the mainland police. Soon, the local police and the work team began to cooperate in the transfer of criminals. On the transfer road, a car suddenly blocked their way.

Gao Xiaotian confirmed the information of the car through the embassy. This car is a Taipei Economic and Cultural Service. The reason was to delay the time deliberately so that Gao Xiaotian and the others could not catch the plane. Rory said he could help. He called his subordinates and the local police drove the car away. Only then did the transfer proceed smoothly. With the efforts of the working group, the telecommunications fraud group in country F was finally wiped out, and the suspect was successfully brought back to the mainland for trial.

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