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Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 Episode 19 Recap

Since Ding Yanming left the company, he has not returned home all day and night, and occasionally comes back several times, all in the middle of the night. Guo Yuanyuan has gone from her initial anger to her calmness now. She just used her own way to care about Ding Yanming, hoping that one day, he will be completely sober instead of continuing to be decadent.

Li Jun personally met Ding Yanming and wanted to reach a cooperation with him, but Ding Yanming learned that Li Jun had approached Meng Yan. The inferiority complex engraved in his bones instantly made him feel like an alternative, so he immediately refused. Li Jun’s invitation.

Qiao Ke is often sent home by Manager Liang. At this time, Lu Yiming came from the side carrying a takeaway, so he stepped forward to greet him. He didn’t expect Qiao Ke to introduce him as his neighbor. Hearing Qiao Ke’s explanation, Lu Yiming was very hurt in his heart, and immediately asked Qiao Ke why he concealed the facts, but Qiao Ke thought he had too many stories and was unwilling to share it with others.

Early the next morning, Qiao Ke received a text message from Manager Liang and agreed to him to pick him up to work. Lu Yiming had no way to stop him, so he could only ask Joe to come back as soon as possible, and not later than ten o’clock at night.

Meng Yan told Li Tianzhen about the patent of the mold box he designed, and his colleagues explained the benefits to her. Li Tianzhen knew that Meng Yan’s patent would be very helpful for him to win Yunxia Village, but he was afraid of losing to Jiade graciously. He didn’t know that Meng Yan was also planning to let Li Jun come to him personally.

Afterwards, Meng Yan approached Jia Xiaodong, claimed that there would be breaking news to him, and asked Jia Xiaodong to ask those paparazzi who love to take out of context and even like to dig celebrity gossip to interview him. Entrusted by Meng Yan, Jia Xiaodong did arrange for many media reporters to interview Meng Yan to inquire about patents. In particular, the reports of this group of people catching up on news have increased the attention of the news and attracted Li Jun’s attention.

Li Jun worried that Meng Yan took advantage of Yunxia Village and immediately called Li Tianzhen to learn about the matter. However, although Li Tianzhen had read Meng Yan’s patent, he did not disclose any information due to the confidentiality of his work. Because of Li Tianzhen’s insistence, Li Jun could only inform Wen Li to contact Meng Yan, but Meng Yan directly hung up and prepared to take Li Tianzhen out for dinner.

The two had just walked out of the studio and suddenly encountered a large number of reporters at the door, so that Meng Yan was injured by the camera equipment and smashed the other’s camera on the spot. Because of this, the media began to exaggerate reports, stupefied by describing Meng Yan as an uncultivated and arrogant person. Accompanied by Li Tianzhen, Meng Yan personally accepted Jia Xiaodong’s interview. He blew himself up as the real victim. Exposed the injured eye socket.

After the interview was over, Meng Yan removed his injured outfit in the car, allowing Li Tianzhen to see his true face. Li Tianzhen realized that Meng Yan was directing and acting in a play by himself. He scolded him on the spot. He even thought that Meng Yan and Li Jun belonged to the same kind of people. He couldn’t help but feel disappointed. He decided to reconsider the relationship between them, and then proposed to break up.

Lu Yiming looked forward to Joe coming home sooner than him, but it was a pity that he faced only a slow sense of loss. Qiao Ke and Manager Liang were dating for dinner. When she ordered food, she instantly thought of Lu Yiming’s concern, and she was no longer in the mood to eat. Manager Liang thought that Qiao Ke was uncomfortable during her menstrual period, and simply sent her home, but when Qiao Ke returned home, Lu Yiming was still pretending to be busy with his own affairs. Just as Qiao Ke was playing with Lu Yiming, unexpectedly the caller’s bell suddenly rang, Qiao Ke went back to the room with a ugly face and sat on the bed alone in a daze.

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