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Love Unexpected 不可思議的愛情 Episode 14 Recap

With a strange idea, he quickly changed into high heels and kicked and stepped on, which quickly drew a very painful promise, and he stopped the strangely, promising to guess that the strange behavior was because of jealousy. Keshishi denied it, and was about to run away, but felt a strange feeling in her heart. Keshishi knew that she was in a panic at the moment. Then this sudden happiness must come from a promise. Seeing the expression of promise that he quickly denied, Kesi became more certain, and turned to panic into joy, and couldn’t help laughing.

The on-field competition of the new variety show is about to begin. It is conceivable that Lin Wen’s excuse for asking for leave is to participate as a mysterious character. Because he was afraid that his injury would bring pain to the promise, hesitated, but Liang Zhixiao explained to the side that at present, for variety effects, it is conceivable to play against weak players. It’s incredible that although he was sad, but for the mad tiger, he could only play with one punch and one KO. The variety show effect was enough, which soon attracted the audience to applaud.

After the game, Lin Wen deliberately sent a circle of friends to introduce Zhou Yanxin to dinner. Seeing that Lin Wen had changed the direction of the wind, he also quickly sent a WeChat cheer. After watching the game, Zhou Yanxin quickly took the bait and rushed to the dinner party. The original improbable request for leave made Promise upset, and the happy Zhou Yanxin in the spring breeze angered the promise. He tried his best to call Kesi back, and Zhou Yanxin, who rushed to the party, urged Kesi not to answer the phone.

The promise at this moment must be maddened by jealousy. As expected by Zhou Yanxin, he promised to pace back and forth at this time. I was so angry and anxious that I could not reply to myself at first sight. He promised to use the convenience of emotional exchange to make ghosts and show one after another tragic and comedy films. I didn’t feel the promise after watching it all the time, but the imaginary who was having a happy dinner party cried and laughed on the spot, shocking everyone. In desperation, Ke Si Wei had to call back the promised phone number.

In order to avoid the great ups and downs of emotions, Ke Si Wei had to rush to find the promise. Liang Zhixiao proposed to send it by himself, and the two got into the car together. Although the strategy was successful, Xu Xu received a photo from Zhou Yanxin. The intimacy and intimacy of Liang Zhixiao in the photo were full of ambiguity in the eyes of Xu.

Zhixiao didn’t understand why the current step by step could not be separated from the promise. Because the reasons were too complicated, he could only simply accuse the domineering character of the promise. If he left, the promise would use the entire team of lawyers. I listen to my heart, but my heart is worthless. When the car drove to Xu’s home, seeing Kesi move towards the promise, Zhixiao recalled what Kesi had said. His anger made him clenched his fist and waved to the promise. After the promise that was already in his anger was unwilling, he quickly punched out. Fighting back, the two immediately scrambled together. It is conceivable that they quickly persuaded the fight but to no avail, so they had to rush forward.

Unconsciously, to protect the promise, he kicked Liang Zhixiao to the side. He promised to show off to Liang Zhixiao proudly, but he had to drive away in a hurry. It is incredible to help promise medicine, but I feel guilty, but the promise on the side is so happy that he ordered the cancellation of the rule forbidding close contact between the two. It is incredible to pretend to be angry and go back to the room, but in fact, I feel ecstatic. It is finally confirmed that the two people like the double arrow.

Keshiyi watered the plants she secreted early in the morning, but she promised to appear, Keshishi originally wanted to secretly put it back, but promised unexpectedly to take the plants out of the sun. Under the imaginable surprise, he hugged the promise, and the promise stiffened in place, but did not push away.

Zhixiao helped Yun Zhu check the training plan arranged by the coach. For Yun Zhu’s future, Zhixiao encouraged Yun Zhu to train. Even the variety show, Zhixiao would help adjust, but Yun Zhu could not bear Liang Zhixiao, and his words were full. It was a hint, but Ke Zhixiao still couldn’t hear what Yun Zhu meant. In a hurry, Yun Zhu directly released the news. He didn’t like the promise. He liked Liang Zhixiao. This expression of his heart made Zhixiao scared. It shocked the entire network. But even so, Zhixiao still didn’t refuse directly, but insisted on sending Yunzhu home. Zhixiao admitted that he liked Qisi, but he did not respond to Yunzhu. This time, Yun Zhu was completely heartbroken.

Yun Zhu made a public confession but was unable to respond, which attracted ridicule from the entire network. In the eyes of netizens, Yun Zhu at this moment is the existence of a big boss and producer. Yun Zhu was in distress. In order to protect Yun Zhu, the promise urged Zhou Yanxin to issue a statement explaining that Yun Zhu’s failure to pursue the promise had affected Yun Zhu, and he also clarified that Yun Zhu joined the variety show at the invitation of Hege Media. On the other side, Ke Si Wei wanted to go to comfort Yun Zhu, but Yun Zhu was shut outside.

In desperation, the three of Ke Si Wei could only arrest Liang Zhixiao and persuade him to respond, but Zhixiao refused to lie. Under the conversation, the news broke again. Kesi took a look and hurried back to the office, but the interview was over. Kesi asked the promise on the spot, promised to directly conform to the news content, and admitted that he liked Yunzhu, which directly hurt the incredible. feeling. In sadness, it is conceivable to leave on the spot. The lonely promise is in place.

Zhou Yanxin and Promise went home, unable to find an incredible voice. Zhou Yanxin bluntly promised to hurt Yunzhu incredible, and it was no different from Liang Zhixiao, but the promise was very helpless. Zhou Yanxin shook his head and promised frankly that he seemed to really fall in love with the incredible…

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