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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 18 Recap

Yu Xiaogang prepared a basket of equipment and stones of different weights for each academy, so that they could reach the destination within the specified time. If one person can’t complete it, all students will be punished, and they are not allowed to use spirit skills, relying on their bodies alone. With her perseverance and physical stamina, Ning Rongrong carried a huge basket, and soon became exhausted, Osike took the initiative to help her.

Tang San found that Ning Rongrong and Osike were at the end, so he discussed with Dai Mubai and wanted to bring the stones in Ning Rongrong’s back basket to help her reduce her weight. Dai Mubai was uncharacteristically kind to him, and Tang San felt that Dai Mu Bai changed, listening to Yu Xiaogang’s words very much, Dai Mubai admitted that Tang San’s performance in the Star Dou Great Forest was very righteous and brave.

Dai Mubai led the students to the first goal. Everyone sat down and took a rest, and took out the water in the basket. Unexpectedly, Yu Xiaogang prepared salt water for them. Dai Mubai and his group of seven continued on their way. He took the initiative to come to Ma Hongjun’s stone, and Tang San wanted to pass the stones of other companions, and they both moved forward with heavy burdens. Everyone helped each other and helped each other to complete this training. Yu Xiaogang and Rand were very pleased.

Tang San dreamed that he came to the Blue Silver Grass Forest. He heard the familiar voice calling his name. Tang San was frightened. He saw Ma Hongjun sitting on the bed, feeling sad. Ma Hongjun admitted to his father. Tang San treated him well. Persuaded by words, Osike was awakened and learned that Dai Mubai had gone to practice exercises, and wanted to verify whether the Baihu King Kong transformation lasted longer.

Dai Mubai came to the forest and was stopped by Hu Liena. Hu Liena showed off her soul-absorbing skills and forced Dai Mubai to tell all the secrets. Dai Mubai was controlled. Dai Weishi came in time to stop Hu Liena. The two fought and Hu Liena controlled Dai. Mubai’s White Tiger King Kong change dealt with Dai Weishi, Dai Weishi attacked Dai Mubai mercilessly, knocked him out on the spot, and ridiculed Dai Mubai. Dai Weishi vowed to kill Hu Liena and take Dai Mubai away.

Ning Rongrong asked Xiao Wu about her relationship with Tang San. Xiao Wu repeatedly claimed that Tang San was her elder brother. Ning Rongrong felt that they liked each other before calling him sibling. Zhu Zhuqing woke up and couldn’t wait to find Dai Mubai. Hu Liena persuaded Dai Mubai to join her to deal with Dai Weishi. She also claimed to be a direct disciple of the First Sect of Wuhun Hall. Dai Weishi didn’t buy it at all and beat her up, thanks to Tang San who came in time to tie Dai Weishi with blue silver grass.

Dai Mubai used Baihu Liebo to deal with Dai Weishi, Land and Yu Xiaogang saw from the air, they hurried over to help, Land controlled, Director Zheng loves you to take medicine, Dai Mubai take away, Tang San and Lande They all persuaded him not to leave and promised to support him. Dai Weishi gave Rand seven days to take the students to the Arena of Fighting for the competition. If he loses, the Schranke Academy must disband Rand regardless of Dai Mubai’s persuasion. The conditions of Dai Weishi.

Rand heard that Hu Liena used her mental power to control Dai Mubai, and asked her why. Hu Liena claimed that she liked Dai Mubai and wanted to help everyone fight against Dai Weishi. Yu Xiaogang disagreed and didn’t believe that she really helped everyone. Yu Xiaogang told Hu Liena the news of Su Yuntao’s death. Hu Liena was dumbfounded and forced to ask who the murderer was. Yu Xiaogang suspected that it was done by someone Su Yuntao was familiar with.

Rand saw Yu Xiaogang’s purpose at a glance, and wanted to use Hu Liena to draw out Bibi, the first Sect of the Spirit Hall. Bibi learned that Su Yuntao was killed and sent someone to investigate the truth thoroughly.

There are only five days to compete. Yu Xiaogang decided to formulate different training content for each student’s characteristics. He and Rand trained the students separately, let them see their shortcomings and shortcomings clearly, and then took the initiative to ask for advice. Can achieve targeted training, Rand thanked him for his hard work. After Yu Xiaogang and Rand’s persuasion, the students quickly discovered the shortcomings of their soul skills.

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