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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 17 Recap

Ye Zhiqiu found out that Tang San had successfully put the bottle of poison on Dugu Goose, but unexpectedly Tang San was not poisoned to death. The reason why he was unhappy that Tang San came to Ye Zhiqiu was to make him come back. Ye Zhiqiu felt that Tang San had great potential and invited him to join their organization. Tang San was not interested. Ye Zhiqiu explained that their leader was the Nine Spirit Ring Title Douluo Tang Hao.

When Tang San heard Ye Zhiqiu mention that his father was Douluo, he repeatedly confirmed that Tang Hao’s martial arts spirit was the Clear Sky Hammer. Tang San never expected that the master of creating mutant martial arts and controlling Yehuo Village was his father. He couldn’t wait. I wanted to ask my father to ask him, Ye Zhiqiu asked him to participate in the Xisi City Arena of Souls, challenged the evil team to win, and was eligible to go to the Canghui Academy of Heaven Dou City to find Ye Zhiqiu.

Tang San wanted to participate in the competition. Ye Zhiqiu reminded him that his skills were not enough. Tang San remembered what his father said before leaving. As long as he was strong enough, his father’s rescue appeared in front of him. Tang San thought about his skills and found that Ye Zhiqiu was missing. He hurried back to give Xiao Wu an antidote. The poison on Xiao Wu’s body was successfully solved, but she remained unconscious. Yu Xiaogang asked him to directly touch Xiao Wu’s wound with blue silver grass to completely remove the body. toxin.

Regardless of the difference between men and women, Tang San used the blue silver grass at the wound on Xiao Wu’s chest, successfully adsorbing the toxins remaining in his body. Tang San went to Yu Xiaogang to inquire about his father’s situation. Yu Xiaogang could not say yet, but only admitted that his father was Haotian Douluo, and that he did not do those things at all. There must be hidden secrets in it. Tang San wanted to find out the truth. Otherwise, he couldn’t face Ma Hongjun, and Yu Xiaogang tried to persuade him, and Tang San still couldn’t let go.

Xiao Wu’s body is in good health, and Land and Yu Xiaogang lead the students back. Tang San took the initiative to apologize to Ma Hongjun and admitted that his father was the master behind the Yehuo Village incident. Ma Hongjun believed in his character, but persuaded him not to take it seriously. Tang San was very moved and vowed to stop his father from engaging in martial arts at all costs. soul.

Rand and Yu Xiaogang led the students back to the academy smoothly. Rand advised Yu Xiaogang not to tell the news that Su Yuntao was killed, and worried that he would leave the academy. Yu Xiaogang only had students in his heart, so he promised to continue. Stay in the Schranke Academy. That night, Dai Mubai boiled a pot of boiling water, trying to force Zhu Zhuqing out to kill the worms. Zhu Zhuqing was free. Zhu Zhuqing sat in the bathhouse, and the little worms could not bear the tenure and came out of her hair. As soon as Dai Mubai wanted to catch it, the worm quickly entered his body. Dai Mubai had to sit in the hot boiling water and soak the worm out. Zhu Zhuqing trampled the worm to death.

Ma Hongjun came to Tang San and went to the Soul Arena to settle the accounts. Tang San tied up the unhappiness with blue silver grass. Unhappiness quibbleed in every possible way. He kept claiming that all this was done by the people in the headquarters, and Ma Hongjun summoned the Wuhunba. Unhappy burned so badly, Ma Hongjun didn’t want to kill people, so he stopped in time. Unhappy escaped. Tang San saw Ma Hongjunqiang endure the grief in his heart and spared his unhappy life, and looked at him with admiration.

Unhappy went to the tavern alone to drank his sorrows, Ye Zhiqiu suddenly came to him for accountability, complaining that he had revealed his identity, and now everyone knows it, Ye Zhiqiu killed Unhappy on the spot. Yu Xiaogang gave the students an intensive training class. Dai Mubai came to the class uncharacteristically. Yu Xiaogang assigned the first training task, which was to eat a large bowl of meat. Xiao Wu didn’t eat meat. Ning Rongrong lost weight and didn’t want to eat. To file a complaint against Rand, Zhu Zhuqing clearly stated that there was a secret Xingluo royal recipe in the soup, which was of great help in improving martial arts and skill. Yu Xiaogang announced that he would eat this every morning.

Xiao Wu took a bite of the meat and began to vomit wildly, but she managed to finish it. Yu Xiaogang took the students to practice exercises in the forest. Tang San prepared carrots for her. Xiao Wu was ecstatic. Osike came to join in the fun after hearing the news. He also wanted to eat carrots. Xiao Wu loved carrots. She couldn’t help showing her three spirit rings. Tang San was stunned, Xiao Wu only had one spirit ring, it was impossible to form three spirit rings overnight, Xiao Wu desperately found excuses to cover up.

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