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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 16 Recap

Ning Rongrong learned from his father that the auxiliary system itself is not strong enough since he was a child. Only by finding a partner who can entrust his life, he can use his skills to the extreme. Ning Rongrong walked along and found that Osike and the others are worthy of entrusting their lives People, Hu Liena is very disdainful.

Tang San wanted to absorb the spirit ring of the human-faced demon spider, Yu Xiaogang rushed to stop him in time. This human-faced demon spider was 2,000 years old, and Tang San could not absorb his spirit ring, otherwise he would definitely die, but Tang San could save others. He was eager, unable to control so much. He just wanted to absorb the spirit ring of the human face magic spider. Chao Tianxiang and his wife brought the lone geese to stop again. Tang San recognized the cherry blossom symbol on the head of the lone geese and remembered that Ye Zhiqiu gave it to him. Task.

Duke Long Meng Shu wanted the corpse of the human face demon spider to extract the toxins from it to his granddaughter Dugu Goose. As long as Tang San handed the human face demon spider to him, he promised to kill a soul beast and give Tang San a spirit ring. After thinking about it again and again, asking him to help out Xiao Wu, he promised to give them the body of the Demon Spider with Human Face. Meng Shu knew the greatness of the Titan Great Ape, the king of the forest, and concluded that Xiao Wu was dead in his life, and he could do nothing.

Regardless of Yu Xiaogang’s persuasion, Tang San put on a spirit ring that had absorbed the human face demon spider to death, but was shocked by the powerful impact and collapsed on the spot. Dugu Goose hurried over to help, Chao Tianxiang clearly saw Tang San’s body. A puff of yellow-green gas wafted into the sleeves of Dugu Goose. She was frightened and panicked. She repeatedly confirmed that Dugu Goose had no abnormal feelings, but she was still worried, and wanted to ask Tang San wake up.

Tang San was entangled in the spider silk of the human face demon spider, and finally trapped in an airtight cocoon. Yu Xiaogang was very anxious, waiting for the result after Tang San broke the cocoon, Chao Tianxiang felt that Tang San would definitely die, because there was no A human being could come out of the cocoon shell of the demon spider alive, the cocoon was suddenly kicked and Tang San broke out of the cocoon alive, but his back had four more spider feet.

Rand rushed over after hearing the news and found that Tang San was backlashed. If he did not pull out those four feet in time, Tang San would become a bloodthirsty person, but if those four feet were pulled out, Tang San would have Never been able to be promoted, and could only stay in the three spirit rings, Yu Xiaogang made a decisive move to pull out those four feet, unexpectedly Tang San suddenly woke up, he kept shouting the name “Xiao Wu” in his mouth.

It turns out that the Titan Giant Ape and Xiao Wu belong to the same race. He is here to protect Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu replenishes him with full power and asks the Titan Giant Ape to leave quickly so as not to be seen by others, but the Titan Giant Ape is not at ease. Protect her quietly behind. Xiao Wu saw Tang San who had been bitten back from a distance. She was very anxious. Tang San kept calling her name. The Titan Great Ape mistakenly thought that Tang San was not good for Xiao Wu, so he took a posture to deal with Tang San, Xiao Wu Stop desperately. Yu Xiaogang and Rand rushed over to remove the four feet from Tang San’s body. Xiao Wu disagreed.

Dugu Goose is Zhu Zhuqing’s sister. She came this time to call Zhu Zhuqing home. When she saw Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai together, she fought against Dai Mubai. Zhu Zhuqing hurriedly stopped them, and Dai Mubai was arrested. After fainting, Dugu Goose wanted to take Zhu Zhuqing home, and also put a bug on her body for tracking. Dai Mubai suddenly woke up to protect Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong hid behind the big tree and saw this scene.

Xiao Wu wanted to transfer Tang San’s three spirit rings to her first, and then unplug those four feet, it wouldn’t affect Tang San’s promotion. The Titan Great Ape did not agree with Xiao Wu’s adventure, she had decided and tried her best. She tried her best to absorb the spirit ring on Tang San’s body, but her chest was stabbed by the spider’s feet. She still refused to give up. Tang San finally woke up, but Xiao Wu fainted because of physical exhaustion. Weeping beside Xiao Wu.

After hearing the news, Ma Hongjun and Osike came to believe that the Titan Giant Ape was going to kill Xiao Wu. Osike took out sausages and kiwis to seduce the Titan Giant Ape. He was not moved at all. Xiao Wu worried about his identity and quietly took the Titan Giant Ape away. Up. Chaotianxiang, Dugu Goose and Meng Shu came afterwards, seeing that Tang San’s spider feet had penetrated into his bones, it was impossible to pull them out. Meng Shu wanted to kill Tang San in order to avoid future troubles, Ning Rongrong rushed to stop him and moved out. Meng Shu had no choice but to let go of his father’s identity as the suzerain.

Tang San finally woke up. He saw Xiao Wu was injured and unconscious, so he hurriedly took her back to the dormitory. Meng Shu, Chao Tianxiang and Dugu Yan came to Tang San and found that he was safe and sound, and successfully promoted to the three spirit rings, Chao Tianxiang bitterly asked what was the yellow-green smoke on Tang San, he was at a loss. After the grandparents left, Tang San suddenly remembered that the yellow-green smoke was the poison that Ye Zhiqiu had given him. He hurried to chase Chaotianxiang’s grandparents. They were long gone. Tang San suspected that Ye Zhiqiu’s bottle of medicine was not. Poison, otherwise he would be dead.

Hu Liena blocked Dai Mubai and forced him to talk about the family. Zhu Zhuqing hijacked Hu Liena from behind. Hu Liena kept saying that he wanted to know Dai Mubai, and Dai Mubai warned her to kill her next time.

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