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Be My Cat 我的宠物少将军 Episode 6 Recap

Mo Yuji also agreed with Xiao Mint’s guess. According to his judgment, he thought the murderer was small. While the prince was asleep, the murderer sneaked in from the window to steal the Red Soul Orb. Unexpectedly, the prince woke up and fought with the murderer. The murderer was forced to a corner by the prince, and for some reason he turned the battle around here. Knowing that there was one missing fish in the fish tank, Xiao Mint took a look and picked up the Red Soul Orb.

A woman next to her suddenly had sharp eyes, snatching the Red Soul Orb from Xiao Mint’s hand, and Mo Xiuran stunned after scratching her hand. The puppet sister told Mo Xiuran that the woman in the brothel should not be a koi, but a fish star on the edge of the Yuli Star Territory, who seemed to be of the same race as the koi. The puppet is sure that what she said is true, because she has traveled to the fish star.

Xiao Mint went to Mo Xiuran and found that his hand was also injured, guessing that this might be part of the master-servant contract. The puppet sister gave her medicine for wounds, and Mo Xiuran personally applied the medicine to Little Mint, telling her that Dongzhu was not a koi, but a fish star attracted by the red soul beads. After leaving the Red Soul Orb, the koi must rely on the energy of an adult man to maintain its human form, and Xiao Mint knows that the koi is very likely to be still boundless.

She wanted to visit Fengyue Boundlessly with Mo Xiuran, but Mo Xiuran would not allow her to commit any further risks. Little Mint was not so obedient, she went to find Mo Yuji to investigate the case. The two analyzed that today is the Chinese Valentine’s Day, according to the murderer’s law of committing crimes, it is very likely that the crime will be committed today.

Little Mint and Mo Yuji pretended to be lovers to make dough, Luo Feng also pretended to be women, and came here with Mo Xiuran. Mo Xiuran quickly found Mo Yuji and Xiao Mint, following them, and seeing that Xiao Mint was going to thread a needle with Mo Yuji, he deliberately walked over to cut off their needles and threads. Not long afterwards, there was a blast of singing, and a bewitched man followed the singing. Xiao Mint and Mo Yuji also caught up.

After knocking out the man, they found the woman in red. After her veil was wiped off, Mo Yuji discovered that she was her former maid Nianxia. An old slave came out and said that Madam Yu found that Nianxia liked Mo Yuji, so she was taken away. Unexpectedly, she was sent to the brothel. She was still defiled after she had been innocent for a year, and she couldn’t think of throwing her into the lake. Suicide.

Mo Yuji went to question Madam Yu, and when faced with her son’s question, Madam Yu slapped him with anger. Mo Xiuran didn’t allow Xiaomint to spend the Qiao Qiao Festival with other men, let alone laugh at other men. Mo Xiuran arrogantly took her back to the cattery and tied her a cat bell. From now on, he could do everything within a radius of ten miles. Hear.

Xiaomint asked if the sewing of Qiqiao Festival was something he did, and Mo Xiuran deliberately turned back to the cat to avoid Xiaomint’s questioning. Princess Nanpingwan will also participate in the action of catching the koi, and Mo Xiuran agreed, but in his own way. Mo Xiuran sent someone to post a notice in the city saying that the Red Soul Orb was going to be auctioned. The Koi really came to steal the Red Soul Orb that day. Although she did not show up, Mo Xiuran saw through this trick.

Everyone chased the koi, and the koi repeatedly escaped. Mo Xiuran asked Luo Feng to protect Little Mint well. He chased the koi by himself, and was confused by her singing and fell into a hallucination. The little mint hit the west, knocking out Luo Feng and looking for Mo Xiuran. After that, Xiao Mint was injured accidentally, but the pain also made Mo Xiuran sober.

Mo Xiuran absorbed the energy of the Blue Soul Orb to defeat the Koi, and then hurriedly took Xiao Mint back to let Mo Yuji and Princess Nanpingwan clean up the mess. . Before his death, the Koi consciousness left, Nianxia said something to Mo Yuji and died, and the Koi also returned to the Blue Soul Orb.

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