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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 24 Recap

Concubine Yang had changed the costume of the bird and the phoenix long ago, and deliberately delayed outside the palace gate. She wanted to wait for all the civil and military officials and the harem to enter, and she would appear in front of everyone alone, with this bird. Chaofeng’s beautiful costumes made a brilliant appearance to demonstrate her status in the harem. Yang Fei saw that the time had come, and everyone was eagerly waiting for the mid-size model to come in.

Li Shimin could tell at a glance that the costume she wore was very special. It was sewn with peacock feathers. Yang Fei publicly informed Wu Cairen about the black shape, saying that Wu Cairen specially made a peony-patterned dress for the Bon Society, and used it specially. Jin silk and Tianshan jade, she deliberately delayed to show up, just want to be sensational, dominate the coquettish.

Wu Cairen was late, and Li Shimin was very dissatisfied. He couldn’t wait to ask about the peony-patterned dress. Wu Cairen calmly explained the reason. The Bon Festival was originally the day to pay tribute to the deceased. She specially asked Ku Di Liuli sews a dress with a peony pattern that Empress Changsun liked during her lifetime, and personally sends it to Empress Changsun’s palace for enshrinement, so she arrives late.

Li Shimin was full of praise for her approach and found that Wu Cairen only wore a very simple and plain dress. Wu Cairen did not want to be too extravagant in such a solemn day, so he asked Kudi Liuli to make this simple and elegant one. In the dress, Li Shimin looked at Concubine Yang’s Bainiao Chao Fenghua’s clothes more and more, and punish her to return to Gong to think about it.

Concubine Yang deliberately knelt outside the hall, trying to regain Li Shimin’s favor with a bitter trick. The more she knelt there, the more angry she became. She wanted to show off the Wu talent in public, but she did not expect to steal the limelight. Concubine Yang knelt for a long time before Li Shimin called her in to be held accountable.

Concubine Yang pushed all the blame on Zhuo Jinniang. Li Shimin pointed out to her face that she should not wear a dress with the pattern of the bird and the phoenix, and also killed her in order to obtain feathers. Concubine Yang was so frightened that she begged for mercy again and again, but Li Shimin didn’t buy it at all and fined her to return to the palace to reflect.

Today is July 15th, according to the etiquette and customs, Wu Cai prepared two lotus lamps to guide the deceased and sent them to the mourning hall of Empress Changsun himself. He also knelt down on the spot and begged Empress Changsun to bless Li Shimin and Li Zhi. Li Zhi was outside the door. Hearing these words, my heart was enthusiastic. Empress Longsun was Li Zhi’s biological mother, and he expressed his gratitude to Wucai.

In fact, Wu Cai people came to worship Empress Changsun, deliberately to show them to the prince. She hated all kinds of calculations in the palace, but today she offended Concubine Yang. She went this trip to save her life. Wu Cai people concluded Li Shimin She will be summoned soon. She doesn’t want to miss this good opportunity, but wants to completely overthrow the deep-rooted Concubine Yang in the harem.

Concubine Yang broke into the Shangfu Bureau in a rage and called all the embroidered women together and furious. Lin Shangfu believed that this was Zhuo Jinniang’s fault. Zhuo Jinniang argued in every possible way and pushed all the blame to Kudi Liuli. Body. The king served Li Zhi’s order to give Kudi Liuli snacks. Seeing Zhuo Jinniang planting and framing Kudi Liuli, worried that she would be punished, he hurried back to report to Li Zhi.

Kudi Liuli explained in detail the reason why she chose the bird and phoenix pattern. Concubine Yang didn’t appreciate it at all. Zhuo Jinniang took the opportunity to fan the flames. Concubine Yang wanted to pull Kudi Liuli down and punished him in time. Thanks to Li Zhi’s timely arrival. When Kudi Liuli relieved the siege, Li Zhi made it clear that he came to thank Kudi Liuli for sewing clothes for the queen, but Yang Fei refused to forgive her, insisting that Kudi Liuli deliberately framed her and let her be punished by Li Shimin.

Ku Di Liuli defended her. Concubine Yang was so angry that she gritted her teeth. Li Zhi stated that she wanted to protect Ku Di Liuli. Concubine Yang ordered Zhuo Jinniang to be pulled down and beaten up. Zhuo Jinniang was so frightened that she begged for mercy.

As expected by Wu Cairen, Li Shimin sent people overnight to call Wu Cairen to speak with him. Since the death of the eldest grandson, Li Shimin had loved Concubine Yang the most. If it were not for the opposition of the ministers, Concubine Yang would have been sealed. , Unexpectedly, Concubine Yang has become completely unrecognizable now, and today she has done such a bold and arrogant thing. Li Shimin has always been thinking about Empress Longsun in his heart, thanking Wu Cairen for fulfilling his wish.

In order to please Li Shimin, Wu Cairen sang the “Spring Outing Song” written by Empress Changsun on the spot. Wu Cairen’s melodious and sweet singing deeply touched Li Shimin. He was touched by the scene and couldn’t help but think of the good time of spring outing with Empress Changsun, Li Shimin. Tears filled his eyes with excitement.

Concubine Yang lost to Wu Cairen, was punished by Li Shimin, and was confronted by Li Zhi in public. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became. As soon as she returned to the palace, she lost her temper and beat her hysterically. The court lady Danqing kindly persuaded her. Persuaded her to plan for Li Ming. Concubine Yang did not expect that Li Zhi would defend a small medical officer in this way. She sent Dan Qing to watch Kudi Liuli. That night, Pei Xingjian asked Kudi Liuli to meet at Yixin Palace, and specially prepared a lamp to commemorate the deceased, and let Kudi Liuli pay homage to his mother.

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