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To Be With You 约定 Episode 8 Recap

When there was a problem with construction safety, Chen Youwei and Xu Yihang thought about the ultimate goal of the training. Sure enough, as expected by the two of them, after the training, Xiao Nan took everyone to the conference room. The screen behind him was divided into three types of assessment results. All welders on the red list were classified as unqualified, and Xu Yihang was found to be false. The crisis was completed by luck, so points were deducted.

In the next few days, someone faced elimination one after another. The original large team of dozens of people will only have a dozen people left in the later stage. These people have successfully passed the safety awareness training and assessment and are about to enter the next stage of learning. In this dangerous simulation theme test made for construction risks, many people were eliminated. Because Chen Youwei did not lose points, he proudly showed off, but he did not expect that Xu Yihang was already studying the construction plan of Daxing Airport.

However, Chen Youwei is a scumbag and doesn’t know much about what Xu Yihang is studying, so every time he is studying hard, he will be disturbed in various ways, whether it is eating in the middle of the night or playing games with friends with his mobile phone. Xu Yihang couldn’t stand the noise of Chen Youwei, so he went out with the drawings.

Xiao Nan sent papers to everyone. However, everyone was a welder and didn’t understand the physical knowledge in the books. Fortunately, Chen Youwei had heard Xu Yihang mention this knowledge, so he was amazed at his ability to predict a prophet. Xu Yihang explained to Xiao Nan that only by analyzing the principle of the hollow ball can Daxing International Airport be better constructed.

After understanding the knowledge that needs to be added, everyone followed Xiao Nan to the machine tool workshop to test the hollow ball welding. Xiao Nan admired Xu Yihang’s ability, so he reminded him to try to get in touch with Chen Youwei. The two people are more complementary regardless of their knowledge and personality. If you can become a partner, there will be a truth that one plus one is greater than two.

Chen Youwei demonstrated how to make hollow balls in public, but in Xiao Nan’s eyes, he is undoubtedly spending national materials to show off his skills. It was precisely because Xu Yihang did not let Chen Youwei step down, so that Chen Youwei was deducted five hundred wages. Originally, Chen Youwei was still frustrated about this matter, and couldn’t help but question Xu Yihang, but he accidentally awakened the problem that Xu Yihang could not solve.

Chen Youwei was tossed in the middle of the night, and when he woke up, he saw Xu Yihang exercising. According to Xu Yihang, only with a healthy body can he complete the project better. In the days that followed, the two people basically helped each other in work and life, both in rivalry and appreciation for each other.

In the blink of an eye, it came to the third stage, when Xiao Nan issued an assessment of extreme physical fitness. Xu Yihang and Chen Youwei, who had done their homework early, had the advantage, but the others were out of breath. After this period of contact, Chen Youwei no longer has prejudice against Xu Yihang, but wants to follow him to supplement his knowledge, and the relationship has improved a lot.

Soon, Xiao Nan announced that everyone has passed the tests and formally joined the construction project of Daxing International Airport. In the coming time, everyone will work together to build a new benchmark for the world’s airport. Daxing International Airport has a total construction area of ​​1.4 million square meters. The single-story area of ​​the main terminal is equivalent to the bird’s nest area. Therefore, the project is huge enough to build two Liaoning aircraft carriers, but Xiao Nan requires everyone to complete it within four years. project.

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