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To Be With You 约定 Episode 7 Recap

Chen Youwei, as his name suggests, is young and promising. He was once the champion of the welding project in the World Skills Competition, but now he lost in the welding training base. Just when he was wondering whether the evaluation result was fair, a letter came from Xiao Gui The invitation letter made him suddenly realize.

As a senior welding technician, Xiao Nan’s most important task is to find excellent welding talents, form a top domestic technical team, and recommend to Manager Hou one of her highly valued masters, that is, Chen Youwei, who has been notified.

The World Skills Competition is the world’s most influential vocational skills competition. It can be called a Skills Olympiad. The content covers construction and technology, information and communication technology, manufacturing and engineering technology. At that time, Chen Youwei was selected as the representative of China because of his superb skills, so he participated in the welding competition, regardless of the scores, the overall strength was the first.

Although Xiao Nan praised Chen Youwei very highly, but Chen Youwei demanded too much of himself. It was precisely because he lost to David in the high-altitude welding competition last year that he failed to win the all-around championship, so he became a demon. , Always brood. Chen Youwei wanted to fight again and planned to push down Xiao Nan’s key project, so he pretended to be injured and appeared in a wheelchair, falsely claiming that he accidentally broke his leg three days ago and couldn’t get into the project at all.

Xiao Nan saw through Chen Youwei’s cautious thinking at a glance, but did not directly reveal it, but instead called another “newcomer” Xu Yihang who had high expectations for her. Chen Youwei is no stranger to this tall and thin teenager, because he was his most powerful competitor last year and was supposed to be the favorite to win the championship, but unfortunately he retired due to injury, and the contest between the two came to an abrupt end. .

Through Xu Yihang’s report to Xiao Nan, Chen Youwei learned that Xu Yihang actually defeated Dawei with excellent results just now. Especially this project is to build Beijing Daxing International Airport. This is the responsibility of everyone in the construction industry. Dreaming, thinking of the previous undecided game, instantly ignited his fighting spirit.

Because under Chen Youwei’s solemn promise, Xiao Nan no longer cares too much. After all, he and Xu Yihang are rare talents, one is the experience school, the other is the academic school, coupled with such complementary personalities, definitely will Is an extremely suitable partner. Xiao Nan deliberately assigned Chen Youwei a task, which was a small punishment and a big admonishment. If he didn’t attack his arrogance first, the team might not be able to lead it well.

Chen Youwei feels that as long as the task is completed, the work can be started. He does not realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg before the start of work. Xiao Nan split Chen Youwei and Xu Yihang in the same dormitory. The two people are not familiar with each other, and there is not much time to develop their feelings. The next step is to face assessment.

The first level of assessment is to let everyone go to their own venues to train weak subjects. Xu Yihang’s weakness is hole pressure welding, as for Chen Youwei’s high-altitude welding, and everyone else is appropriately assigned. However, just as everyone arrived in the experience area in an orderly manner, Chen Youwei noticed that there was a potential safety hazard on the platform during the ascent. As a result, there was no response on the intercom and he had to continue.

At the same time, Xu Yihang was also in danger of collapsing at the entrance of the cave. He rushed out as soon as the alarm sounded, but ran halfway to realize that something was wrong, and simply turned back to make up for the mistake. After the training was over, everyone got together to chat. It turned out that everyone had problems in the experience area, including Chen Youwei’s direct free fall on the external platform. Fortunately, it didn’t matter.

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