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To Be With You 约定 Episode 6 Recap

On the last day of work, Ma Da took the initiative to apply to stay on duty. He and everyone were busy from the night of the 29th of the twelfth lunar month to the early morning of the 30th of the twelfth lunar month. It was not until the morning that they packed their things and walked out of the police station gate. Originally, Ma Da wanted to sue Xiao Liu and Da Zhou, and he was even ready to cry. He didn’t expect that people would patronize Huang Chuangmao to interrogate Huang Chuangmao, leaving him in the same place with a bewildered expression.

Since my parents learned that Ma Da and Tangtang could not successfully testify, they were really anxious and impatient. They simply rushed from their hometown in Tianjin to Huanzhou City. They successfully met with Tangtang’s parents and planned to discuss with her relatives how to rectify the succession. The “unfilial son” Ma Da, who never goes home for the New Year, expresses his anger on behalf of his prospective son Tangtang.

At this time, Da Zhou was tracking down ten boxes of missing second kicks. According to Huang Juanmao’s description, he immediately targeted the fried chicken stall owner Zhan Rong, and with the help of Ma Da, he was successfully captured and brought to justice. As a result, as soon as Ma Da returned to his room, he suddenly received a roll of paper thrown out of the window. The content was that the Nian Beast would set off firecrackers again on the 30th.

In fact, Zhan Rong is indeed not a Nian Beast, he is like a child who has not grown up, insisting on fighting his parents to the end and fulfilling his fitness dream. Ma Da came to the interrogation room to remind Da Zhou that he had caught the wrong person, so the two calculated based on the scrolls of handwriting that the actual age of the Nian Beast should be around sixty years old. As a result, they accidentally opened the breakthrough where the Nian Beast was and restored the true face of the Nian Beast.

Seeing the Nian Beast Zheng Yi appeared in front of everyone, Ma Ma and Da Zhou understood his true purpose of setting off firecrackers through communication. Zheng Yi admired his uncle Zheng Jun very much, and he especially liked to hear him tell the heroic deeds of repelling the enemy in the high artillery battalion. Later, Zheng Yi followed his family to the northwest and completely disconnected from Huanzhou. At the funeral of Jun’s son, I finally saw the uncle who was already windy.

In order to restore consciousness to Zheng Jun who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Zheng Yi wanted to create a shelling effect with the sound of two kicks, and wanted to prepare ten boxes of two kicks to simulate the battlefield on the night of New Year’s Eve. Picture, including scenes of fireworks show. Ma Da and Da Zhou were deeply moved, and after the approval of the director, they decided to help Zheng Jun complete the agreement with his sacrificed comrades, and draw a successful conclusion to the old year.

All members of the police station made preparations intensively, and finally solved the manpower and transportation problems smoothly during the Great Week. As night approached, both the neighbors and the workers who were sticking to the front-line posts were all waiting for the countdown. Da Zhou took Xiao Liu on duty on the roadside, and residents living nearby sent a box of dumplings. They felt extremely warm in their hearts.

Ma Da can’t accompany his family to a reunion dinner. He has a more important task, which is to receive Zheng Jun’s uncle and nephew to the prepared venue in advance. Seeing a row of fireworks and cannons by the river, Zheng Yi was full of emotion, and then talked about a secret that was not known to outsiders. At that time, Zheng Jun’s family ranked the youngest and the oldest, and the age was similar to the two sons of the eldest brother’s family. During the War of Resistance against U.S. Aid Korea, the three of them signed up to join the army together. Unfortunately, their two sons died in the Korean battlefield. In order to make up for the debt, Zheng Jun passed his son Zheng Yi to Big brother, the relationship between father and son becomes uncle and nephew.

For Zheng Yi, his second kick is not only to awaken Zheng Jun’s memory, but also to let him know that there is a biological son in this world. Ma Da understands Zheng Yi’s difficulties. With the help of everyone, he finally achieved Zheng Jun’s inner consummation with a loud report and firecrackers, and he remembered every bit of the year.

Under the fireworks and thousands of lights, everyone is witnessing this gorgeous scene, both having company and looking forward to company. Tangtang knows that Madam loves her career, so she no longer forces her to resign. Instead, she is willing to accommodate her loved ones and apply for transfer to a kindergarten in his jurisdiction.

All the police officers from the police station gathered for a New Year’s Eve dinner. Unexpectedly, Ma Da came with Tangtang. He was wearing a police uniform and with the permission of the director, he finally returned to the team. In the rest of his life, he will defend this profession with his life, especially the promise of serving the people.

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