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To Be With You 约定 Episode 5 Recap

In the impression of others, the love relationship between Su Ting and Da Zhou should be a certain fact. Because of this, the third aunt asked Su Ting to introduce her to Da Zhou because her oranges were not selling well, hoping that the prospective uncle of the Su family could help find a market. Seeing that the third aunt came with hope, she would never let people go home again. Da Zhou, based on the principle of serving the people, simply made a promise.

After all the previous misunderstandings, Ma Da and Tangtang sat down calmly again, two days later. The candlelight dinner is now to soften the tempers of both parties and make the relationship between the two parties further. Tangtang knows that she has a lot of prejudice through the story of the father and son of the food delivery staff, and she is willing to tolerate her.

On the eve of the New Year’s Eve, the neighborhood was lively and festive. Ma Da felt this pleasant atmosphere, but there was a little sadness in the joy. If it is the cause, it is the police uniform that cannot be removed. Uncle Ge tore open an old calendar, and now it was the countdown to the new year. He knew that the motor would move away soon, so he hurriedly gave a painting as a gift before parting.

Uncle Ge has lived here for a long time. He likes to grow flowers and grass, and then teaches himself oil painting. There is a son under his knees, who is basically an excellent talent that everyone praises. In the past, Ma Da never saw his son show up, and he did not go home even during the Chinese New Year. Only now did he understand that some people have dedicated their time and youth to the motherland, and they always owe their family a lot.

Xiao Dan’er followed the community aunts to show condolences everywhere, and her personality was much more open than before. She was able to get out of the autistic world, thanks to Ma’s help, so she took a gift to the police station to express her gratitude. At this time, a fire broke out in the Qiandangfan supermarket in the area under the jurisdiction of Mada. According to detailed investigations, it was found that the fire was caused by fireworks. At first, the boss was unwilling to cooperate and refused to admit that the firecrackers were hidden. Only then did I realize the seriousness of the matter.

The boss took the initiative to confess and provided clues to the WeChat group. This matter attracted the attention of the sub-bureau. The director was very excited and encouraged all police officers to strive to complete the task before the end of the year. They must win glory for the Nanguan Police Station. The progress of Ma Da’s resignation was once again hindered. He and everyone took turns watching the WeChat group in front of the screen, waiting for the other boss to reply.

As Da Zhou was looking for sales channels for the third aunt, he personally came forward to entertain the farmers and wholesalers. Su Ting was deeply moved after seeing Da Zhou saddling the horse for them. Originally, Da Zhou was going to replace alcohol with beverages, but accidentally drank liquor and then missed participating in the investigation of firecracker factories.

Ma Da and Xiao Liu first rushed to the hiding place with the supermarket owner. However, the couple was too cautious. Seeing two strange new faces, they directly offered to take a 100,000 deposit before requesting the goods. Xiao Liu had no experience, and he failed completely for the first time. Ma Da slipped into the courtyard at night and found that several people were packing inferior kicks.

Da Zhou was late in coming, and people were drunk too drunk. He didn’t even remember that he still had a task. Instead, he unscrupulously expressed his inner feelings and confessed his unwillingness to leave Maada. In the evening, Ma Ma assisted Da Zhou to the hospital for IV drip and learned the ins and outs of the matter from Su Ting.

Although Da Zhou had a drinking accident and was scolded by the director, he insisted on participating in the task of destroying the firecracker factory. As a result, the reality was far more boring than imagined. The so-called participation is actually guarding the intersection for other branch police officers and watching other police officers. The officer catches the prisoner. Reports about this case were broadcast on TV. The Nanguan Police Station of Yangting Branch made the first contribution. The director felt bright on his face and took all the police officers to hold a celebration banquet. First of all, he nominated and commended Ma Da Zhou.

Nai He Ma Da’s resignation letter has been approved by the branch, and he only needs to make up his mind to sign it, which means that this team with collective honor is no longer as complete as it once was. Everyone felt uncomfortable and didn’t say anything, especially when Da Zhou saw the atmosphere low, even if he was more reluctant than anyone else, he still took the lead in becoming active. Taking advantage of the moment, I proposed that everyone take a memorable group photo together.

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