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To Be With You 约定 Episode 4 Recap

Nanguan dispatched all 40,000 to 50,000 permanent residents, but only 14 or 5 policemen were on duty. They were on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They all said that the grassroots police are a safe haven for the people. For the grassroots police, their families are the real harbor.

Now, the director is racking his brains to repair the harbor. On the 27th of the twelfth lunar month, he took the initiative to send two errands to Ma and Da Zhou. The first is to help Lao Zhangren retrieve the crocodile belt that was lost in the Yuqing pool bathhouse, and the second is to assist the pork supplier to replenish the New Year’s assured meat for the residents of the district.

However, before resolving these two matters, Ma Da and Da Zhou represented the Nanguan Police Station and, under repeated instructions from the director, took a few boxes of gifts to Yichun Park to show condolences to the community. Not knowing that the director had other plans, he specially notified the old man in the park to wait for the surprise, but he didn’t turn around on Monday and gave a special gift to Director Li. It wasn’t until he saw the director’s old man that he completely realized it.

My best friend finds that Tangtang frequently makes calls to unfamiliar numbers, especially when the other party hasn’t picked up. Tangtang was worried about the relationship between the two and the little boy because he couldn’t get in touch with the takeaway father and son. It didn’t take long for the little boy to call the phone back and he was ready to return the clothes to Tangtang.

According to the address sent by the other party, Tangtang found a dilapidated house. He happened to see the deliveryman coming out of the house holding his injured and disabled wife. A family of three packed Dangdang’s luggage and planned to take the train back before New Year’s Eve. Home. Tangtang learned about the plight of the takeaway father and son, and was a little bit sad. At the same time, he dispelled his previous worries. In particular, he received the paper-cut paintings sent to him by the takeaway wife, and finally understood the responsibilities of Ma Da as a policeman.

The director heard that Da Zhou had given the gift to the wrong person, and he was so angry that he hated iron and steel, so the two of them immediately continued to trace the Nian Beast. After a detailed investigation, Motor and Da Zhou identified the crocodile belt as a key clue, and found that the person who stole the belt was actually Yellow Curly. Sure enough, Huang Chuangmao received a note at home, asking him to go to the chapel and fire the cannon. He didn’t notice that someone was following him until he got the stolen goods and was taken back to the police station on the spot.

Huang Juanmao really confessed to stealing the belt, but he insisted on denying that he was a Nian beast, and then he explained the cause and effect, which went back to the twenty-third of the twelfth lunar month four days ago. Huang Chuangmao just walked by the phone at the veteran fried chicken shop that day, but didn’t want to be discovered by the shopkeeper. In fact, the shopkeeper is a strange thing. No matter how valuable the watch is, he threatens him to kick him.

Since then, Huang Juanmao has received the note every three to five times. First he bought the second kick at Qiangwanfan supermarket, and then set off according to the location on the note. As a result, the cabinet where the two kicks and paper slips were stored at home was completely empty. Even the supermarket owner and the fried chicken stall owner refused to admit it.

Facing a series of magical operations in front of him, Huang Juanmao even began to doubt himself. He could only let Da Zhou instruct Xiao Liu to go to detention and stay in the detention center to reflect on the world seriously. For example, when the beast was arrested this year, Ma Da submitted his resignation report again, and just decided to have a romantic candlelight dinner in the restaurant. Who knew Qiangzi rushed to call the police, claiming that someone had taken away his wife Wu Sancui.

This person is not someone else, but his brother-in-law Wu Ergui. Because of his abusive gambling, coupled with improper conduct, Qiangzi is neither willing to contact him, including the previous unspeakable hiding, but also from Wu Ergui secretly selling black fodder, causing problems Pork flows into the market. Originally, Qiangzi wanted to take away the money from selling pigs to compensate everyone, but Wu Ergui was chasing all the way from his hometown, forcing Qiangzi to hand over the money.

Seeing that Wu Ergui is not hesitating to sell wild animals and breaking the law in order to make a lot of money, Wu Sancui decides to contact the police secretly, hoping to make his brother repent. According to the news sent by Wu Sancui, Ma Ma and Da Zhou told Qiang Zi to lead Wu Ergui to the meeting place. In the end, Wu Ergui was arrested. In addition to the next jail sentence, there was also his sister’s heartfelt expectation that he would wait for him to be released no matter how long.

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