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To Be With You 约定 Episode 3 Recap

Da Zhou quickly rubbed out the sparks in the palm of his hand, and finally waited for the boss’s checklist and registration phone number. However, just before Da Zhou left, a reckless man with a lucky cat tattooed on his back went to the boss to settle the account. The reason was that Da Zhou’s scrubbing technique was good, but the force was too strong, so he turned the cat into a pig. Not very insulting and extremely strong, the boss sees this situation, and his heart is miserable.

Under the light lens, I took a picture of a marriage for proof, red background and white shirt. The young man had a happy smile on his face, and he was so happy that he would go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register when the picture was washed out. As soon as the voice fell off, a phone call from the police station called Ma Da directly. The director heard that Qiqi had disappeared in the police station, and he was so angry that he roared on the spot.

Ma Da and Da Zhou mobilized nearby residents in the WeChat group to help find them, but Xiao Liu unexpectedly found the most suspicious Qiantang antique shop first. At first, the owner of the antique shop uttered wild words, claiming to be a person on the road, but when he met the policeman who was sweeping the evil and evil, he was completely impassive and sullenly took out the first-class merit he bought from Qiqi for five hundred yuan. medal.

After understanding, everyone knows that Qiqi’s father was a policeman, and died on New Year’s Eve three years ago in order to arrest prisoners. Since her mother was a conductor and couldn’t go home during the Chinese New Year, Qiqi wanted to buy a mobile phone capable of video calls, so she took away the medal that she thought was “valuable”.

From Qiqi’s perspective, as long as her mother saw the medal, she would cry. She didn’t realize that her mother’s tears did not originate from the medal, but her longing for Qiqi’s father and the sustenance of her soul. The director and others were deeply touched by this, and they solemnly saluted and thanked the police wife for her selfless dedication and greatness.

By the time Ma was busy with everything and rushed to the Civil Affairs Bureau, it was almost time for get off work. Coincidentally, there was a power outage in the community at this moment, which made Tangtang, who was already full of resentment, burst out of dissatisfaction, and turned around on the spot. On the other side, Da Zhou was investigating the Nian Beast. It could be said that he entered and exited Yuqing Pond three times, but received news that Qiqi had been involved in a car accident that day.

The two rushed to the hospital and found that Qiqi’s situation was not optimistic. The only person who could perform the operation was Su Ting’s teacher. Unfortunately, they are currently at Northeast Medical University. In the end, Su Ting, on the proposal of Ma Da and Da Zhou, decided to connect the video with the teacher through the 5G network, and with the help of him and all the experts and professors, successfully completed the operation and survived the dangerous period.

The sunset on February 6 finally ended in a beautiful and consummation, and then a brand new day was ushered in. Ma Da explained to his parents the reason for the failure of obtaining the certificate. But in the eyes of the old couple, the power outage of the Civil Affairs Bureau was like the dryness of the Yellow River. Explain, but think that there are other reasons.

Tangtang pulled Heimada’s WeChat account and went to her girlfriends alone to complain. Just as she was angry and broke up, she did not expect that the news of reporters interviewing Ma Da Zhou and Da Zhou was broadcast on TV, so she understood the real reason why Ma was late. On the way back, Tangtang saw a Mercedes-Benz car owner and his son verbally verbalizing each other, because she had an inherent sense of justice in her bones, so she was fighting the injustice between the father and son of the takeaway.

The owner of the car consciously made a mistake, and left first. Tangtang suggested that the delivery staff take her son to the hospital first. However, the delivery staff did not take this matter to heart and left in a hurry. Before leaving, she responded to Tangtang’s request and left her phone number. She was marked as “suspicious father”.

Because the owner of the bathhouse made a mistake in checking the phone number, the “intimidation and intimidation” on the big week finally let the boss relax and personally help him find out the true body of the Nian Beast. Unexpectedly, the Nian Beast was actually the elder’s father-in-law and was a second-level police inspector senior. Because of this oolong incident, Da Zhou felt that his police career was completely ruined. Thanks to his broad-mindedness, he didn’t care too much.

Originally, to celebrate the rest of his life after the catastrophe, Da Zhou took Ma Hu to eat and drink, but he suddenly received a text message from the director asking them to report to the office at six tomorrow morning. The meaning was unknown and most of the scary elements. Make Da Zhou regret not the beginning.

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