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The Penthouse 2: War in Life (2021) 펜트하우스2

The Penthouse 2: War in Life (2021)
Other Title: 펜트하우스2, The Penthouse S2 , Penteu Hauseu 2 , The Penthouse Season 2 , Penteuhauseu Sijeun 2 , The Penthouse: War in Life 2 , The Penthouse Ⅱ : War in life , 펜트하우스 II , 펜트하우스 시즌2

Genres: Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Drama, Family
South Korea
Joo Dong Min
Kim Soon Ok
Release Date: 
Feb 19, 2021 – Mar 27, 2021
Related Show:

  • The Penthouse: War in Life (Korean prequel)
  • The Penthouse 3 : War in Life (Korean sequel)


  • Lee Ji Ah as Shim Soo Ryun
  • Kim So Yeon as Cheon Seo Jin
  • Eugene as Oh Yoon Hee
  • Uhm Ki Joon as Joo Dan Tae
  • Yoon Jong Hoon as Ha Yoon Chul
  • Shin Eun Kyung as Kang Ma Ri

Special video and teaser information that can be inferred from season 1 to interrupted status with the winner, with a thousand westward seems to be drawn is that this process behave more vicious gradually mired. And that seemed to have died ohyunhui was confirmed in survival teaser lost his mother at one point seasons comments Sir, doubling or between tougher still, and Yoon- cheol Ha and Joo-hoon Joo , who have been expelled to the United States, also return for revenge. Logan Lee appears to be the only guardian of her daughter, Barona, with the guilt that caused Oh Yoon-hee to die. Morgue at the endShim Su- ryun was treated as dead by Ju Dan-tae in season 1, although his hand moved in.It is likely to be.

The scene of the script reading was revealed, and all other main characters appeared, but there is no Ji-ah Lee as Shim Su-ryun.

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