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Exquisite Wolf Heart (2021) 玲珑狼心

Ling Long Lang Xin (2021)
Other Title: 玲珑狼心, 玲珑狼心, Ling Long Lang Xin , The Double-Sided Girl, Exquisite Wolf Heart, Ling Long Wolf Heart

Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Danny Ko
Gao Linbao
Mango TV
Release Date: 
Feb 15, 2021
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  • Jason Koo as Yan Qing
  • Connie Kang as Ling Long
  • Mickey Zhao as Tong Ge
  • Peng Chu Yue as Yan Jue
  • Sheng Hui Zi as You Rou
  • Zhao Zi Qi as Tong Ge

While searching for her father, Ling Long was injured by a wolf and co-incidentally meets Yan Qing, son of the Grand Commandment. Yan Qing misunderstood Ling Long for a thief, and this sets their relationship on the wrong foot. Yan Qing turns out to be the son of Ling Long’s father’s close friend; and Ling Long takes residence in the Yan manor. However on the day she moves in, a theft case happens and Ling Long becomes the main suspect.

To prove her innocence, Ling Long begins to investigate the true culprit and in the process, finds out that her six senses has become increasingly acute due to the wolf bite. The new and different Ling Long attracts Yan Qing’s attention, and they began to fall in love. However, the wolf bite has also triggered another personality in Ling Long, and she alternates between her fierce and violent persona and her usual gentle one. Yan Qing attempts to appease her with his gentleness. Under Yan Qing’s help, Ling Long returns to normal. They work together to investigate the theft case, and finds a huge conspiracy lying behind it. Source: DramaWiki

“Linglong Wolf Heart” is adapted from a popular online comic of the same name. The comic has won special funding support from the Central Cultural Industry Development. After its launch, the number of hits quickly exceeded 100 million, and the platform ranked first in the popularity list. It also relied on novel and unique character settings and fantasy and romantic storylines , Harvested many high sticky fans, unprecedented popularity.

On the basis of keeping the essence of the original work, the web drama “Linglong Wolf Heart” upgrades the emotional model of the male and female protagonists, and integrates the most interesting “sweet” and “shuang” sections of the comics into the script. The story is upgraded to a finely divided love mode. The heroine Linglong ( Corning ) has a human soul and a wolf soul living together. The two personalities are randomly switched to “pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger”.

The love offensive of the two heavens is refreshing and unstoppable. However, Yan Qing (played by Gu Jiacheng ) , the son of the male protagonist Xi Jue Taiwei , has the blood of the wolf clan and is a mystery. The two met because of a misunderstanding, but they gradually had a wonderful heart reaction. In getting along, Linglong is full of wolves, Yanqing loves deep roots, the emotional confrontation between human heart and wolf, what will happen to the fettered love…

In order to help her father Rong Jingfeng’s relief of the world, Rong Wei ran around to help him find the lost healing magical device “Chihua Zhu”. Unexpectedly, the world was dangerous, and she was helped by a man named Nalanyue who was in trouble for several times. As everyone knows, Nalanyue and Ronghua, as young masters of Lingxuge Pavilion, have inextricably linked family hatred, but the two who fell in love at first sight decided to abandon the family feud and use their sincerity to influence the grievances of the previous generation.

Unexpectedly, Rong Jingfeng was a hypocrite who wanted to harm the Nalan clan again for his own desires. At the same time, Nalanyue was forced to teach magic skills by the master of Mingjiao Mohuan, and almost went crazy, but Ronghua firmly believed that Nalanyue still had good intentions, so he silently guarded it until he regained his original intention. At that moment, people secretly promised, fighting together, not only eradicating Mingjiao, but also proclaiming Rong Jingfeng’s crimes to the world. Since then, Rongwei and Nalanyue have joined forces to fight the enemy and bring peace to the world.

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