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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 33 Recap

Zhang Xiaoyu and Wen Zhe were sitting on the side of the road talking. Zhang Xiaoyu hoped that Wen Zhe would find that there were too many girls like her when Wen Zhe stepped out of her circle, but Wen Zhe felt that there was only one Zhang Xiaoyu. Wen Zhe only considered fit, but Zhang Xiaoyu was not. Wen Zhe insisted on waiting for Zhang Xiaoyu to understand, but Zhang Xiaoyu still only wanted to be with Dante, even if she was injured, she would go down the path she chose. Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t want to procrastinate any more, she always regarded Wen Zhe as a good elder brother, they couldn’t possibly. Wen Zhe was sad and promised to be her eldest brother.

Wen Zhe hugged Octopus for the last time, and Octopus left with his injured foot, feeling a little relaxed. Fang Jing came to Zhang Xiaoyu, saying that she had many questions in her heart, and Lin Rui was not as upright as Zhang Xiaoyu thought. Fang Jing said that this time it was Lin Rui’s tactics. She was not replacing fakes at all. Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t believe it and got off the car and left. Fang Jing chased up and said that she could not find evidence, but she believed her own judgment, Zhang Xiaoyu could directly ask Lin Rui.

Zhang Xiaoyu left with questions, and Lin Rui returned home and heard the voice of an intermediary next door. The furniture in the house is still very new. Lin Rui was a little sad, and took away the floating bottle on the table when he left. In the drifting bottle was a letter to Lin Rui. Fortunately, Lin Rui still saw this letter. He said that Lin Rui is the woman he loves most in this life, and he is not sure that he can forget Lin Rui. From the very beginning, when I saw Lin Rui in the bar, Jin Xiaobei had a plan, but it failed. Maybe they really have no fate.

The next day, Zhang Xiaoyu came to Lin Rui to ask about the exchange. Lin Rui gave her fifteen minutes after thinking about it. Lin Rui said that what Fang Jing said was true. Fang Jing was led by her nose from beginning to end. She knew about the Xiuyan hyaluronic acid ampoule, so Lin Rui got it first. As for the surveillance video, Shu Wanting didn’t know. Zhang Xiaoyu is someone Lin Rui trusts, but he is not mature enough, so Lin Rui hasn’t told her yet.

Lin Rui had long suspected that there was a rape in one of them, and the reason why he confirmed it was when Ling Xiaoxiao told her, this is also the reason why Ling Xiaoxiao was able to retreat all over. Zhang Xiaoyu was shocked when she heard that, she didn’t understand why Ling Xiaoxiao was. Lin Rui told her that Ling Xiaoxiao was shaken when she knew that Alan was standing in line. The last straw that overwhelmed her was Fang Jing who asked her to win Tan Weilun.

Zhang Xiaoyu suddenly understood everything. Sophie was Ling Xiaoxiao’s name, but she didn’t expect Cai Cai to be in this game. Lin Rui told Zhang Xiaoyu the whole truth, and Zhang Xiaoyu asked the last question. Fang Jing’s goods were all harmless, but why was Justin allergic. Lin Rui said emotionally that her goal from the beginning was Fang Jing, not performance. Zhang Xiaoyu was sad. She didn’t want to see Lin Rui become Fang Jing. This was the price Lin Rui paid for her ideals. She really couldn’t understand. Lin Rui was also very angry. She didn’t need Zhang Xiaoyu’s understanding, and told her that if she couldn’t figure it out for a while, she could think about it slowly, but it should not affect her work.

Zhang Xiaoyu left Lin Rui’s office angrily, absent-mindedly during the meeting. Lin Rui proposed to adhere to the vertical management system. Although Mr. Mak supported him, the attitude of the Western District was still unclear. Mr. Mai could see that Lin Rui wanted to return to Wang Lei and promised to return Wang Lei to her. He is a talent. Cai Cai and Wang Lei both returned, and Wang Lei stayed in Lin Rui’s office for a long time. Ling Xiaoxiao understood that there would be major changes this time. Tan Weilun told Ling Xiaoxiao that he was going to the headquarters with Meng Fan for a meeting. He also revealed that Meng Fan supports vertical management, but he has not yet expressed his opinion to Lin Rui.

Zhang Xiaoyu has been depressed these days. She told Dong Xinran that she had broken up with Lin Rui, but she was not wrong. Mao Xiaofeng called and said that Dante had something wrong, and Zhang Xiaoyu hurried over. During the meeting, Dong Xinran helped Zhang Xiaoyuyuan lie and told her to come back quickly. Dante’s company went bankrupt overnight, because some company plagiarized their patents, but Dante refused to be acquired.

The latest batch of machines still had many quality problems, but I didn’t expect the factory to be bought by competitors, but Ding was annoyed and beat him up. When he returned to the company, he was told that they had been accused and the company was evacuated. Mao Xiaofeng couldn’t find Dante, so he could only call Zhang Xiaoyu. Zhang Xiaoyu was very worried and refused to go back to the company for a meeting, so Dong Xinran asked for a week of sick leave for herself.

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