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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 32 Recap

Lin Rui and Wen Zhe met and expressed their willingness to agree to Wen Zhe’s last request to stimulate Zhang Xiaoyu, but Wen Zhe has given up on this plan. Lin Rui prepared to leave in embarrassment. Wen Zhe guessed that she had something to help herself. Lin Rui asked Wen Zhe to help her show her affection in front of Jin Xiaobei. She wanted Jin Xiaobei to give up completely. Wen Zhe understood that Lin Rui was also afraid that he would sink too deep, so he agreed, but this scene was too ruthless to be useless for Zhang Xiaoyu. He asked for another show in front of Zhang Xiaoyu and also with his old classmates. Show it again in front of you.

Wen Zhe and Lin Rui were waiting for Jin Xiaobei at the bar. After Jin Xiaobei arrived, Wen Zhe signaled that the stinky fish could start planning. Wen Zhe kissed Lin Rui on the forehead in the public. Lin Rui was not satisfied and kissed Wen Zhe directly. .

Jin Xiaobei was angry when he saw this scene in the crowd, and the smelly fish was also embarrassed. Jin Xiaobei chased Lin Rui and left the bar. He knew that Lin Rui just wanted to give up his heart, and angrily said that starting from today, he would never be Lin Rui’s alternative. Lin Rui took a taxi and left with a thankful look, but the mood in the car was not as relaxed as he thought. Dante called and scolded Jin Xiaobei, saying that their talented and beautiful Jin Xiaobei shouldn’t join the fun as a spare tire, and Jin Xiaobei hung up the phone sadly.

Dante is very annoyed by the plagiarism of the machine. Jin Xiaobei is in a bad mood and warns Dante not to talk nonsense with himself. They didn’t have the time and energy to fight a lawsuit, so Jin Xiaobei decided to put up a lawsuit and sold the company. Ding was very angry when he heard this, and he would not sell it no matter how much money was given.

Jin Xiaobei patiently explained that it was a business model to sell an uncontrollable item in his hand and exchange for a controllable one, but Dante couldn’t listen to it at all, and the two again proposed to disband. Jin Xiaobei ran outside to be depressed, Zhang Xiaoyu hurriedly came to him and said that Dante had done something wrong. In fact, the octopus is much more mature than Dante, Jin Xiaobei lamented that Dante was blessed to meet the octopus. Jin Xiaobei refused to let Zhang Xiaoyu mention Lin Rui again. He said he was leaving Shanghai, waved his hand and left resolutely. Zhang Xiaoyu was very sad.

Wen Zhe came to the company to find Lin Rui and was hit by Zhang Xiaoyu. Zhang Xiaoyu was worried that Lin Rui would not allow him to harm Lin Rui. Wen Zhe promised Father Kim to help discipline Kim Xiaobei, but now he can’t find anyone. Wen Zhe gave Lin Rui his own information. He was going to attend a class reunion at Stanford, and his ex-girlfriend would also attend, so Lin Rui needed to help him spread dog food. Wen Zhe understood that Lin Rui was actually worried about Jin Xiaobei, but Lin Rui was still stiff.

Zhang Xiaoyu has always been at the front desk, and Lin Rui sent Wen Zhe out to show a very intimate look. Zhang Xiaoyu was very worried. Lin Rui clearly said that he would not like Wen Zhe, and it was because of this that Jin Xiaobei left, but Lin Rui decided to cut the mess quickly and let Jin Xiaobei leave his life.

Dante’s employees are about to quit, and Dante is very upset. Zhang Xiaoyu asks him to come out to drink together, but Dante asks him to look at the books. On the way, Zhang Xiaoyu received a call from Dong Xinran and said that something was wrong. She sang with Hilda’s king, but Mao Xiaofeng came over and beat him. Zhang Xiaoyu hurriedly hurried over.

After encountering a traffic jam, she had to get off first and found a shared bicycle on the side of the road. The king always wanted Mao Xiaofeng to apologize on his knees and call Lin Rui. Lin Rui had to leave the classmate meeting with Wen Zhe before receiving the call. Wen Zhe left because he heard the name of Zhang Xiaoyu on the phone.

Zhang Xiaoyu accidentally slapped his foot on the bicycle, and quickly told Dante that Mao Xiaofeng had an accident, but Dante thought that Zhang Xiaoyu had been beaten and went over quickly. Zhang Xiaoyu and President Da Wang chatted separately. Lin Rui and Wen Zhe came to ask about Dong Xinran’s situation. Dong Xinran said that Da Wang always sang and poses with her by using hands and feet. But when Mao Xiaofeng hit him with excitement. He hit.

At this time, Zhang Xiaoyu was arrogantly seeking justice in front of the Great King, because the King always wanted to fire Dong Xinran and Mao Xiaofeng had to kneel down to apologize, and Lin Rui was of course standing by Zhang Xiaoyu. The king was not afraid of the sky, but he didn’t expect that Wen Zhe recorded the sound, and the king could only leave in a silly way.

Wen Zhe was very worried when he saw Zhang Xiaoyu’s ankle, so he rushed to disinfect her with alcohol, and Lin Rui left with wink. Wen Zhe was holding the octopus and was going to the hospital, but Dante also rushed over, thinking that the octopus had lied to him, Wen Zhe threw the octopus into the car and went to the hospital without saying a word.

Dante gritted his teeth behind. . Wen Zhe and Zhang Xiaoyu confess that they are only acting with Lin Rui, and he has always liked Zhang Xiaoyu. Zhang Xiaoyu was stubborn and entered the hospital alone. Wen Zhe specially called for Director Hu to treat her, but fortunately, no bones were injured and no film was taken. Wen Zhe returned after taking the medicine, Zhang Xiaoyu had already left, and hurriedly chased out and gave her the medicine.

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