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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 31 Recap

The problem came back to the packer Zhang Wei. Lin Rui told him where he was hiding. Jin Xiaobei had just found him, and Sun Nana was confused when she was in a hurry. Sun Nana had to admit that everything was what she did. . Cai Cai went to see Sophie and told her that Zhang Wei was arrested and she would die with him. The only way to save herself was to tell the truth. Sun Nana claimed that everything was her own claim and no one instigated her, but Sophie reported that Fang Jing instructed her to do it. Lin Rui always knew what she did.

Cai Cai also said that as long as Sophie tells the truth to protect her stay. Sun Nana claimed that Sophie was lying and Alan wanted to hand over to the judicial department, but Fang Jing suddenly stood up and took on everything. Lin Rui also admitted that her people hadn’t caught Zhang Wei, this was just an empty plan. Fang Jing is still struggling, saying that she has never caused any harm to SW.

Everyone celebrated Lin Rui’s victory. Lin Rui didn’t come because he avoided suspicion. Justin booed and asked Zhang Xiaoyu to call Dante and Jin Xiaobei out for a drink. Zhang Xiaoyu called Dante but refused. Jin Xiaobei quickly took the phone and said that they were a little anxious when they encountered something, and asked her not to tell Lin Rui. The next day, Fang Jing and Sun Nana did not come, only Ling Xiaoxiao was still there.

Zhang Xiaoyu and Dong Xinran waited for the bosses to have a meeting with a heartbroken heart. After the meeting, Lin Rui called Zhang Xiaoyu to the office, and Yang announced that Lin Rui was officially appointed as the acting president of China. Fang Jing and Sun Nana left the company, and Sophie was transferred to the logistics department for a year. Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t understand why there were so many coincidences yesterday. Lin Rui said that she had a lot to do today.

Lin Rui came to the president’s office with mixed feelings. After thinking for a long time, she called Shu Wanting, and she did it. Shu Wanting is very pleased that she became the president in only ten years, allowing her to sit down on the ground, and Lin Rui’s next goal is the global president of SW. Ling Xiaoxiao went to see Lin Rui and said Fang Jing had a forum before if she needed to stop. Lin Rui asked her to send the plan to her mailbox. Now Ling Xiaoxiao has grown a lot more than before. She doesn’t like people who only play smart. , If Ling Xiaoxiao showed true ability, no matter who she had been with before, Lin Rui would use her as a talent.

There are no directors in the first and second sales department. Lin Rui said that he only looks at the performance and does not ask about the past. Zhang Xiaoyu started to deploy when he returned to the first one. Xiao Wen suddenly asked for leave to leave. Zhang Xiaoyu and Dong Xinran hurried to stop. Xiao Wen understood that Zhang Xiaoyu had a good performance, so she was very convinced, but why Ling Xiaoxiao, Zhang Xiaoyu quickly explained how Lin Rui could have let Xiao Wen down, if she really asked for leave, Lin Rui would be sad, Xiao Wen was confused and finally understood. . Dong Xinran was worried that Ling Xiaoxiao would add chaos to Lin Rui, but Xiao Wen understood that Lin Rui did things that they couldn’t see.

Lin Rui made Ling Xiaoxiao responsible for the implementation of the medical aesthetics forum, and Ling Xiaoxiao said that he would do it well. When Lin Rui asked about Xiao Wen’s situation, Zhang Xiaoyu said she had already figured it out. The person Lin Rui really wanted to train was Zhang Xiaoyu, and she also understood that Xiao Wen was Zhang Xiaoyu who helped her understand. Lin Rui went to Guangzhou on a business trip, and then Luo Guangming sent Lin Rui to the airport specially. He and many people in SW are very familiar with him, so he said that he helped Lin Rui’s career a lot.

Lin Rui doesn’t like playing games, she is not good at asking Luo Guangming to let her go. Suddenly Jin Xiaobei left the car and smashed the window, and also beat Luo Guangming, Lin Rui also missed the flight. Jin Xiaobei said that Luo Guangming was not serious, and Lin Rui was very angry, can’t she tell. Luo Guangming was willing to reconcile, and the police also let Lin Rui and Jin Xiaobei go.

The co-pilot put the waffles that Jin Xiaobei gave to Lin Rui. Lin Rui said that she had an order to sign when she graduated from university. The client asked her to put 20 waffles on the table. Lin Rui ate it and finally called herself. Went to the hospital. No one had ever rescued Lin Rui before, but it also proved that she never relied on a man, but today in Jin Xiaobei’s mouth, she has become a man. Lin Rui was very angry, and drove away, leaving Jin Xiaobei behind.

When Lin Rui returned home, Weiwei had already come to plead guilty. She also said that she would go to the interview in person next time. Lin Rui said that she did not want to marry. Weiwei asked Lin Rui why he didn’t accept Jin Xiaobei, and said that she felt distressed when Lin Rui was alone, but Lin Rui was about to die every day. Lin Rui admits that she likes Jin Xiaobei, and Weiwei doesn’t agree with Jin Xiaobei because she is afraid of injury. Weiwei and Lin Rui quarreled. Weiwei mentioned Lin’s mother, and Lin Rui mentioned her husband’s derailment. The two exposed each other’s scars and pointed directly at the sore spot, and Weiwei left in annoyance.

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