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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 30 Recap

Meng Fan called Lin Rui and Fang Jing to a meeting to investigate the exchange incident. Fang Jing believes that the scope of the investigation should be controlled so as not to affect tomorrow’s activities. At this time, I got news that there was a problem with the monitoring and I couldn’t look at it. Meng Fan was very angry. Lin Rui was not surprised. He also suggested that everyone do what they are doing first. Zhang Xiaoyu was worried that rechecking after the event would cause people to destroy the evidence.

Of course Lin Rui understood that Zhang Xiaoyu and himself should leave the company separately and then come back to check and monitor. Half an hour later, the two checked and monitored together and found the person who copied the virus. But this person is gone, Zhang Xiaoyu can only ask Dante for help, Jin Xiaobei said that he can let his uncle at customs investigate.

After finding this person’s account, Zhang Xiaoyu quickly came to Lin Rui, and the person who transferred the money to him was Sun Nana. Lin Rui asked Zhang Xiaoyu to do some other things to find out where the goods were replaced. Headquarters investigator Steven was already on his way. Octopus went to the Erbu stock area and quickly found the swapped goods and took pictures.

Zhang Xiaoyu did not hesitate to refuse the call from the headhunter, and soon received a call from a lady who said that she had commissioned the headhunting and wanted to meet her. Zhang Xiaoyu rushed over and found that this was Wen Zhe’s ex-girlfriend Selena. Zhang Xiaoyu refused to provide the position with an annual salary. She would not leave SW because she would be reinstated soon.

On New Year’s Eve, Jin Xiaobei came to Dante and asked him to ask Zhang Xiaoyu where Lin Rui was. Dante had an excuse to find Zhang Xiaoyu and quickly called the boat along the river, saying that half an hour later, we would join the New Year together. Zhang Xiaoyu took Jin Xiaobei and Dante back to the company. The results of this episode were very good.

There is already a trend of winning. Zhang Xiaoyu is very excited. Lin Rui didn’t say a word in the office, and the new year’s greetings from Mother Lin were displayed on his mobile phone. Jin Xiaobei dragged Lin Rui out of New Year’s Eve with everyone. Lin Rui told Zhang Xiaoyu that Alan was also here, and all conclusions were about to come.

The next day, the sun rose again, and Zhang Xiaoyu walked into the company building nervously. Lin Rui and Fang Jing drew their swords when they met. Fang Jing said that if he lost, he would stay, but the request was to report directly to Meng Fan. Lin Rui filed an accusation against the second department, and the company wanted to investigate the second department, and Fang Jing was very dissatisfied. Lin Rui elaborated on his inference and evidence, and Zhang Xiaoyu asked Sun Nana to come to the meeting.

Zhang Xiaoyu asked Sun Nana and the packer Zhang Wei, and also showed her and Zhang Wei’s transfer records. Sun Nana said that this matter can be explained, saying that Zhang Wei and her mother from the same hometown had cancer, so she went to Fang Jing for advance payment. Fang Jing lent her the year-end bonus in her personal name. Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t believe it. Fang Jing tried to claim that Lin Rui was arrogant and framed.

Lin Rui immediately took out the goods from the second cargo area. Several people went directly to the warehouse to collect evidence, but the goods there had already been replaced. The original Xiuyan hyaluronic acid ampoule was changed to a cargo area. Lin Rui was calm, saying that the photo was taken by Zhang Xiaoyu, and Tan Weilun also testified. It turned out that Lin Rui had long told Zhang Xiaoyu to call Tan Weilun to go to the warehouse to take photos and collect evidence.

Tan Weilun came to testify, but Fang Jing didn’t believe it. Lin Rui offered to look at the backup monitoring, which was the backup monitoring arranged by Shu Wanting the day before leaving. Meng Fan looked at Tan Weilun, rather dissatisfied. Several people went to the security room mightily, and after finding the surveillance, they discovered that the second part had been replaced by Sophie. Sophie’s answer was flawless, Alan asked her to go back first, and Zhang Xiaoyu was anxiously blocked by Lin Rui. Lin Rui asked to look at the phone, but Fang Jing was a little flustered.

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