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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 16 Recap

The drunken Aiqing returned to the room and took out her mobile phone to send a voice and asked her sister to bring her some apple vinegar. She did not know that the voice was sent to Wu Bai.

Wu Bai hurried out of the room when he heard her drunken words. At this time, thirsty Aiqing wanted to go to the refrigerator to find water to drink, but her feet were unstable and went to the bathroom to open the shower head. She was drenched with water and shouted that the refrigerator was leaking and ran to the living room, took off her wet coat and wiped her head with a towel.

At this time, the doorbell rang. She thought it was her sister who came to deliver apple cider vinegar. When she opened the door, she saw Wu Bai. He sent her apple cider vinegar and anti-alcohol. When he saw that she was standing at the door in only a sling, he hurriedly looked away. Aiqing took apple vinegar and went into the room. He looked at the medicine in his eye and followed in.

Seeing Ai Qing pick up the wine on the table and drink it again, he advised her not to drink it. He put the medicine on the table and was about to leave, but Ai Qing pulled him. She opened a can to let him drink with her. He found a dress for her in the room for her to put on. She didn’t want to wear it. She asked him to drink with her and put on clothes. As soon as Wu Bai was about to drink, she suddenly remembered that he still had a competition and took the wine.

Wu Bai looked at other places and put on her clothes. She obediently cooperated and said that she had seen the preliminary list. She estimated that he would meet Naya in a quarter of the time. She asked him to be careful about Naya, because Naya was best at deliberately delaying time in psychological warfare. Seeing that Wu Bai helped her zipper and he couldn’t pull it up, she pushed him away and wondered if he could wear clothes, and then he easily pulled the zipper.

Wu Bai asked her why she was unhappy when drinking. Ai Qing laughed and said that she was not unhappy, but also happy, because Han Shangyan, Ouyang and Xiaomi were all better than in the past. She is not good at saying goodbye. She always thinks about the past. Now she knows that saying goodbye is the happiest thing, because saying goodbye to the past can welcome new hope.

Wu Bai smiled and asked her what new hope she had. Her face was blushing, and her watery eyes were full of affection. She stared at him and said that he was also very good when he didn’t wear a hat. Wu Bai couldn’t help raising his mouth softly. Seeing her slowly approached him, his heart beat faster. She asked him if he still liked her, and he hadn’t wait for him to come back.

Unable to withstand the ability of alcohol, she couldn’t help leaning into his arms. Wu Bai quickly put a blanket over her. She muttered coldly that he gently hugged her. If he had given birth a few years earlier, he would definitely give her a strong team and a promise of never to disband.

The next day Ai Qing woke up from bed. She had a headache and couldn’t remember what happened last night. At this time, the waiter sent the laundry. She didn’t know that he had come last night until she saw that the name of the laundry was Wu Bai.

At the elevator, she met Lin Yin. She knew that he was close to Wu Bai, so she asked him if Wu Bai had any anecdotes in recent years, that is, whether he had any girls he liked. Lin Yin said that that was her. He had never heard of other girls, and Ai Qing couldn’t help but be very happy to hear it.

Then they both came to the lounge. The members of both teams said hello to her. She quietly asked Wu Bai how much she drank last night and didn’t talk nonsense. Wu Bai said something she said, but it was nonsense. At this time, some SP members bought breakfast. Ai Qing quickly took a bread to give it to Wu Bai. The other members of K&K got up and stretched out their hands together and said thank you.

Aiqing sister , fortunately, the SP team members said that there was still one here, so they took them a large bag of bread. Looking at Ai Qing poured hot water into Wu Bai, the team members couldn’t help wondering how the team leader talked so softly to other team leaders today.

At this time, the result of the lottery came out. Shen Zhe drew Naya, the defending champion of the previous term. He couldn’t help taking a breath. In the following game, although Shen Zhe went all out, he still lost to Naya, and SP’s Xiaomi also lost to his opponent. Lin Yin will play against Wu Bai in the next final.

Ai Qing encourages Lin Yin not to be under pressure and to pull Wu Bai into his rhythm.

At the beginning of the game, the beast king controlled by Lin Yin and the unknown person controlled by Wu Bai were tough. As soon as the beast king came up, the axe was empty. The two mecha hand-to-hand combat showed strange moves. The unknown was inadvertently injured. If they continued to fight hard, they may not continue the last two games, so Wu Bai called for a pause, and Lin Yin took it. In the first round of the game, Ai Qing said cheers to Wu Bai.

In the second round, Wu Bai adjusted the unknown, and after a few moves, he KO Lin Yin. In the third round of deciding the winner or defeat, the unknown person overturned the Beast King twice, and then the Beast King chased the Unknown Man.

Suddenly, the Unknown Man was lifted by the mechanism on the field, and its entire ejection device was exposed to the outside. Lin Yin was very happy to see this scene. He controlled the Beast Dynasty to chop down with the unknown with an axe. His teammates couldn’t help but be the unknown. He squeezed a sweat, and Wu Bai calmly responded to the battle. He quickly pressed the button with his hand. The unknown suddenly bounced back and bounced the beast king away.

However, the catapult board of the unknown person is in a semi-open and closed state, which seems to be in failure. Everyone’s hearts can’t help hanging up. The beast king immediately seized the opportunity to approach his opponent. Unexpectedly, the catapult board of the unknown person closed, and the beast king immediately turned around and ran away.

The unknown man chased after him. At this time, the beast king rushed to the catapult device, and was in everyone. Surprised by the suicide scene in front of me, I didn’t expect that the pop-up beast king weighed heavily on the nobody. It was incredible that the host who explained the game excitedly introduced this move of Mount Tai.

There are only 30 seconds left in the game. Wu Bai manipulated the unknown to rush directly to the beast king and push him to the machine on the field. The beast king struggled but was ruthlessly crushed by the machine mace. There was little time left. Lin Yin couldn’t help frowning, and Wu Bai’s expression was calm. The situation of the scene seemed to be clear at a glance, and the champion was about to be here. The cheers of the crowd were born.

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