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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 15 Recap

The slide came to Ai Qing’s house and gave her the notebook that Wu Bai had left with him, so that she could give Wu Bai some time. When Ai Qing took over the notebook, she slid a photo out of it. She picked up a bunch of forget-me-nots blooming in the photo. The sentence above along with the dream, you are never alone, evoked her memories.

Ai Qing took the photos and ran back to her original home. She looked at the exact same painting on the courtyard wall. She remembered that she had asked Wu Bai why he came back. He said that there was a person he liked here. At this moment, she finally understood Wu Bai’s affection, tears could not help but glide gently across her beautiful face.

Ai Jing just took off the slide downstairs and Shen Zhe came. He asked what the slide was doing, and Ai Jing said it didn’t matter to him. Shen Zhe felt that they had something to do with him without breaking up in a day, and Ai Jing pissed that they had broken up. Shen Zhe went straight upstairs to her house to make a formal statement. When he returned home, Ai Jing asked him how to say it formally. He said that he would not break up. Ai Jing scolded him for playing a rogue and turned to go back to the room. Shen Zhe grabbed her and pushed her to the wall. Ai Jing told him to let him go or beat him. Shen Zhe was not afraid to laugh and say that he had never suffered.

Ai Jing told him not to hide. She went straight into the kitchen and took the knife out. Shen Zhe quickly called her grandmother and took the knife from her hand. He went to the kitchen to change a rolling pin and gave her a sincere Acknowledging her mistake, Ai Jing raised her rolling pin high but was reluctant to fall. She said that other mistakes can be forgiven, and that the third party cannot be forgiven. Shen Zhe explained that there is no third party, and Ai Jing can’t help but get rid of his anger when he keeps talking softly.

Shen Zhe asked her what was going on with the slide. Ai Jing was asked inexplicably. At this time, Ai Qing came back. Seeing her mood was wrong, she seemed to have just cried, so Ai Jing asked Shen Zhe to go back first. Ai Qing sat on the bed and flipped through her notebook, and saw that Wu Bai wrote about 300 games at the end. Just as her sister walked in thoughtfully. Ai Qing showed her the photo and told her that the street lamp in the old house had been repaired, and there were these forget-me-nots painted on the wall. These were left by Wu Bai.

Ai Jing couldn’t help but sigh that this is too romantic. Ai Qing also told her sister that Wu Bai suddenly disappeared three years ago. She thought he had left without saying goodbye. In fact, he was going to heal his eyes. She didn’t know until today that he left forget-me-not to her. Wu Bai’s feelings for her were indeed better than She imagined more deeply, and her sister asked her to let go of her worries and reconsider her relationship with Wu Bai.

97 I was surprised to hear that Ai Qing had gone to SP. Wu Bai felt that she would go anywhere as long as she could realize her value. Shen Zhe said that she would become K&K’s biggest enemy when she went to SP, and her relationship would be bumpy in the future. 97 Seeing that Wu Bai was in good condition, I couldn’t help asking him what he said when he was alone with the goddess. Shen Zhe was also very curious about this. 97 accidentally said that they went to Ai Qing because of his quarrel with Ai Jing. Understand that the slide is not Ai Jing’s ex-boyfriend.

Shen Zhe asked Wu Bai and the goddess what they said when they were alone, and Wu Bai talked about some important things. 97 suggested that he give Ai Qing a gift to consolidate the results. Wu Bai suddenly had an idea. He walked into the studio and got busy. On Monday, he brought him coffee and asked what he was doing. He said a preview, a new beginning. Ai Qingnian went to work and received Wu Bai’s robot figure. On the card, Wu Bai wrote that he was both a friend and an opponent. Welcome back. Ai Qing couldn’t help but smile. She knew they would meet on the court soon. And Wu Bai looked at his mecha and remembered what his brother said, so that he should not be eager for love like a child who wants to eat sweets. Instead, he should become a true rival and man who stands beside her.

Both SP and k&k teams received invitations from foreign robot fighting competitions, and they came to Chicago together. Ai Qing took the SP team members to visit the k&k headquarters. Wu Bai’s female colleague found that Ai Qing was his favorite girl, so she gave Wu Bai’s honor book to Ai Qing and told her that he was the person with the most honors for k&k. Ai Qing asked Wu Bai how many games he played. He said that there were more than 200 games. If this time 12 individual matches were won, it would be 300 games. Only then did Ai Qing understand that 300 games meant this.

The next day Wu Bai brought Ai Qing to the competition venue. Ai Qing received a call from Han Shangyan. Wu Bai hurriedly took the phone to let him not embarrass Ai Qing. Han Shangyan made Wu Bai rest assured that he would not Ate her. Wu Bai returned the phone to Ai Qing, and Ai Qing told Han Shangyan that this was the first time she stood on the global arena. If their team had not been disbanded, they might have stood here long ago. She owed him a formality. His apology, Han Shangyan said that it was all over, and said that Xiaobai was good, Ai Qing teased Lao Han if this is going to be old in the same month.

After that, Ai Qing and her teammates had a happy dinner. Seeing everyone looking forward, she couldn’t help feeling that Wu Bai was right, and she should let go of some past events. Everyone drank a lot, and Ai Qing was drunk and sent back to the room by his teammates. At this time, Wu Bai called Han Shangyan and asked him what he said to Ai Qing. She was already guilty enough to tell him not to irritate her. Han Shangyan deliberately teased Wu Bai and said that he told Ai Qing that she and Wu Bai were inappropriate and told her not to Take care of Wu Bai. Then Wu Bai received Ai Qing’s voice message. He seemed to be drunk and worried.

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