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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 15 Recap

Ma Hongjun ate the martial arts sausage that Osike summoned. Ning Rongrong wanted to eat it too. Land asked him to give each one one. Osike had to do it. He felt embarrassed. Ning Rongrong saw him for the first time. Wu Hun felt it was great, and Hu Liena took the opportunity to persuade Osike to join the Hall of Wuhun. Ousike was not interested in this, and strongly recommended her drama, Hu Liena avoided it.

Rand reminded everyone to be careful. Although this is the periphery of Star Dou Forest, there will still be very ferocious soul beasts in Chi Chang. Tang San casually said that he blinded the eyes of the human face demon spider when he was a child. Yu Xiaogang was surprised. Tang San didn’t have a martial spirit back then, and it was impossible to hurt the human face devil spider.

Tang San didn’t dare to say that he used the Xuantian technique, and hurriedly found an excuse to cover up the past. Yu Xiaogang heard that the human face devil spider was very vengeful. De let Tang San follow him to avoid being attacked by the Human Face Demon Spider.

Yu Xiaogang summoned Tang Sanpao. Tang Sanpao smelled Su Yuntao nearby. Yu Xiaogang asked him to write down the smell of Su Yuntao in advance. He wanted to ask Su Yuntao to ask if Hu Liena came to Stroke. For the real reason, before leaving, he gave the bottle of poison to Rand for safekeeping. Rand led the students through the forest, and suddenly felt something approaching them. Tang San used the purple gold magic pupil to see the Phoenix-tailed cockscomb snake.

Zhu Zhuqing showed his martial spirit to attack the snake, and almost fell down. Dai Mu Bai hugged her from behind in time, Tang San and Ning Rongrong respectively summoned the spirits, but they couldn’t catch the snake. In the end, Rand subdued the snake. He just wanted to kill the snake, the seven spirit ring. Snake Po Chaotianxiang hurried out to stop.

Rand bargained with Chaotianxiang and asked her to spend money to buy the snake’s spirit ring. Chaotianxiang refused to do it. Rand ordered Osike to kill the snake and successfully absorbed the snake’s spirit ring. She was furious with the fragrance of Chaotian. Angrily tried to attack Rand, but was defeated. Chao Tianxiang suddenly heard her husband Meng Shu’s cry for help, and hurried over to see what happened.

Chao Tianxiang quickly found Meng Shu. The couple accompanied the lone geese to the Star Fighting Forest to kill the soul beasts and upgrade their spirit ring. The Titan White Ape passed by. Chao Tianxiang wanted to fight with her husband against the Titan White Ape. Meng Shu felt that they could not win at all, but Go around this area. Osike successfully absorbed the spirit ring of the Phoenix-tailed Cockscomb Snake. The next spirit ability turned out to be a kiwi.

Ning Rongrong finished eating with two bites. Osike asked her to eat with the skin. Ning Rongrong gave Ma Hongjun a taste, and Ma Hongjun flew after eating. When I got up, although there was only half the time to inject incense, it could save my life at the critical moment. Hu Liena persuaded Ma Hongjun to join the Wuhun Hall, but Ma Hongjun politely declined.

Rand found that something was wrong nearby. He wanted to take the students to leave the forest. Tang San didn’t want to give up. He wanted to find the Dugu Goose to find a cure to save Xiao Wu. Rand was determined. He just wanted to take the students away, Titan White Ape. Suddenly, Rand fought with him and was knocked out on the spot. Dai Mubai shot in time and was quickly defeated. Chaotianxiang, Meng Shu and Dugu Yan saw this scene from a distance and were so scared to help out.

Tang San and the others hurried over to wake Rand, but they did not expect Xiao Wu to be captured by the Titan White Ape. Tang San was anxious and lied that he had left the dragon beard in the crypt just now and asked Osike to accompany him back to find it. Tang San was already ready to rescue Xiao Wu, and he asked Osike to go back and join Rand and the others.

When Rand learned that Tang San was looking for the Titan White Ape to seek revenge, he sweated for him, and everyone hurried to chase after him separately. When Tang San encountered the Appointment and Dismissal Demon Spider halfway, Tang San vowed to kill it and make it his third spirit ring.

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