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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 14 Recap

Unhappy sent the thugs to catch Xiao Wu. Tang San summoned the blue silver grass to scare the thugs away. Tang San and Xiao Wu followed them to the tavern. Unhappy ordered Tang San to be killed and Xiao Wu caught. In his room, Tang San and Xiao Wu stun all the thugs without any effort. Unhappy to learn that Tang San was the soul master who awakened Ma Hongjun and promised to make him stronger and stronger. Tang San didn’t buy it at all. Le took out the medicine that allowed Wuhun to mutate, but he was not happy to let him go to the cabinet to get it.

Xiao Wu opened the cabinet, unexpectedly there was a mechanism inside, and the poison gas flowed out of it in an instant. Unfortunately, Xiao Wu was poisoned and could only last for half a month at most. Tang San threatened to intimidate unhappy to hand over the antidote. The antidote, he gave Tang San a letter, asking him to go to Star Dou Town to meet the people from the headquarters in three days.

Tang San took Xiao Wu to talk to Yu Xiaogang and Lande about going to Xingdou Town to find an antidote to save Xiao Wu. Yu Xiaogang was worried about Tang San and Xiao Wu. There was a forest next to Xingdou Town and worried about the soul beasts in the forest. Come out and attack them. Rand wanted to take other students to go with him, and worried that Hu Liena would inform the Wuhun Hall, so she lied to help Osike improve his spirit power.

Osike didn’t want to go and wanted to stay and engage in artistic creation. Rand ordered him to go, and had a favor with the Academy In a unified way, he told everyone to conceal the real reason from Hu Liena. Rand asked Yu Xiaogang to take Tang San and Xiao Wu first. He took the other students to the back. Rand revealed that Osike had already trained to full spirit power last year. Ning Rongrong did not believe it. , Let him perform live, Ning Rongrong couldn’t help but admire him.

When Hu Liena learned that Tang San and Xiao Wu were going to Star Dou Town, she suspected that they had seen unhappiness, and forced them to hand over their unhappiness, promising to give them the best report, but Tang San flatly refused. Yu Xiaogang brought Xiao Wu and Tang San to Xingdou Town. The atmosphere here was tricky and full of mystery.

As they walked, they watched people and things around them vigilantly. They accidentally saw flamingos on the street stalls. The remains, puzzled, Yu Xiaogang suddenly saw an unknown person following him, deliberately showing the power of the seven spirit rings, those people flee in fright.

Yu Xiaogang took Tang San and Xiao Wu to find an inn to live in. Xiao Wu was curious about Yu Xiaogang’s ability to show off the seven spirit rings. Yu Xiaogang had to admit that this was a humorous prop made by Osike, which was temporarily used to frighten opponents. Tang San wanted to take the letter to wait for Land and other classmates, and Xiao Wu went with him.

The street was bustling with people coming and going, Xiao Wu was curious that so many people came here to kill soul beasts. Tang San felt that this was caused by the general environment. Only by changing the survival rule of soul killing beasts to refresh the spirit of martial arts, humans can reconcile souls. The beasts coexisted peacefully, and Xiao Wu was suddenly sad. She tentatively asked Tang San, if one day she was chased by thousands of soul masters, and hoped that Tang San would pretend not to know her, Tang San made it clear that she would protect Xiao Wu at all costs. , Xiao Wu was warm in her heart.

Tang San hadn’t waited for anyone to come to the headquarters. Seeing the toxins in Xiao Wu’s body spread day by day, he had to come to Yu Xiaogang for help. Yu Xiaogang suggested that someone from the Spirit Hall help. Yu Xiaogang accidentally heard that a group of students had been stopped by soul beasts. One of them was a white tiger. Yu Xiaogang guessed that Rand and Dai Mubai were in danger and hurried to rescue them.

Tang San and Xiao Wu just wanted to go back to the inn, they were surrounded by the group of people. Thanks to someone’s help, they killed the two leading people on the spot. Tang San recognized him as a person from the headquarters and begged him to detoxify Xiao Wu. , The man claimed to be Ye Zhiqiu, and told Tang San to go to Star Dou Forest tomorrow to find a woman named Dugu Goose. Dugu Goose wanted to kill the soul beast to be promoted to the three spirit rings. Tang San only had to break a small yellow-green gas in front of her. The bottle will do, and promise to detoxify Xiao Wu after it’s done.

Yu Xiaogang quickly ran into Rand and the students, and learned that they were safe, so he took them back to the inn. Tang San reported to Lande what Ye Zhiqiu asked him to do. Lande wanted to study the bottle of medicine with Yu Xiaogang and repeatedly told Tang San not to tell anyone about it. Tang San took Xiao Wu out when he met Hu Liena, and Hu Liena struggled to ask about the progress of the matter, but Tang San refused to answer.

Yu Xiaogang persuaded Tang San to think twice. If he smashed this bottle in front of the Dugu Goose, he would probably be angry with the others present. Tang San was eager to save others. He didn’t want to wait any longer. Even if he took a risk, he had to try it, Rand After hearing that Dugu Goose had entered the Star Dou Great Forest, he was accompanied by a soul sage with seven spirit rings and an eight soul ring. Yu Xiaogang did not want Tang San to take risks, and it was difficult to find out Ye Zhiqiu’s weakness first. , Try to find the antidote.

Yu Xiaogang promised to take the students to the Star Dou Great Forest together, so that they can each show their ability to clear all kinds of obstacles. Yu Xiaogang and Land took the students to the Star Dou Great Forest and lied to find a thousand-year soul beast for Osike. Improve the martial arts power, encourage everyone to cheer up, and beware of the various spirit beasts in the forest. Rand asked Osike to show his weapon, and Osike summoned the big sausage of Wuhun, everyone was shocked.

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