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Be My Cat 我的宠物少将军 Episode 5 Recap

Madam Yu said that the maid Cui Qiao saw Mo Xiuran’s ears turned into cat ears. If they didn’t believe it, she would let the Taoist priest do the trick to make the cat show itself. Mo Xiuran, who had recovered his human form, walked out, letting Mrs. Yu’s words self-defeating. In turn, he thought that Madam Yu had poisoned his wine, and then blamed himself as a monster. For a while, they all insisted, and Master Mo asked Second Uncle Yuting to check whether the medicine was prescribed in the wine.

Little Mint secretly stepped back and brought Cuiqiao to replace the hip flask. After Yu Ting inspected it, she found that Mo Xiuran’s hip flask was indeed drugged. The Taoist eagerly explained that it was not a drug, but the apricot powder he used to make the cat demon show its original form. At this time, Mrs. Yu’s argument was beyond dispute, and she simply knelt down and said that she was bewitched by the Taoist priest.

Mo Xiuran killed two birds with one stone and removed the eyeliner Xiaolian from Mrs. Jade next to him. Master Mo was greatly disappointed with Mrs. Jade. Mo Yuji begged his father to open a side to his mother. Master Mo scolded Mrs. Yu to go to the west courtyard and face the wall. In this incident, Yuting helped Mo Xiuran clear the suspicion, and Mo Xiuran expressed his gratitude to him. The prince of Sunset City wanted to speak out for the princess, but was persuaded by Princess Nanpingwan.

The reason why this incident can be turned into a breeze is inseparable from the help of Mint. She had made a detoxification concoction before feeding it to Mo Xiuran and drank it before turning him back into a human form. Luo Feng knew that Mo Xiuran was not his master at this time, so he asked him farewell. Mo Xiuran didn’t want to stay and saw him off in person.

He took Luo Feng to eat Goubuli Baozi for the last time, which reminded Luo Feng of the first time he saw the Major General. At that time, Luo Feng was still a beggar who lived and sleeplessly. The Goubuli steamed buns he finally got were given to the little beggar. He could only drink water to fill his hunger. Mo Xiuran gave him a cage of steamed buns when he saw it, and asked him to follow him in the future. At this time, Mo Xiuran explained that the memories of the major general were all in his mind.

To a certain extent, they were already integrated. Seeing this, Luo Feng dismissed the idea of ​​leaving and stayed with Mo Xiuran wholeheartedly. Serve him. Luo Feng’s attitude made a big turn of 180 degrees, which surprised Xiao Mint. Little Mint wanted to foster the cat named Little Soy Sauce with sister Muppet first, but Mo Xiuran didn’t allow it.

Mo Xiuran and Xiao Mint Guessing decided who would be the master of the three days. After all, Mo Xiuran had been in Tianli for a very short time, and did not understand the principle of being deceitful. All three of them were lost to Xiao Mint. Mo Xiuran is forced to dance for Xiao Mint, go shopping with her, and use his ear power beyond ordinary people to help her win a dice-sized game.

Mo Xiuran was dissatisfied, wanted to resist but had nothing to do. Little Mint came over wearing a snow-white fox suit, seeing Mo Xiuran inexplicably moved. In order to apologize to Mo Xiuran, Mo Yuji specially ordered someone to make a sable and send it to Mo Xiuran. Xiao Mint made him willing to bet and accept Mo Yuji’s apology. Mo Xiuran was unwilling and shook hands with Mo Yuji to make peace.

Master Mo handed over the peace negotiation agreement drafted by the Ministry of Rites to Mo Xiuran and Mo Yuji, and told them to persuade Princess Nanpingwan and Prince Nanfeide to sign the agreement. The princess asked Xiao Mint about Chongxi and escaped marriage. Xiao Mint told the truth and said that Mo Xiuran had eyes above the top and would not like any woman.

Unexpectedly, it was exactly what the princess wanted, and this kind of Mo Xiuran, who hadn’t chosen it, was worthy of her love. Nan Feide suddenly fell into a coma, and Yu Ting discovered that he had fainted after being frightened. The princess immediately went to Fengyue Boundless to find out the matter. Seeing the scene in Linshui Pavilion and the footprints on the ground, Xiao Ming said that there should be a fourth person in Linshui Pavilion.

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