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Be My Cat 我的宠物少将军 Episode 4 Recap

Mo Xiuran was eating the grilled fish at the grilled fish shop of the puppet sister, while complaining about Xiaomint’s words and treachery. He thinks he is handsome and handsome, and no woman will fall in love with him. The puppet can’t help but look at him being affectionate. Mo Xiuran felt that Xiao Mint didn’t fall in love with herself, maybe because she didn’t like men. As soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Mint brought Mo Yuji to meow the grilled fish to eat. Mo Xiuran’s guess was self-defeating. Mo Yuji helped Little Mint find the Red Soul Orb.

To thank him, Little Mint invited him to dinner. At this moment, Mo Xiuran could not sit still, and took the initiative to talk to them, and smashed the red soul orb without authorization, saying that the red soul orb was fake, and he was willing to take her to find the real red soul orb, and then he could not help but pull it away. Mint.

Little Mint is willing to terminate the contract as a condition, in exchange for him to help him find Qi Soul Orbs and find his brother’s whereabouts. Mo Xiuran had to have an oath ceremony common to Jade Lixing in view of her speech last time, but Xiao Mint couldn’t bear to stretch out his tongue to lick his face, so she had to give up. Mo Xiuran used his soul power to help Xiao Mint listen to the soul orbs. After getting the red soul orb, he became a cat because his soul power was exhausted. It happened that Luo Feng saw this scene, and he screamed and ran away.

After Mo Xiuran regained his spirit power, he woke up and turned back into a human form. Xiao Mint slept with him all night, blushing when he woke up. She told Mo Xiuran that Luo Feng ran away in shock after seeing him turning into a cat. Mo Xiuran went to Luo Feng to stop him from committing suicide, and said that he did not kill his master.

Mo Xiuran and Little Mint went to the antique shop to look for the Red Soul Orb, only to learn that the Red Soul Orb had been taken away by Mrs. Jade. The boss also said that not long ago, a scholar surnamed Su also came to find the Red Soul Orb, and Xiao Mint knew that it must be his brother. Mo Xiuran assured her that he would retrieve the Red Soul Orb from Madam Yu.

At this time, Madam Yu put the red soul beads, and once again wondered that Mo Xiuran disappeared bizarrely in Little Mint’s room that day. In addition, Mo Xiuran’s temperament changed drastically after he hit Chongxi. Madam Yu felt that Mo Xiuran must have What was wrong, so the maid invited Taoist priests to do it. Taoist priest guessed that Madam Yu was troubled by the cat demon, and gave her apricot and yellow powder to reveal her original form under the cat demon’s clothes.

The emperor specially invited the Princess of Sunset City and the prince to come to Beijing to discuss peace talks. He wanted to work with Sunset City and handed it over to Mo House. Master Mo urged the two sons to perform well that day, win the favor of the princess of Sunset City, and make the emperor dragon heart happy. A banquet was held the next day. As soon as the Princess of Sunset City came in, she had a fight with Mo Xiuran and was convinced of the loss.

The prince of Sunset City saw that Little Mint looked good, and he went forward to talk and asked her to drink with him. Mo Xiuran’s second uncle relieved Xiao Mint, and the memory in his mind made Mo Xiuran know that the person who had just released Xiao Mint was his second uncle. Madam Yu presented the princess with the Resurrection Orb, but she could not see the koi in the pearl, and mistakenly thought it was a fake.

Mo Xiuran took a look and confirmed that it was not a fake, but the koi in it escaped like him. Madam Yu drugged Mo Xiuran’s wine glass at the banquet. After he drank it, he felt unwell and immediately asked Xiao Mint to take him back to the room. Unexpectedly, Madam Yu asked everyone to come to the east courtyard on the grounds that he had prepared a surprise. Little Mint asked Luo Feng to hold them back and figured out a solution by himself. Later, Mrs. Yu called a Taoist priest and caught a cat. Mrs. Yu pointed out that the cat was Mo Xiuran. Master Mo felt that she was talking nonsense and didn’t believe it at all.

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