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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 12 Recap

Hu Shi happened to be tempted to return to China because of Chen Duxiu’s 20 years of not discussing politics. This caused him and Li Dazhao to have ideological differences. The Red Building at Peking University was completed in 1918, and this building became the birthplace of many advanced ideas. Cai Yuanpei firmly believes that through the promotion of these new cultures and new ideas, Chinese literary ideas will surely make great progress.

In this building, the Director of Education Fu Zengxiang met Li Dazhao, who was the director of the library, and asked about his journey in the south. Li Dazhao frankly confessed that he did not receive any goods during his trip and he was even more confused about saving the country. Fortunately, “New Youth” The spread of has reached a scale, and he can come back and continue to struggle.

The editors of “New Youth” came to Chen Duxiu’s house for a meeting. Gao Yihan, Qian Xuan and others also teased that Hu Shi, a single young talent, could become the dream lover of many literary and artistic young women. At the beginning of the meeting, Chen Duxiu and others celebrated the prosperity of “New Youth” with tea instead of wine, and formally cancelled the submission of manuscripts. The manuscripts must be passed by the editors of the colleagues.

Their purpose is to set off an ideological enlightenment in China. Hearing this, Li Dazhao said frankly that he almost wanted to cry. During these days he traveled in the south, he found that China really needed to inspire the people’s wisdom and wanted to inspire new youths through his comments on the Russian October Revolution.

However, Hu Shi felt that he was based on the current situation in China. It is not suitable for discussing current affairs. Chen Duxiu proposed to let Lu Xun join the colleague editor. He, the designer of Peking University’s school badge, could not always stay outside the New Culture Movement. Chen also laughed and said that he would also learn from Cai Yuanpei and visit the cottage. After the meeting, Chen Duxiu left Li Dazhao and Hu Shi alone. Hu Shi felt that learning could not be influenced by politics.

However, Li Dazhao was deeply inspired by the Russian October Revolution and believed that what China needed was a vigorous revolution. Chen Duxiu reconciled and explained that he did not want to engage in politics directly, but the ideological enlightenment actually belongs to politics, and the most important thing now is to rescue the people from the old culture of restoring the ancients. This explanation also made Li Dazhao and Hu Shijun say agree.

Lin Shu wanted to give a lecture at Peking University to talk about the Tongcheng School. This is all due to the fact that Gu Hongming’s speech stimulated the enthusiasm of teachers and students for academic discussions. Hu Shi was quite entangled in starting new culture lectures. It is a question of whether to start with academics or current affairs. The discussion is still biased to talk about students’ concerns and concerns.

At the meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called and said that the dismissed foreign professor Kederley wrote to the British Prime Minister to sue Peking University for breach of contract. The British Embassy sent a note to the government of the Republic of China, and Wang Daxie was anxious to see him. Before he left, Cai Yuanpei proposed to focus on academic lectures, and to talk less about politics, so as to avoid government interference and anger the upper body.

Chen Duxiu suspended the meeting. He did not understand why the British government had to intervene in the dismissal of Kedler as a matter of the Ministry of Education. The councillors were very angry when they discussed the matter. The dismissal of the professor at Peking University is justified and how the British government wants to interfere. .

Cai Yuanpei came to Wang Daxie and learned that this Kedler was a descendant of the British nobles. He wrote to the British Prime Minister claiming that Peking University had broken the contract and demanded that North Avenue apologize for compensation and return to him and a group of foreign professors. Feng Guozhang and Duan Qirui both ordered him to immediately Handle this matter. Cai Yuanpei asked rationally, the recruitment and dismissal of this professor is the right of Peking University, why this has become a diplomatic trouble.

Wang Daxie explained that Kedler said that the teaching contract was signed with the Ministry of Education, and that the dismissal before the four-year contract expired was a unilateral breach of the contract by Peking University. Cai Yuanpei retorted that the school had the right to dismiss him if he was not qualified for teaching work. If the quality of teaching was not good, it should be considered that he broke the contract first. But diplomacy is no small matter.

China has already announced its participation in World War I. They should stand with Britain and other Allied countries. Cai Yuanpei bluntly said that the first shot of Peking University reform was dumb. How should he be the principal? Wang Daxie suggested that he go back to unify his internal opinions, but the dismissal is the decision of the school review committee. To overturn this decision can only be discussed by the council. Cai Yuanpei also understood that it would be impossible for them to completely overturn this decision.

On the way back, Cai Yuanpei temporarily decided to go directly to the Ministry of Education, and then to the home of Chen Duxiu, the editorial department of “New Youth”. Cai Yuanpei was a little embarrassed, drinking water from a large bowl, and showing the documents in his bag to Chen Duxiu. Chen Duxiu looked at the template of the note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and angrily kicked the stool over to tear it up. Fortunately, Cai Yuanpei blocked it in time and failed to destroy it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs meant that it wanted to turn big things into small things, but Chen Duxiu would never agree to let Peking University do this kind of humiliation and humiliation of the country. Since it is a diplomatic incident, Peking University and Kedler now represent the sovereignty of the two countries, and Peking University has the next move. You must not bow your heads while dragging the national character and the axiom with one hand, and the three of them discussed the matter in depth and thought about solutions.

The British embassy is waiting for Peking University’s reply. Chen Duxiu made an indignant statement at the congress the next day, citing the history of Britain opening the door to the Chinese nation with strong ships and guns. If Peking University compromises at this time, it is a sinner of history. Li Dazhao searched the school rules and regulations all night, and found out the documents that Li Yuanhong and the Ministry of Education had approved the dismissal rights of the Peking University School Committee at the time.

Hu Shi also proposed that the school could form a team of professors to negotiate, and if there is no result, he can still file a lawsuit in the court. But last night, the rest of the night was far more than their professors. Even Deng Zhongxia and other students had prepared letters to the British embassy and the Beiyang government. Cai Yuanpei thanked everyone for their support, saying that becoming the president of Peking University was his most correct decision.

Cai Yuanpei called Wang Daxie to tell him that Peking University had decided not to compromise and resolutely defend national sovereignty. Wang Daxie then gave a suggestion that he should first seek the sympathy and support of Fu Zengxiang. Cai Yuanpei had already met Fu Zengxiang, and Fu Zengxiang had to ridicule that he had to take the blame and resign. Cai Yuanpei invited the two to eat at home, and the three of them had no choice but to find a way. The school appraisal committee unanimously decided to fight to the end.

Cai Yuanpei believed that Duan Qirui was also a Chinese and couldn’t always do things like selling his ancestors and seeking glory, but Fu Zengxiang concluded that Duan Qirui would never understand the little evidence and trivial truths he said. Cai Yuanpei slowly took out two letters from the drawer. They were a protest letter written by teachers and students from Beijing to the British embassy and government. Wang Daxie praised Duan Qirui’s weakness with this one. He asked Fu Zengxiang to go to Duan Qi with the letter. Rui, take care of the rest by yourself.

Duan Qirui agreed to Peking University’s plan and asked the Peking University professors to negotiate with the British Embassy as soon as possible, and asked Peking University students not to take to the streets. Chen Duxiu has already started to handle it, and it is decided that Hu Shi will lead the talks, Li Dazhao will organize the materials, and Cai Yuanpei advocates the absorption of Gu Hongming. He has a high level of foreign language and is slightly famous abroad.

Although Chen Duxiu thought about it, he was still worried that this weird old gentleman would be uncontrollable. Cai Yuanpei laughed and said that they didn’t understand Gu Hongming, but he was very angry at these unfair things, and suggested that Chen Duxiu invite him to have a meal and put him on the court, as well as ask some of his requirements.

Gu Hongming recites “Hamlet” in English in class, instructing students to have a correct outlook on life. Learning English well is to spread Chinese culture and spirit. Chen Duxiu took Hu Shi and Li Dazhao to the class. The three of them obediently walked to the front of the stage and bowed in salute. This made Gu Hongming feel fresh, and Hu Shi even said that he had come to worship Gu Hongming as a teacher.

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