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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 23 Recap

Kudi Liuli suggested embroidering peony petals with golden silk and embellishment with Tianshan jade. Wu Cairen was very satisfied. Song Tao overheard their conversation and reported to Concubine Yang as soon as possible. Concubine Yang was overjoyed in her heart. She knew that Empress Longsun was alive. I like peony flowers the most. If a Wucai person dares to use this pattern, Li Shimin will surely annoy Li Shimin. She wants to see Wucai’s excitement.

Li Zhi transferred Mo Kun back to Beijing to work. Mo Kun came to Pei Xingjian as soon as he arrived in the capital. He couldn’t wait to find something to do. Pei Xingjian asked him to secretly investigate Kudi Liuli’s life experience, in order to clear the grievances for her mother. When Xiao Shunzi went to the warehouse, he accidentally learned about the old case of Pei Xingjian’s sender of Cha An’s. He hurried to report to Sun Decheng. Sun Decheng worried that Pei Xingjian found out that Kudi Liuli was the daughter of An’s, causing Cudi Liuli to kill him. Xiao Shunzi also sweated for Ku Di Liuli, and he couldn’t guess whether Pei Xingjian was a good person or a bad person.

Mo Kun quickly found out that An was the wife of Ku Di Yanzhong. She was known as the first needle in the world, and she was trusted by Empress Longsun. Tired of life in the palace, Ans asked Empress Changsun to resign from the palace. She was inexplicably imprisoned for helping Concubine Yang to sew her back-cloak. An’s poisoned her daughter and then hanged herself in prison. Mo Kun reported the results of the investigation to Pei Xingjian 1510.

Pei Xingjian went through everything from beginning to end and determined that Kudi Liuli was the daughter of An’s. After being rescued by Sun Decheng, he stayed in Bulu as a medical officer. In the hospital, Pei Xingjian also guessed that the reason Kudi Liuli returned to the palace was that he found the murderer who harmed his mother and wanted to come back to avenge her mother.

Pei Xingjian remembered that eleven years ago he and Kudi Liuli had a relationship with Kudi Liuli because of a camellia handkerchief, and then he accidentally rescued Kudi Liuli who escaped through the coffin. Pei Xingjian has collected An’s relics for eleven years, and now they can finally be returned. The original owner, Pei Xingjian rushed to find Ku Di Liuli and promised to give her important things.

Zhuo Jinniang worried that the dress Kudi Liuli made for Wu Cairen would steal the limelight from Concubine Yang. She took Kudi Liuli away early in the morning and arranged a lot of work for her, and then brought Deng Qiniang to Kudi Liuli secretly. In the bedroom, the two of them turned the room upside down. Zhuo Jinniang finally found the peony pattern embroidered by Kudi Liuli under the bed. She was ecstatic, and Pei Xingjian came to give Kudi Liuli the remains of An’s. Jinniang and Deng Qiniang rummaged in her room, so he believed that the person who killed An’s was Zhuo Jinniang. He was scared in a cold sweat and worried about Kudi Liuli, so he had to leave silently.

Pei Xingjian saw Kudi Liuli when he went out, and advised her not to go back first, and told her about Zhuo Jinniang’s messing around in her room, and asked her to meet at Changchun Lake at night. Pei Xingjian came to Changchun Lake early. He weighed and decided not to give An’s relics to Kudi Liuli. He still felt that it was safer to stay with him. Mo Kun took the guards to patrol the palace, just in time to see Pei Xingjian in the lake. While waiting for Kudi Liuli, he exchanged a few words with him.

Kudi Liuli came to see Pei Xingjian later, wondering what he had good things about. Pei Xingjian lied that his friend had given him a bottle of wine. He wanted to give it to Kudi Liuli, but was afraid that she would lose his temper after drinking too much, so he temporarily changed her mind and gave it to Kudi. Liuli bought her favorite sweet-scented osmanthus cake. Kudi Liuli was very dissatisfied, but still ate happily.

Pei Xingjian and Ku Di Liuli sat side by side on the edge of Changchun Lake and talked. The two of them looked at each other, and they both had different feelings for each other. Ku Di Liuli wanted to meet with him often here. Pei Xingjian worried that people’s miscellaneous words would cause trouble. , And asked her to meet in Yixin Palace in the future. Ku Di Liuli heard that Yixin Palace had died of a concubine and often haunted him. Pei Xingjian decided to add to the flames and magnified this rumor infinitely so that everyone would not dare to go. They could feel at ease. Cudi Liuli was enthusiastic about the date there.

That night, Pei Xingjian appeared in Yixin Palace deliberately pretending to be a ghost, and was seen by a passing court lady, which further confirmed the rumors of haunting Yixin Palace. Pei Xingjian successfully cleared the scene for his future date with Kudi Liuli. Today is the Obon Festival. Li Shimin personally attended the sacrificial ceremony. The concubines and princes all came to accompany Li Shimin. Only Concubine Yang and Wucai were late.

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