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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 22 Recap

Pei Xingjian’s injury gradually improved, Ku Di Liuli was still worried, so she came to the East Palace to see him and congratulated him on becoming Zuowei. Pei Xingjian asked her to sew a bedclothes as a gift. Ku Di Liuli fully agreed and gave Pei Xingjian with his arm on the spot. Pei Xingjian wondered if she tailored the clothes for Li Zhi in this way. Ku Di Liuli explained that the Clothing Bureau had long had Li Zhi’s clothes size. Pei Xingjian would not allow her to measure the size of other men like this because he would be jealous.

Concubine Yang was very dissatisfied with the clothes patterns provided by the Shangfu Bureau. Zhuo Jinniang gave the embroidered ladies a lesson, and Kudi Liuli suggested that Concubine Yang should do what she likes. Song Tao and Lang guard are in love each other. They secretly date behind the rockery. Lang can’t help but hug Song Tao tightly. This scene is caught by Concubine Yang’s personal maid, the superintendent, who threatens Songtao to do something for her and reveals Shiwei Lang cooperated with her to meet with Song Tao, and Song Tao slapped Lang Shiwei hard and agreed to help Supervisor A.

Li Zhi got a bottle of fine wine and sent the servant king to invite Pei Xingjian and Ku Di Liuli to taste it. The servant king took the opportunity to ask Pei Xingjian about Yu’er’s identity, and Pei Xingjian quickly found an excuse to cover up the past. Kudi Liuli first came to the banquet and learned that there was wine to drink. He couldn’t help but think of the funny story of stealing the wine brought home by his mother when he was a child. Li Zhi was amused.

Pei Xingjian came casually, and Li Zhi took a glass of wine, thanking them for their life-saving grace, Kudi Liuli was so kind, and drank it, boasting delicious and mellow wine, but still think the stolen wine is better, Li Zhi wanted to punish Kudi Liuli with three glasses of wine. Kudi Liuli complained that he used his status as a prince to pressure him and also fined him with three glasses of wine. Li Zhi voluntarily pleaded guilty. Pei Xingjian offered to help Kudi Liuli punish the wine, but Li Zhi refused. Rao, also punished him to drink three glasses, each of which drank three glasses of wine.

Kudi Liuli drank more happily, began to drink by himself, and soon became drunk. Pei Xingjian was worried that Kudi Liuli would leak his daughter’s body after drinking, so he resigned to Li Zhi and wanted to escort Kudi Liuli back to the Shangfu Bureau. Li Zhi felt that he was very disappointed. Pei Xingjian reminded Ku Di Liuli not to show her daughter in a low voice. Ku Di Liuli was worried about going back and being punished, so she left with Pei Xingjian.

Pei Xingjian repeatedly reminded Ku Di Liuli not to be greedy in the future, so as not to expose her daughter’s body, Ku Di Liuli woke up. Pei Xingjian warned her not to get too close with Li Zhi, worrying that she would be transferred to Li Zhi as a personal guard. No, there will be many inconveniences when Kudi Liuli realizes the seriousness of the problem, and thanks Pei Xingjian for taking care of her. Pei Xingjian wants to know about her mother’s wrongdoing, and promises to check it out. Kudi Liuli can’t say yet.

Today is the first day of the new year, and the embroidered ladies can’t wait to eat the meals that are given once a month, but Kudi Liuli is not moved. After everyone has left, Kudi Liuli begins to design dress patterns for Concubine Yang. Deng Qiniang gave Zhuo Jinniang food. When Zhuo Jinniang learned that Kudi Liuli was drawing, she sent Deng Qiniang down to inquire about the news. Kudi Liuli drew a bird and phoenix pattern for Concubine Yang. Deng Qiniang was amazed and praised Kudi Liuli. , Kudi Liuli felt that Bainiao Chaofeng had met Concubine Yang’s unique position in the harem, and it was also in line with her mind. Zhuo Jinniang overheard the conversation between Kudi Liuli and Deng Qiniang.

Zhuo Jinniang mistakenly thought that Kudi Liuli wanted to go over her to ask Concubine Yang for credit, and gave her a severe lesson. Kudi Liuli repeatedly explained that he did not want to grab the credit. After he wanted to finish, he gave Zhuo Jinniang the dressing pattern, Zhuo Jinniang After she agreed to give up, Kudi Liuli quickly finished the pattern, and Zhuo Jinniang handed it over to Concubine Yang for the first time. Concubine Yang was very satisfied and asked her to sew the dress by herself.

Ku Di Liuli sent several dress patterns for Wu Cairen to choose. Wu Cairen chose the peony pattern. Song Tao took advantage of the opportunity to send Shentang to eavesdrop on their conversation.

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