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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 21 Recap

Pu Ba Nu pressed on Pei Xingjian step by step, and the tricks were fatal. Pei Xingjian could only force himself to wake up, but because of the poisoning too deep and gradually losing his physical strength, Pei Xingjian decided to fight for the last time. In the past, he wanted to hold Li Ming and was subdued by the guards on the spot.

Li Zhi hurriedly stepped up to defend Pei Xingjian. Pei Xingjian claimed to protect Li Zhi’s safety, so he took action at all costs. Concubine Yang refused to accept and charged Pei Xingjian for the following crimes and insisted that he be punished heavily. Li Shimin didn’t know. How to choose, just want to hear Wu Cairen’s thoughts, Wu Cairen praised Li Shimin as a meritocracy, and he also used the allusions of the twenty-four wise men in the previous dynasty to persuade Li Shimin to use Pei Xingjian to be only talented.

Not only did Li Shimin not punish Pei Xingjian for his reckless behavior, he also praised his practice of sacrificing his life to protect the Lord. He publicly announced that Pei Xingjian would be Li Zhi’s personal guard, and Pubanu continued to stay with Li Ming and rewarded each of them with a sword. , Pei Xingjian fainted on the spot due to excessive blood loss, Kudi Liuli was too anxious, but could not help. Concubine Yang saw that Li Shimin was partial to Li Zhi. She was so angry that she vowed to protect Li Ming’s safety at all costs.

Pei Xingjian has been in a coma. Li Zhi did not dare to seek medical treatment for him. Wu Cairen also saw that Pei Xingjian’s arm was suddenly unwilling when he was competing in the martial arts competition. He felt that something was strange and sent someone to invite Dr. Lu early. The doctor found that Pei Xingjian’s arm was poisoned, so he hurried to treat his wounds.

Kudi Liuli tiptoed back to the Shangfu Bureau, but was still caught by Zhuo Jinniang. Kudi Liuli admitted to taking a peek at the martial arts competition. Zhuo Jinniang became angry and punished her on the spot to kneel for four hours. She was not allowed to eat dinner and had to After today’s work is finished, Kudi Liuli is willing to be punished. Abi talked coldly on the side, and the other embroidered women followed suit.

Li Zhi thanked Wu Cairen for always helping him solve problems in time, Wu Cairen encouraged him not to let down his good years, and make great achievements while he was young, and firmly believed that he would become a virtuous emperor in the future, and he would also manage the harem, Wu Cairen. Knowing that he would be rushed to the Ganye Temple sooner or later to lead the practice, he couldn’t help Li Zhi at that time. Li Zhi had already regarded her as a confidant and promised to do his best to help her like a relative.

When it’s time for dinner, the embroidered ladies are all going to eat. Ku Di Liuli is still kneeling there, but he thinks of the injured Pei Xingjian. I don’t know if he wakes up. Ku Di Liuli prays to heaven and bless Pei Xingjian to recover soon. The servant of the king kept guarding by Pei Xingjian’s side. Pei Xingjian was in a coma, and kept calling the name “Yu’er” in a daze. The servant of the king guessed that Yu’er was Pei Xingjian’s sweetheart.

Kudi Liuli came to visit Pei Xingjian early in the morning, and the servant Wang asked her about Yu’er. Pei Xingjian kept calling her sweetheart “Yu’er”. Kudi Liuli lied about not knowing this person, but she was happy in her heart. Pei Xingjian was still in a coma, but it was time for him to change the dressing, and the king’s servant had something urgent to do, so she asked Kudi Liuli to change the dressing for him. Ku Di Liuli carefully inspected Pei Xingjian’s wound, and helped him change the dressing lightly. His heart was filled with pity and couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Pei Xingjian woke up in a daze and saw Ku Di Liuli by his side, comforting her not to be sad. Li Zhi came to visit Pei Xingjian, and even Kwa Kudi Liuli brought blessing to Pei Xingjian, and he also touched her head. Li Zhi allowed Kudi Liuli to visit Pei Xingjian at any time in the Eastern Palace. Pei Xingjian was worried about being gossip and did not allow Kudi Liuli to come to the Eastern Palace again. Li Zhi promised to find an excuse to let her come.

Sun Decheng came to see Kudi Liuli and brought her favorite sweet-scented osmanthus cake. Sun Decheng persuaded her to stay safe and not always go to the East Palace to avoid being hated by Concubine Yang and Li Mingji. But Kudi Liuli didn’t take it seriously, so she decided to go all out. Helping Li Zhi and expecting Li Zhi to avenge her mother, Sun Decheng persuaded her to give up as soon as possible, but Kudi Liuli had decided.

The Obon Festival is approaching, and the concubines in the harem all want to take this opportunity to fight for beauty. They send people to the Shangfu Bureau to customize their dresses. Only Wucai people will not move. Zhuo Jinniang sends Deng Qiniang to ask Wucai people, and Wucai people want Kudi Liuli helped her make clothes. Li Zhi sent court ladies to call Kudi Liuli away. Zhuo Jinniang asked each embroiderer to be responsible for the dress of a harem concubine. They were all jealous that Kudi Liuli could sew dresses for the favored martial artist. The reprimand.

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