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To Be With You 约定 Episode 2 Recap

The new day is not over yet, and the sound of firecrackers resounds through the neighborhood again, whether it is Xiangzhangxili, Xingfu Community, Lanyifang No. 5, but in all areas of the old city, you can basically see drones carrying firecrackers from the air. Flying past, as if deliberately provoking, he wanted to play a cat-and-mouse guerrilla battle with Ma Da.

Nian Beast’s crime tactics escalated, and Ma was completely tied to the police station. Just as he was gloating in the Great Zhou Dynasty, he suddenly received a love message from Su Ting, which instantly changed him from joy to worry, worrying about how to get rid of this peach blossom debt.

Da Zhou didn’t want to run around, so he fooled the simple and active Xiao Liu and asked him to go to Xiangzhang Xili on his behalf, trying to find useful clues. In the process of investigating the Nian Beast, Ma Ma and Da Zhou successfully helped Xiao Daner untie his knot and fulfilled the agreement between him and his grandfather, and discovered that the drone with firecrackers was actually an oolong.

Xiao Jiner cleared the suspected Nian Beast, so Ma Da borrowed a drone from him. He and Da Zhou cooperated with each other. One was responsible for controlling the drone and the other was responsible for monitoring the drone’s shooting pictures.

Sure enough, the gunshots in the distance attracted the attention of the two people. Through the aerial photography of the drone, it was discovered that the Nian Beast was a suspicious mature man. Unfortunately, he had not captured the front in time and was blown into pieces by the powerful two-kicks.

When Ma Da Zhou and Da Zhou hurried away, the Nian Beast was gone. In addition to the remains of the drone, there was also a wallet with a few bath rolls. After repeated screening and sorting, it was accidentally discovered that the Nian Beast often went to a house. The bathhouse named “Yuqing Pond”.

Time was hurried, and the early morning of the next day arrived as scheduled. Not only did Motor fail to resign, but he had to solve the current difficulties, that is, how to explain the UAV’s death on duty to Xiaoguer. Don’t look at Da Zhou’s friendship with Ma Da, but his brothers still have to settle accounts, especially when it comes to money, he is often more transparent than Ma Da, so he can take advantage and never lose.

The two were divided into two groups. Motor carried the drone to find Xiao Dan, and while explaining the situation, he shifted Xiao Dan’s grief and introduced him to work. Da Zhou found it according to the address of the bath ticket. He did not expect that the bathhouse was full of business. The boss personally went to cut his hair and rubbed himself. He was too busy to do so, and casually agreed to Da Zhou’s account of his affairs.

Ma Da handed Xiao Dan’er to the community aunts, who led Xiao Dan to condolences to the veterans and integrated into the community. Little did they know that the aunt’s enthusiasm made Xiao Dan even more panic. At the same time, the little girl Qiqi was accused of using a fake mobile phone for five hundred yuan. It happened that the motor had passed the bypass. Qiqi rushed to call his father directly. Before the shock of the accidental father, the motor could react. Seeing the two scammers ran away, he followed them and caught them on the spot.

Although the liar complained and sold miserably in the interrogation room, he couldn’t stand the interrogation directly to the soul and finally confessed truthfully. However, the real difficulty Maada faced was that Qiqi didn’t mention a word about his identity. Although he and Da Zhou resorted to various tactics and tactics, they couldn’t let Qiqi let go, but was frustrated.

Because Ma Da missed the time to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a testimony, it caused Tangtang to be furious with him for delaying his resignation over and over again, and he simply came to the door directly, especially when he saw Qiqi calling his dad, which almost caused a misunderstanding. Tangtang is a kindergarten teacher. With her occupational disease skills, she should have made children happy, but she didn’t expect Qiqi to look through Tangtang’s routines like a little adult.

Su Ting came to the police station with a pennant and expressed her love to Da Zhou in public. Da Zhou’s surname is Zhou’s name Dong, but Su Ting directly gave him the nickname Jie Lun. His numbness can be described as utterly desolate. Even though Da Zhou clearly distinguished the relationship between the two and tried to break the other’s fantasy, Su Ting was stubborn. In my own view, I firmly look for Da Zhou.

After finally persuading Su Ting to leave, Da Zhou went to the bathhouse again, but the boss hadn’t put aside his work. Considering that the register is kept at the boss’s house, Da Zhou wanted the boss to spare time to go home to take it, and he stayed and took the place of the boss to help everyone.

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