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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 24 Recap

Gao Xiaotian questioned Dan Niluo. He should know why the scam phone signals disappeared. Dan Niluo quickly said that he was not associated with scammers and asked Gao Xiaotian not to slander his reputation. Gao Xiaotian said the reputation is good or bad. It does not depend on other people’s slander. Many colleagues in the world are paying attention to this cross-border fraud and arresting activities. They will truthfully announce the case experience.

As for Dan Niro’s reputation, leave it to the public to judge. , The two wanted to leave, Dan Niro was still worried about his reputation, so he hurriedly stopped the two and asked Klin to tell Gao Xiaotian the truth to them. Gao Xiaotian hoped that Danilo could give them the evidence together or let the local police take it away. Danilo readily agreed to Gao Xiaotian’s request.

Soon, Afeng was arrested by the local police station. Under the interrogation of Gu Simiao and Wei Zimeng, Afeng confessed that his material farmer was named Sun Tinghai and Kannon was named Wu Chen, both of which were picked up by Chen Fusheng. This time I had a great harvest. Gao Xiaotian asked Gu Simiao to sort out the information and send it back to China.

As for Chen Fusheng, he would fight him in another way this time. The domestic police obtained the bank card number of the telecommunications fraud group and froze all the known bank cards. Chen Fusheng learned that all of his three-level cards could not withdraw money. He was very distressed. He called Liu Boyi. Having said this, let him suspend work for two days.

The working group quickly learned about the suspension of work at the villa den in the eastern suburbs. They guessed that Chen Fusheng, out of caution, would definitely contact Canon to buy a card and take over the bank card. As expected, Chen Fusheng contacted Canon Wu Chen. I wanted to buy the remaining cards in Wu Chen’s hand and asked Wu Chen to send them over.

Wu Chen worried that it would be dangerous to take so many cards out of the country, but under Chen Fusheng’s persuasion, he still promised to give the cards to Chen Fusheng. . However, Chen Fusheng turned around and called Boyi Liu and asked Boyi Liu to find Wu Chen for a card. Boyi Liu was unwilling and felt that the risk was too great. However, A Qiu felt that this was an opportunity to access resources and let Liu Uncle seized the opportunity.

After Wu Chen arrived in Country F, he couldn’t get through Chen Fusheng’s phone. In order to be cautious, Chen Fusheng sent someone to observe Wu Chen for three days. After finding that there was nothing abnormal, he sent someone to visit Wu Chen, but Wu Chen refused to see him. Chen Fusheng’s person, Wu Chen called Chen Fusheng and insisted on seeing Chen Fusheng himself trade.

Chen Fusheng had to make an appointment with Wu Chen to meet at ten o’clock the next morning. But at ten o’clock the next morning, Chen Fusheng still did not show up, and changed the time to meet at Saint Laurent Park at two o’clock in the afternoon.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Wu Chen arrived at Saint Laurent Park. Chen Fusheng was on the suspension bridge secretly observing the situation around Wu Chen. After seeing that there was no one around Wu Chen, he called Wu Chen and asked Wu Chen to put down his bag and leave. In fact, Wu Chen was controlled by the working group a long time ago. Wu Chen’s every move was under the command of the working group. Gao Xiaotian asked Wu Chen to put down his bag and return to the same path.

Chen Fusheng waited for a long time before he dared to go down and take the bag, but as soon as he picked up the bag, Gao Xiaotian took the local police and arrested Chen Fusheng. Wu Chen also advised Chen Fusheng not to struggle, he and Chen Fusheng There are recordings of every conversation between Chen Fusheng, and Chen Fusheng still wants to escape legal sanctions by virtue of his status as a Taiwanese, but Gao Xiaotian seriously said that Taiwanese are Chinese and Chen Fusheng will definitely be severely sanctioned by the law.

Chen Fusheng was imprisoned in the Immigration Bureau, but he was still struggling. He called his lawyer and asked Lawyer Lin to go to the Taiwan authorities, and asked the Taiwan authorities to find someone from the Immigration Bureau. As long as he returned to Taiwan, things would be easier. .

Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang quickly learned about the Taiwanese authorities’ appointment to the Immigration Bureau. The two of them immediately went to the Immigration Bureau. Li Chengjiu of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office was negotiating with Director Amor at the Immigration Bureau. The Taiwanese handed it back to him, but Amor said he wanted to verify their identities and asked Li Chengjiu to go back and wait for the news. After Li Cheng left, Gao Xiaotian also met with Amor, and hoped that Amor would hand over the telecommunications fraudsters to them.

After returning, Li Chengjiu told the office director Sun about the results of today’s conversation. Director Sun felt that they did not have an advantage on the political level, so he planned to put pressure on the immigration bureau on the economic level. Li Chengjiu went to Amor again the next day, hoping that Amor would go through the transfer formalities with himself as soon as possible. He said that in the previous similar cases in other regions, the suspects in Taiwan were also escorted back to Taiwan instead of being escorted back to the mainland. Precedent.

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