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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 23 Recap

The working group investigated Chen Fusheng’s villa den in the eastern suburbs, but it is difficult to observe the villa in the eastern suburbs, and even if the den of the villa in the eastern suburbs is removed, Chen Fusheng will still be at large. Gao Xiaotian wanted to catch A Feng first. Live, but the Kabarin area is really special. The local police cannot go to the Kabarin area to arrest people.

The embassy can’t help. Gao Xiaotian can only try it by themselves, and Mr. Guo helped Gao Xiaotian understand Dan. General Nile, although Dan Niro had a deep conflict with the local government, he was very upright. Gao Xiaotian decided to go to the Kabarin area this time, as long as he and Yin Zhihang go.

The working group disagreed. It was too dangerous. Wu Shengnan also said that he would report the situation to his superiors in the country. Gao Xiaotian could only hold a few people steady first and said he would not go. While talking, Luo Li called Yin Zhihang and said that he wanted to see Gao Xiaotian. Luo Li said that he could not help much this time. Gao Xiaotian comforted him if they had a conversation with Danilo this time. Here, there is still a lot of follow-up work for Rory to help.

Early the next morning, Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang went to the Kabarin area without telling the team members. Wu Shengnan found out that they had disappeared and called them quickly. Gao Xiaotian refused to let Wu Shengnan and the others follow, and asked Wu Shengnan to lead the rest. The next three followed up with Chen Fusheng’s work, but Wu Shengnan and the others had to give up.

Before long, Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang entered the area controlled by the Kabarin armed forces. The two of them wanted to see Danilo, but Danilo thought they were here to help the government to mediate, so they drove them away, but Gao Xiaotian said that it was related to military secrets and scared the soldiers who passed the message. The soldiers who passed the message were a little scared. He listened to Yin Zhihang’s words and handed his walkie-talkie to Yin Zhihang. Yin Zhihang contacted Danilo’s men. Danilo’s men continued to excuse not.

Let Gao Xiaotian and the others see Danilo and say that there is something to convey on their behalf. Gao Xiaotian said that this matter is of great importance. If they don’t see Danilo, he won’t say a word, and said if Danny If Luo did not value his reputation and the international influence of their team, they left immediately. Danilo’s men were bluffed by these words and went to report to Danilo. Danilo finally agreed to make a peace People meet up.

When the two saw Danilo, Gao Xiaotian stated his identity and hoped to have a separate talk with Danilo, but Danilo said there was no need for this. Without his permission, no one would leak their conversation.

Gao Xiaotian no longer reluctantly, he continued, as far as he knows, Danilo is not in command of the various troops here for personal gain, but for the benefit of the local people, so Danilo gets the After receiving a lot of support, Danilo asked what would affect his reputation. Gao Xiaotian explained his intentions, saying that there are telecom fraudsters setting up dens in the Kabarin area. If the outside world knows about it, it is very likely that the hat will be deducted. Danilo didn’t believe it. He said that this incident should be a matter of the police of his country.

He also felt that Gao Xiaotian was a liar. The authorities came to spy on the military. Gao Xiaotian continued to explain the target of the telecommunications fraud, and How did they determine the network address? Dan Niluo’s adjutant Klin did not believe that the Chinese police ran so far to catch a few fraudsters. Gao Xiaotian was a little angry. He said about the telecommunications fraud that caused people’s destruction.

After showing the relevant information to Danilo, Danilo was a little angry after reading the information, saying that he most hates people who get nothing for nothing, but he still does not believe that there are scammers and dens in the area under his jurisdiction. Yin Zhihang handed in the Internet address. To Danilo, although Danilo didn’t believe it, in order to make Yin Zhihang and Gao Xiaotian give up, he still promised to search, but if they were not found, they would be treated as spies.

The two took out the picture of Afeng again and said that this was the leader of the scammer. When Klin saw the picture, his expression changed a little. Both Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang saw this. The two guessed that Klin at least saw it. Those who passed Afeng, and Klin didn’t let them go to the den, which was very suspicious. Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang guessed right.

Klin didn’t believe that there were scammers in their area, but he had seen William and Afeng together before, and William had just changed a car that was very valuable. Klin had no choice but to doubt his sports car. He told Danilo of his guess. Danilo immediately took someone to find William. He asked William about the location of the den and asked William not to give it to Afeng. Whistleblowing.

Danilo had a headache. He did not expect that his son brought the telecommunications fraud gang in. If the Chinese police took them away, he would lose face. But if he protects him, he will inevitably show up in the future. Klin thought of a way to get the best of both worlds. , Saying that they can imprison Afeng and the others, and not give Afeng a chance to meet with the Chinese police.

Danilo agreed to this approach, and Klin sent someone to arrest all the denizens. After the den was taken over, Gao Xiaotian also learned the news that the fraud signals in the Kabalin area had disappeared. He and Yin Zhihang felt that Klin had sheltered Afeng, and they asked to bid farewell to Danilo. Gao Xiaotian asked if Danilo was going to punish the two of them on the crime of espionage.

Danilo was a little guilty and quickly said that it was just a joke, but Gao Xiaotian looked serious and said that he knew Danilo before he came. After a while, he believed that the outsiders’ evaluation of Danilo came to Danilo, but now he feels he was wrong. Danilo asked Gao Xiaotian what he meant, and Gao Xiaotian said that the anti-fraud center has been focusing on Monitor the local fraudulent calls. Just fifteen minutes ago, all these phone signals disappeared.

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