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The Bad Losers (2021) ザ・バッドルーザーズ

The Bad Losers (2021)
Other Title: ザ・バッドルーザーズ

Genres: drama
Takayuki Takuma
Takayuki Takuma
Network: –
Release Date: 
Feb 14, 2021
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  • Abe Tsuyoshi
  • Tomimori Justin
  • Mito Natsume
  • Suzuki Sarina
  • Nagai Masaru
  • Ono Ryou

A young man who came to Tokyo with the dream of becoming an actor goes to see three members of a theater company that he has long admired. However, the theater company has already been disassembled in the air. Once popular actors were each turned into bad adults. I was hit by a young man and decided to do a performance, but Dobon in Corona! To have a big debt … There is no way to make money by refraining from working part-time! Then, a young female client came to the “handyman” who started to suffer from four people. “Marry me and your own man”

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