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Nijiiro Karute: Valentine Edition (2021) にじいろカルテ 大乱闘バレンタイン編

Nijiiro Karute: Valentine Edition (2021)
Other Title: にじいろカルテ 大乱闘バレンタイン編

Genres: drama, medical
Yoshikazu Okada
Honda Takaro
TV asahi
Release Date: 
Feb 11, 2021
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  • Iura Arata as Asagi Saku
  • Kitamura Takumi as Aoyama Taiyo

It has been decided that the spin-off drama “Nijiiro Carte Great Brawl Valentine Edition” will be exclusively distributed on the video distribution platform “TELASA”! Divided into two episodes, the first part and the second part, the first part will start broadcasting after the 4th episode broadcast on February 11th (Thursday), and the second part will start broadcasting after the 5th episode broadcast on February 18th (Thursday)!

The story is set on Valentine’s Day. Naturally, Saku and the sun are fidgeting from the morning, hoping that they will receive chocolate from the vacuum (Mitsuki Takahata), but the vacuum does not show such a pretense and goes to the examination. The two who were left behind were so bad that they expected it, and they started to make fun of each other. In the cold sky, the sun jumps out of the clinic and becomes a runaway boy …! -I want to make up, but I can’t be honest. In the meantime, Saku and the sun are each hit by a number of incomprehensible disasters …!

In this work, in addition to Arata Iura and Takumi Kitamura, Mitsuki Takahata, Yumi Adachi and Hidekazu Mashima who play Yukino Oda and Harunobu Harunobu of Nijiiro Shoten, and Katsura Kirigatani, a village office employee. Ken Mitsuishi and Naomi Nishida, who play his wife, Hizuki, and Miki Mizuno, who also plays Arata Midorikawa, a village official, will also appear in the main cast!

However … It’s completely different from the main story. Everyone collapses characters !Due to some circumstances, Takumi Kitamura decided to challenge the blockbuster Korean drama “Itaewon Class” … a mysterious wind drama impersonation. In addition, Hidekazu Mashima and the forbidden (!?) Mysterious pajamas party scene.

On the other hand, Yukino, who plays Adachi, suddenly shows off the affair floor don. Harunobu (Hidekazu Mashima) gets angry at the flames of jealousy and decides to change from his usual gentle appearance.
In addition, the members of the “Rainbow Village Office” played by Mizuno and Mitsuishi, along with Saku played by Iura, performed an enthusiastic performance of facing the winter melon seriously like a Sunday theater. Furthermore, challenge the first YouTuber !? Please laugh and heal your daily fatigue with this gorgeous original drama that is too messy!

The time is the day of Valentine’s Day. Saku (Arata Iura) and the sun (Takumi Kitamura) are fidgeting from the morning, hoping that they will get chocolate from the vacuum (Mitsuki Takahata). However, the vacuum does not show such a pretense, and he goes to Tokyo for a medical examination …! The air of the two left behind is the worst … I started teasing each other from embarrassment, and with the selling word and the buying word, it developed into a big quarrel …! The sun jumps out of the clinic in the cold sky.

Kirigatani (Ken Mitsuishi) and Arashi (Miki Mizuno) come to pick up winter melons one after another to Saku, who is worried about the sun but cannot be greeted. Kirigatani proposes “a grand project” to Saku, who is holding his head even though there is already an overflowing winter melon in the clinic.

On the other hand, the sun, who became a runaway boy, asks Yukino (Yumi Adachi) for help and decides to escape to the Nijiiro store. However, for some reason, Yukino gave him a floor don, and Harunobu (Hidekazu Mashima) who witnessed it suddenly changed with the flame of jealousy …?

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