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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 29 Recap

Wang Dongyang knew that Ma Xiaohong had finally chosen himself, and sobbed with joy. He chased Ma Xiaohong and left the embassy. Gao Han shook his head helplessly behind them. Domestic Zhang Zhen learned of Gao Han’s trip to Thailand. Gao Han still did not sell her patent. At the same time, she also learned that he and Guan Shanshan were getting better. She had always been cautious, so she was sent to investigate Guan Shanshan. After waiting for Alpine for so many years, I did not want to give up Alpine.

Guan Shanshan and Xiaomo came out of the court. The most important thing for them right now is to collect the down payment for the house. Xiaomo warned Guan Shanshan not to borrow money from the finance company in the future. Since the previous money did not come to the finance company to collect debts , Just ignore it, after all, there are more important things ahead. On the other side, Yu Bo came to Kang Qian’s motorcycle shop before going to the hospital to pay the bill. Kang Qian saw him rushing up with excitement. Although Yu Bo was still injured, at least he came back safely.

After Wang Dongyang was able to recover from the loss, he obeyed Ma Xiaohong’s words. Ma Xiaohong chased him for 20 years and asked Wang Dongyang to chase her for 20 years. Wang Dongyang’s journey of chasing his wife has just begun. Gao Han was worried about Guan Shanshan and planned to return to China as soon as possible. In order to keep Guan Shanshan’s home, he finally decided to sell his patent. Yu Bo’s father answered the phone for Liu Min at home. He accidentally discovered that Liu Min was transferring his property and also got back Yu Bo’s mother’s life-saving money. Seeing such a profit-only Liu Min, Yu Bo’s father was extremely disappointed.

Yu Bo’s father knew that Yu Bo would not be able to take out the money, so he hurried to the rehabilitation center to pay the medical bills. By the way, he told Yu Bo that he had not seen Liu Min for a long time. He was suspicious of this incident, but he really refused to believe that the person closest to him betrayed him. When Yu Bo’s father returned home, he began to wonder if Liu Min was really pregnant. Liu Min refused to go to the hospital, and finally admitted that he was a fake pregnancy, and Yu father filed for divorce.

Gao Han was about to sell his patents, and another Singapore company appeared and wanted to buy his patents. Gao Han is now in urgent need of money, and finally rejected their generous treatment and chose to sell his patents directly. Guan Shanshan returned to her home alone. When she was heartbroken, Yu Bo appeared in front of her. He took Guan Shanshan and Dudu for a drive and took her to the beach to relax.

Yu Bo also intends to sell his beloved motorcycle to help Gao Han and Guan Shanshan tide over the difficulties. Kang Qian knows that she can’t persuade him and can only compromise. The three of Gao Han returned to China early the next morning. As soon as she got off the plane, she received a call from Liu Min. Hearing that she had cancer, she rushed over in a hurry. Although Guan Shanshan was a little unhappy, she did not stop Gao Han. Go to Liu Min. Liu Min drank and saw him the same way. Gao Han heard that her marriage had failed again. He thought that she was using her body as an excuse to trick him into coming over, and she was a little angry.

Seeing that he was about to leave, Liu Min hurriedly stopped Gao Han. She is now helpless and wants to find Gao Han to remarry, so that after her death, her daughter can still be taken care of. Gao Han didn’t know her thoughts. When Liu Min wanted to remarry him, the first thing he thought of was Guan Shanshan, who was just with him. Liu Min smiled before him, Gao Han said for a while. Don’t know how to choose.

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