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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 9 Recap

Chen Duxiu chanted against Zhang Xun’s restoration. Zhang Fengzai ran around and called the police to accuse Chen Duxiu and the students as troublemakers, but the police told them that he was a messenger from the Republic of China, and they could not control the affairs of the court. Zhang Fengzai had no choice but to find the braid army again, and drove over with the braid army riding a tall horse. Li Dazhao arranged for the students to retreat in an orderly manner.

Zhang Fengzai arrogantly took the fake braids and drew the policeman to warn him. Li Dazhao took the students to escape, Fugui and others took Li Dazhao to the south to escape. The student braid army who failed to catch the trouble scolded Zhang Fengzai. Zhang Fengzai claimed that they would definitely go to Peking University.

The students were very dissatisfied with the restoration of the Qing court, but Gu Hongming and other retro hardliners were already ready to take up positions. Cai Yuanpei was in a meeting with Chen Duxiu and others, but was informed that the braid army had arrived at the door and claimed to arrest the anti-thief. Cai Yuanpei slapped the table angrily, shouting that he was going to protest and resign. Chen Duxiu believed that the restoration was a farce and there was no need for such a big fight. Cai Yuanpei secretly told him that he wanted to take advantage of the east wind to do something good for the North.

At the time, Lu Xun, who was a member of the Ministry of Education, stood at the entrance of the education department with a wooden sign on which was written in vernacular with three large characters “Quit”. Cai Yuanpei got out of the car and looked at Lu Xun like this. Lu Xun said that he would never go with Zhang Xun. Cai Yuanpei invited him to teach at Peking University, and told him to go back as soon as possible after he expressed his position, and go to his place to sit down and talk about something the next day.

Cai Yuanpei walked into the Ministry of Education and received his resignation letter. Wang Daxie and Fan Yuanlian smiled and said that he had expected this move a long time ago. Cai Yuanpei is really helpless to this night-shaking change. This farce is that Li Yuanhong lures a wolf into the house, and Zhang Xun is tricked into Beijing by Duan Qirui.

Duan Qirui has already sent out an essay about rebellion. This is the plot of his self-directed and self-acting performance, but the two persuaded Cai Yuanpei to go out and avoid it. His absence in this matter has nothing to do with Peking University. This will also become Cai Yuanpei’s bargaining chip with Duan Qirui. . Cai Yuanpei praised Fan Yuanlian’s intelligence and decided to go to Tianjin to avoid it for the time being.

At night, Duan Qirui’s rebel army was fighting with Zhang Xun’s braided army. There was a loud explosion. Jun Man was very disturbed. Chen Duxiu, who had only done bombs, was sure that the rebel army was blasting the city gate with explosives. That’s it. Li Dazhao traveled all the way to Shanghai by boat to avoid hunting. During this period, he still communicated and inquired with the poor people, spreading the ideas of the new culture.

Yannian Qiaonian is still working-study in Shanghai, and Liu Mei often comes to help. The students here are also opposed to the restoration of the Qing court. Li Dazhao appeared on the street to visit the two children. Li Dazhao and the two came to see Wang Mengzou and checked the status of the “New Youth” publication. The current world situation is chaotic and the future of China is uncertain. Yannian is very fascinated by anarchy and mutual aid theory. Li Dazhao persuaded him that no country in Europe formulates national policies based on mutual aid theory. He should watch and listen more when he is still young.

Pu Yi abdicated again, Li Yuanhong took the blame and resigned, and Duan Qirui, known as the hero of the Republic, entered Beijing. This farce of restoration finally came to an end. Cai Yuanpei sang Shaoju at home without knowing Fan Yuanlian and Wang Daxie behind him. After the three laughed, Fan Yuanlian handed three things to Cai Yuanpei. One was to return his resignation letter, the other was the award given to him by Duan Qirui, and the third was that the Ministry of Education agreed to Peking University’s reforms and a package of Peking University’s requirements for recruitment and education.

In the chaos of the current situation, Cai Yuanpei and Peking University turned out to be the sweet pastries of these politicians. The three of them were full of longing for the paradise of Peking University, and together they decided to resume classes immediately.

Cai Yuanpei sighed that he could now settle down to carry out reforms and conduct academic studies. The Ministry of Education has approved the reform and funding of Peking University. This is really a blessing in disguise. Liberal arts is a pilot reform. Chen Duxiu explained that the most troublesome thing now is the dismissal of existing foreign professors.

Many foreign professors are under the management of the Ministry of Education, and Peking University is only responsible for paying salaries, so it will be tricky to deal with those who are indiscriminately filling their numbers. Qian Xuantong said that many students were deeply dissatisfied with Gu Hongming’s refuge in Zhang Xun to participate in the restoration, and his absence from the meeting today is probably because of this. Cai Yuanpei evaded this in advance, but the re-election of councillors must be put on the agenda.

Hu Shi’s return to China made Chen Duxiu very excited. He was so excited that he awakened Cai Yuanpei who was sleeping. He stated that he was going to Shanghai to meet him. Cai Yuanpei asked him to take the appointment letter from Peking University with him, but he also emphasized that he was not good at Hu Shi’s character. I know very well, but Chen Duxiu is convinced that he can’t go wrong with his eyes. At this time, Lu Xun went to the door to invite the day, and the two talents finally met here. Cai Yuanpei hired Lu Xun to come to Peking University as a part-time professor.

Chen Duxiu also invited him to be a co-editor of “New Youth”. Lu Xun was convinced that Cai Yuanpei agreed. Chen Duxiu laughed away after getting two strong generals in one day. Cai Yuanpei invited Lu Xun to design a school badge for Peking University. He believes that Lu Xun is one of them, who sees problems deeply and sharply in China. He believes that the school badge designed by Lu Xun will keep Peking University able to wear it.

Chen Duxiu excitedly returned home and was going to Shanghai tomorrow morning. Jun Man hurriedly said to buy something to bring to Yannian Qiao Nian. As a result, Chen Duxiu came to Shanghai with large bags and eight bags, but Wang Mengzou was responsible for it. I learned that Li Dazhao had returned to his hometown to do errands, but Yi Baisha and Zou Yongcheng came to Shanghai to meet him.

Zou Yongcheng’s troops were disbanded. This time he came to purchase arms for the Hunan Army, and Yi Baisha was his adviser. Yi Baisha met Sun Yat-sen, and his husband suggested that the warlords must be brought down, but this is not easy. The leader of his republic is even a decoration for these warlords. When Yi Baisha thought about this, he burst into tears, and felt sad that the whole country was going to end.

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